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08-25-2004, 03:59 AM
I have two, a mother and daughter.

They’re insane!

We were chilling outside yesterday across the way from my house having a smoke, and Winky, the little one, was on another neighbours wall, just wondering around. Then we hear ‘Hey, go away!’ and she hits the window. But I know Winky, and he doesn’t care, and just checks her out. Then she says ‘Look at that cheeky little shit on the wall!’ and we start laughing. Winky keeps chilling. So she comes outside, and we’re laughing even more, and we duck behind the wall while she tries to chase my cat away who really isn’t interested in moving.

Anyway, while we’re ducking down a car drives past and stops right by us, giving away our hiding spot, so we felt like fools, but the funny thing is the reason it stopped. Storm, Winkys mom, was lying in the middle of the road, not moving at all. It was hilarious. The car had to drive around her, but stopped first, right in front of her. She just looked at the car and didn’t budge. I was laughing even harder then at my crazy cats, and the guy in the car was like ‘Look at this crazy cat, it just lies there!’. And I’m thinking, man, what a silly car, when ANOTHER car comes. She keeps lying there, and this car just drives on over my cat! She didn’t get hurt, and only got up when the car was half way over her, and started walking backwards from under the car. I was almost falling over I was laughing so hard.

Yeah, cats are weird. Mine are crazy.

Yesterday, in desperation for cat food (I have now made a plan, thank god) I was trying to find some. So I was hopping walls and such (I guess I’m just a natural South African, wall hopping and stealing is in my blood) trying to find some before anyone in the complex got home. Haha. I stole some dog food from another neighbour. I’m such a rebel. But I felt so bad that they didn’t have food. Cats make you do silly things.

I’m going to have to send my two babies to stay with my dad and sister :(. I feel bad, but I cant support them.

08-25-2004, 04:20 AM
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08-25-2004, 04:30 AM
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Mayfuck, why doth tho confuse me so?

I dont know how much longer I can survive this rollercoaster of a relationship!