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Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 05:50 AM

larkin london wants to hug billy
for about an hour.


I remember being in middleschool, in my english class when my uptight young female teacher used the opening line from "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" to demonstrate to us a simile.
It was that very day I went home and downloaded my first Pumpkins song.
In the weeks to follow I happened upon "Disarm" and for years and years that song was living part of me.
I've always been depressed; my story, while not as sad as yours, still holds much personal tragedy.
When highschool hit; things just got worse for me.
I've wiped most of it from my memory even thought it wasn't that long ago.
I slowly collected, song by song, piece by peice your music.
When I got my first bass at the age of 14 I had never even considered being a musician.
I never learned any pumpkins songs.
I remember my second semester in college I made friends with a musician who became a fixture in my life for the next several years. We played togeather all the time; and I suggested playing Pumpkins covers but at first he just wasn't a fan of yours.
After I introduced him to the song "To Forgive" as the song I really wanted to cover; he became very accepting of your genius, hahaha. I remember just setting and listening to it (we both just learn things by ear) and after about the 5th time threw we just forgot about covering it and he left the room and I set alone for a while. Later that day, we both decided that Pumpkins songs were too holy to cover.
Of course we didn't use the word holy. We were at a Christian college and man; some people didn't like the fact that there was such a thing as Christian rock, let alone secular artists that people on campus listened to.
I remember a teacher in my "Christian Living" class using another line from "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" to talk about Nihilism.
By then I was a pretty hardcore fan. Finding it very funy that a huge picture of you was being projected onto the wall for all my classmates to gawk at.
It was the release of Zeitgiest when I became obsessed (to a degree) with your music. Before then I had been obsessed with Coheed and Cambria (hope that doesn't depress you, hhaha) and before that, no one band had captured all of my attention.
I obtained all of the pumpkins albums digitaly and Zwan and your solo album and listened to all of it that I could. College was a very rough time for me the one year I spent there.
I had been thriving off an obsession of a girl I thought I loved. Sometimes, even today, I still feel like I love her. "Tonight, Tonight" became a hyper-emotional song for me because it was something me and her shared a love for. I remember vividly a day playing hookie from classes and walking the railroad tracks and all of a sudden that song came on and I had to stop and call and talk to her.
haha, this ones funny. I remember a super-christian girl I was talking to told me that your voice was too nasley for her to listen to. Then I found out she was a huge fan of hawk nelson. I experienced my first (memorable) panic attack at that moment. hahahaha. I paced from my room to my neighbours room ranting about how this girl is no longer atractive to me what so ever.
I was then rediculed by my friends about how I apparently cared more about Billy Corgan then I did about God because never once had I gotten this upset over the fact that someone was willingly going to hell by defying God.
I droped out after that year (along with my musician friend) and we worked a summer job at a Christian camp. I had signed a statement saying that I couldn't listen to secular music; but I swear every time I could turn my iPod on I was listening to my Pumpkins because I needed them to remain sane. Looking back I can say I had a more reflective and religious experience listening to your songs then I ever had during all my lessons, scripture memory, or daily quiet time that summer. Almost every time I had a big break down to God it was fueled by an emotional high from an SP song.
That summer I really started writing songs on an acoustic; for the first time; and about half of what I played my friend would just give me a look and go "No. that's way too pumpkinsish". I was unintentionally stealing licks from songs you created.
I remember walking alone all threwout that camp; discovering new songs in your vast discography and loving ever more the ones I already knew. I remember drifting to sleep listening to "In the Arms of Sleep", "Once Upon a Time", "Perfect", "Cupid De Locke", "Rhinoceros" and many more.
A while after that I ended up in Dallas in a very hard time in my life. I explored the Zwan, Zeitgeist, and your solo album a lot during those times.
You've been with me as far back as I can remember. You've helped me threw some times. You're the only guy I've ever joked about having sex. One time I shaved my head bald; took all my friends about 2 seconds to start picking on me for loving you like that, hahaha.
It really does my soul (if I have one) a lot of good to know that you're still doing your thing.
You have to promise me to keep doing it long enough for me to get a band to stardom. That way I can maybe meet you in the music scene or something like that.
I worn you though; If/When I ever meet you I will most likely hug you for about an hour straight, no matter how much pepper spray I may recieve right in my face.

