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11-01-2002, 11:30 PM

it's enough to make you throw a temper-tantrum...

jeremy's spoken.....

11-01-2002, 11:32 PM
"Violet"/"Miss World"/"Plump"/"Asking for It"/"Jennifer's Body"/"Doll Parts"/"Credit in the Straight World"/"Softer, Softest"/"She Walks on Me"/"I Think That I Would Die"/"Gutless"/"Rock Star": Otherwise known as the songs that would make up Hole's second album, and first on a major label, Live Through This, released in April 1994. According to Internet gossip, this very tape is the reason Courtney Love settled her suit with Grohl and Novoselic: The Foo Fighters front man actually owns it in its entirety--it was scheduled to be Nirvana's fourth studio album, after In Utero, and both he and Novoselic play on all the sessions--and threatened to release it if Love didn't settle the suit. In fact, test pressings of the Foos' new One by One contained a "hidden track" that appears to be a 1:32-long montage of the Nirvana "Won't Live Through This" sessions, as they've come to be known. Rumor has it Grohl gave Love the master tapes, so they do not appear on next year's Nirvana boxed set, tentatively titled The Hole Story.

11-01-2002, 11:45 PM
"I was doing everything I could to make Nirvana as uncommercial as every other band I've worked with, except the Breeders, because I wanted to fuck Kim Deal."

I wonder if he did. He actually dated a girl from Playboy's Pac 10 Girls Pictorial from '84("our band could be your life"-michael azzerad).

11-01-2002, 11:48 PM
Originally posted by Graveflower
It's a joke, albeit a really funny one. The Vines part cracked me up.

I liked "Aberdeen!-the musical" and the janitorial business jingle...