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tsp gatmog
09-01-2004, 10:01 PM

The Winding Trails, Inc. Smashing Pumpkins mountain bike race is October 3, 2004!

In many respects it is the fall equivilent of the Winding Trails Fat Tire Classic held in early spring. Smashing Pumkins is also a NORBA sanctioned race and part of the Connecticut Point Series.

For all the race information, you can download the PDF Event Brochure (which *******s the offical Application). You can also register online and learn more about the entire Connecticut and New England Point Series at

We look forward to seeing everyone in October!

2003 Race Results (PDF)
2002 Race Results
2001 Race Results

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Insert photoshop of Billy on a bike here:

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5/10 for the fake out.

10/10 for actually being true.