I'm just peachy if you never read this.
Even though I will admit, nothing will stop me from dreaming you read it and are at this moment making plans to contact me and be the miracle my life has been reduced to waiting for.

-Larkin London
(a testimate to the mess my life is; I use my real name everywhere.)

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 06:05 AM

lol, check out this guy.


Letters to William #11

Dear William,
Hello again! It's been quite a while since last I wrote. I suppose it has something to do with how busy you've been. (That might be speculating but I think it's a pretty accurate speculation.) As I have mentioned a dozen or more times before, I do not want to be a burden; and though I hold no expectations of you, letters bring in themselves the expectation of being read I suppose. Therefore, I felt that I should take a break to, in essence, give you a break as well. But here I am, so let's get to it... Congratulations on the new song release! It seems to be getting some great feedback, which is good. Congratulations also on your future book! I hope that writing it will be a very enjoyable experience for you. There seems to be so much going on for you right now. For someone who has never met you and most likely never will, I find it surprising to say that I'm... proud of you. That might be awkward, but it's the truth so to hell with it I guess. I am, at this current point in time, in awe of you a bit. It's remarkable what you've been able to accomplish; what you continue to accomplish. I pray that one day I might be so blessed as to make a difference in this world in some way as well. Actually, I guess that is a terrible thing to say. I have already been blessed with so much more than I could have thought to ask God for, I am grateful beyond expression. It seems greedy and selfish to ask for more, yet I think that we should always be seeking more. There's so much 'out there'. We should keep striving and pushing to achieve all we desire, don't you think? I tend to contradict myself a lot... it causes much confusion. I could really use a relaxing vacation to nowhere. My life has been so turbulent lately, it's been difficult to remain focused on my spirituality and personal issues which could use some working on. When the world is at last silent, it seems easy to reconnect with all that I hold dear. However, the world is rarely silent it seems. I feel like the world is always loud and 'in your face', and it seems that the 'in your face' stuff is always negative; lies, hate, judgment... etc. I'm trying to learn (mostly on my own) how to tune out the useless junk the world throws at us daily, and concentrate on what is 'real'. The only guides I have in this matter are: a book called "Frequency, The Power of Personal Vibration" and... come on, I think you can guess the second one. Alright then, (drum roll please...) YOU! You had to have seen that coming. So, that's it. I have a book and a man I have never met who, in the scheme of things, is really more of a concept than a reality; more myth than man. I suppose that's how this celebrity/fan thing works though, isn't it? I have to admit, putting the truth to paper only makes it seem more sad and hopeless. Enough with that though, I have faith and that's all that matters. Faith in what? I have no idea really, I guess I would have to say: faith that this... that everything is going somewhere good. After all, God is always leading me from here to there. Even when I 'fail', how can I really go wrong? My love to you and yours and be safe. I will continue to add you in my prayers in faith that God will continue to lead you true.

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 06:09 AM

it doesn't stop. "i have never listened to adore, but it's my favourite album... billy? BILLYYYYYYYYY!?!"


