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05-05-2004, 07:04 AM
from pitchfork:

Elliott Smith's Final Recordings Due This Fall
Engraver beaten with tombstone when failed to properly spell Smith's first name
Cory D. Byrom reports:

Elliott Smith's final studio release is currently in the final mixing stages, with tentative plans for a fall release. In an update on Smith's official website, Gary Smith, Elliott's father, has announced that there are tentative plans for a September or October release, with more specs to follow. Smith began the album From the Basement on the Hill two years before his tragic death late last year, and many have speculated as to what would happen to the music now that he has been unable to see it through. Before his death, the album had been shopped around to various indie labels before Dreamworks came on board to release it. Whether or not Dreamworks will still be releasing Basement is unclear, as apparently the label gave the material back to Smith to release however he chose. Now, it seems, that decision is up to his family.

The 30+ songs recorded for the album were laid down at Smith's own studio, the fate of which has also been subject to speculation since his death. Initially, Smith's father had hoped to sell the studio as is to someone who would run it as Elliott had. Unfortunately, offers have either been for individual pieces of equipment, or from people who could not viably keep the studio running due to financial reasons. As a result, Smith's family has decided to sell the equipment as a complete lot and allow the purchaser to take the equipment to his/her own space. It should be noted, however, that none of Smith's instruments will be sold.

In related news, fans worldwide should be sure to tune in to UC San Diego's college-run Internet-only station KSDT Wednesday night at 6:00pm for a two-hour tribute to the late songwriter. The show will essentially be an Elliott Smith freeform, with a solid block of nothing but his music. Additionally, Ben Folds has recorded his own tribute to Smith. The track, entitled "Late", is slated to appear on Folds' next solo album, though a live version is available for download at the website of Pitchpipe Productions.

Finally, unreleased footage of Smith performing will be shown at this weekend's Coachella Independent Film Festival. The footage will be shown Saturday and Sunday at both 10:00 am and pm, and will be a part of "Short Program 1", which will also feature exclusive live performances from Bob Marley and Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

05-05-2004, 09:36 AM
<font color=33FFFF> already posted, but good to see the news being spread</font>

05-05-2004, 04:58 PM
Originally posted by strange_one
<font color=33FFFF> already posted, but good to see the news being spread</font>
i know, but the part with the unreleased footage at coachella wasn't mentioned

i think?

Boycott Graceland
05-06-2004, 03:52 AM
Originally posted by Crestfallen33

i know, but the part with the unreleased footage at coachella wasn't mentioned

i think?
it wasn't much footage. it was part of a program that had a bunch of really stupid comedy shorts and cartoons that was around 2 hours long. we went to the showing on sunday night after the flaming lips played. after about 45 minutes, my friend asked the person in charge how long it was until elliott played, and he said "around an hour. it's only one song, though." so we took off and went home.

according to the sweet adeline boards, it was an acoustic performance of "still here if you want me" from 1999. it was a figure 8 outtake, and i'm not even sure if he finished the studio recording of it completely.