View Full Version : why I hate myself

03-15-2004, 01:41 AM
we rowed such an amazing race today. This was our race. it was set, we had power, we had adrenaline, the bladework was amazing and I was focused as hell. we were ON.

we lost to UCD by 6 seconds because I got confused and waited too long to sprint. The course is a really shitty course with no meter markers. I had no idea where the fnish was. I found out where it was when I saw a lady on shore waving a small flag. We had so much power left. they were ready, I set them up for it with a long ten and they were pumped and ready to blaze it up. fucking hell i cant get over it.

on the other hand, USC beat us both by like 10 seconds with only 7 oars. One guy's seat broke around the 500m and they still killed us. but goddamn. we had it.

womens 4 finished first, though. taking out the entire davis A boat. :)