Letters to William #10

Dear William,
Hello again. How are things? Busy I would imagine. Today’s letter is a bit uncomfortable for me. I don’t like discussing these things with the corresponding celebrity, (not that I ever have before) but here we go. I mentioned in my first letter that I have not really been an active SP fan in the course of my life. I enjoy your music; I just never really jumped on the wagon (so to speak) until recently. I also mentioned that I am currently working my way through the years of music that I have missed out on. Well, that being said, I tried out the “Adore” album for the first time two days ago. For anyone else who might be reading this, yes I know I have listed it as my favorite SP project on my profile. The reason I have done this is because of what the album means to me. I remember when it first came out; “Ava Adore” was the first SP video that I ever saw. (I told you I was a lousy fan.) ‘Back in the day’, when MTV was about the music, you saw a lot of mention about SP. I remember hearing, that after the glory of MCIS, “Adore” had been viewed as sort of a ‘let down’ by some of the fans and critics. From my point of view, (and that is only an opinion) “Adore” was the turning point for SP. To me, though I had not heard the songs, I thought it was the most important album. It is an album that shows the people, the creator’s true face. At this turning point, when so many bands were going ‘mainstream’ and their fans were rejecting the false idols they had worshiped for so long, SP stepped out and did it their way. Some people praised it, some could barely stomach it, but it was bravery and art. I’d dare anyone to say different. I never gave the album a chance when I should have. I sat quietly, and watched the negativity of others tear down a beautiful piece of music, right there on my television. I could have easily picked the album up, formed my own conclusions, made it a part of my life, and been a small part of the history. I cannot change it now, and I suppose in the scheme of things, it matters very little. But, for some reason, it DOES matter to me. I have always associated “Adore” with sorrow. Sorrow seemed to surround SP at that time (so said the TV), it surrounded me in different ways, and I’m sure it surrounded many others. So it seemed fitting that when I tried the album out for the first time a couple of days ago, I would feel such heartache. I realized why I had always associated that album with sadness, (though I knew nothing of the songs and their lyrics) in the eyes of many, sorrow was its theme. Obviously, “Adore” has been on my mind lately. I feel even more grief over it now than I once did. Its release was more than ten years ago. For ten years, I’ve missed out on the beauty of these songs… needlessly. As of right now, I’m not sure what SP album I would consider my ‘favorite’. I actually believe that I have no desire to choose. However, “Adore” is still my favorite project. I remember what music once was; I see what music is now. The album was big… to me and to many. Even before I sampled it, this album resonated with me in a big way. It’s almost as if I always knew it would. I really cannot stress enough how I have no idea what relevance these letters have, but I guess I felt that something personal was necessary this time. It’s funny that it seems personal to me, I cannot even fathom how personal it must be to you. I’m still exploring “Adore”. I’m starting to learn a few lines and memorize a few tunes. I hope you know… what you really give; what your music really means to some. I hope this letter can be a reminder to you. As uncomfortable as this was to post, knowing that I am sitting here talking and making assumptions about your own life and work, if it could ensure that you’d never forget how important your mark on the world is; how important your very existence is… it is worth a little blush on my cheeks. Be well William, may God send oceans of love to you and yours. Ditto for the miscellaneous readers out there.

P.S. At this point in time, I have listened to MCIS, Adore, Rotten Apples, and Zeitgeist in their entirety. I still have not encountered a song that I felt was bad... or even unpleasant. Music is art, and art is a vision brought to life by a creator. It is the thoughts, emotions, and hard work of said creator/creators. Thus, it can never be bad or wrong. It is always... as it should be, and it is admired by so many.

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 07:53 AM

someone look for links to this larkin london on myspace and youtube please.

Astur 01-18-2010 08:08 AM


To me, though I had not heard the songs, I thought it was the most important album.

Is this just some random dude or someone known for (x) or what

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 08:15 AM

this is from the o-board. they have a subforum "open letters" where all the wackos write letters to billy. obviously (and luckily, i guess) he never reads any.

this one guy - no idea who it is - has written eleven, as you can see in the titles he's given his letters.

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 08:16 AM

correction. 12.

Machinist 01-18-2010 08:44 AM

comedy gold. Poor bastard.

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 08:47 AM

Even though I will admit, nothing will stop me from dreaming you read it and are at this moment making plans to contact me and be the miracle my life has been reduced to waiting for.

Machinist 01-18-2010 08:50 AM

oh fuck, the laughter hurts

Mo 01-18-2010 08:54 AM

Yeah, this is painful.

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 08:56 AM

it's the only good thing about the o-board.

Cool As Ice Cream 01-18-2010 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream (Post 3592625)
someone look for links to this larkin london on myspace and youtube please.

BUMP :mad:

common pepole myspace and youtube are blocked here

slunken 01-18-2010 10:04 AM

^^ YESSSSS!!! Thanks for brightening up my morning guys!

Mo 01-18-2010 10:06 AM

Oh my. Comic Sans? This guy clearly has issues...

Mo 01-18-2010 10:08 AM

Numa numa.

Mo 01-18-2010 10:12 AM

Why the FUCK is he wearing camouflage pants in every picture?

SPLATTER 01-18-2010 10:13 AM

I;ve been thinking about how he said about a yr ago that he doesn't want his old negative fans who call him on his shit. Sounds like these kids he approves of are real source family material.

The Jesus 01-18-2010 10:14 AM


Congratulations also on your future book!

slunken 01-18-2010 10:15 AM

Nihilist we double-posted that headphone picture in two separate threads AT THE EXACT SAME TIME

slunken 01-18-2010 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Nihilist (Post 3592663)

SPLATTER 01-18-2010 10:22 AM

cmon, leave this kid alone.

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