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Ram27 07-23-2020 09:58 AM


FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 10:00 AM


redbreegull 07-23-2020 10:22 AM

how am I supposed to wait til midnight

FoolofaTook 07-23-2020 10:24 AM

your dad asked me that last night

FoolofaTook 07-23-2020 10:25 AM

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 10:33 AM

redbreegull 07-23-2020 10:39 AM

you must spread reputation before giving it to FlamingGlobes again

FoolofaTook 07-23-2020 11:01 AM

hey that's not nice

i was just trying to add a little pizzaz with a key tattad tattad gif

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 11:04 AM

we are racking up quite the collection!

i still feel like you guys have yet to beat the very first though

FoolofaTook 07-23-2020 11:49 AM

Hmm .. I wonder if I should make a Boris vs. T-Swiff pole.

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 11:54 AM

before there's been an edging vs ejaculation thread? sacrilege

FoolofaTook 07-23-2020 12:09 PM

I don't think it's really fair to pit one against the other. After all, edging isn't bating without busting. It's its postponement, right?

Ram you wanna weigh in on this?

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4553675)
edging isn't bating without busting

i believe that's exactly what it is

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 12:31 PM

Yeah, and I don't understand the hate Adrenaline gets around these parts. It's a great album, just in a different league from their later work.

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 12:33 PM


FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 12:45 PM

Can't Even Breathe. Escape from LA. Great b-side or excellent b-side?

FoolofaTook 07-23-2020 01:00 PM

Why do you have to turn every thread into an insufferable Hoobastank fest?

:noway: :noway: :noway: :noway:

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 01:02 PM

are you guys not excited about the new teler swif?

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 01:04 PM

say, it seems like she's really been influenced by Lord Corgan on this one - not only is the cover art & theme reminiscent of Cotillions, she's even doing the multiple versions w/ different content & shit like Zeitgeist - our lord was once again ahead of his time

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4553682)
Why do you have to turn every thread into an insufferable Hoobastank fest?

:noway: :noway: :noway: :noway:

Sorry, I'm not a perfect person.

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 01:29 PM

Some might say I'm spinning out of control, out of control.

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 01:29 PM

Why are you running away?

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 03:20 PM

let go, it's over... NObody listen to 'stank, yo

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 03:21 PM

Back off, I'll take you on

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 03:24 PM

FlamingGlobes when the Netphorian Message Board Awards 2020 comes around, I will happily applaud & salute you when you win the "Biggest Lover of the Early 00s" award

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 03:36 PM

Face, white, revenge of the Hittites

Joey Goldberg 07-23-2020 03:37 PM

that song sounds like stale chips shoved in a half-working Nintendo

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 03:39 PM

Dunna dunna dun
Dunna dunna dun
Dunna dunna dun



FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 03:41 PM

I gave the Deadsy discography (lol) a go for the first time in a long ass while last week and was surprised that I enjoyed Phantasmagore much more than anything else they produced.

FlamingGlobes 07-23-2020 03:41 PM

ANYWAY where my Taproot fans at?

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