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Fathoms (unadored)
08-11-2003, 10:39 AM
Yeah! The New Music show today was eloquently titled "Rock $tar$ 4 Sale" which (obviously) focused on the current trend of a hundred million pop songs appearing in Gap Commercials, Nike ads, Softdrink ads, car ads ect, blurring the 'gap' seperating commerce and art. The show basically pinballed back and forth between those that are forrit(Nelly, Briteny Spears Barnaked Ladies ect.) and those who are againnit(Wyclef Jean, Swollen Members, Chris Martin ect.). Understandably, one could expect a healthy dose of ol' Q-ball among the "againnit" musicians.

Though for those of you who are Canadian or own a sattellite ergo have regular access to all thing Zwan on MM this is probably old hat, I give you the gist of the Zwan blips in case in case it isn't.... All of the Zwan shots were from the same interview with the whole band present, though the Pumpkin alumni were the only ones to speak...

Billy: <i>That damn how much blood can you get from a stone analogy, this time tied in with the need to make as much money as you can because the window of oppurtunity is so tiny these days</i>....
Billy: <i>Money is the only logical motive for endorsing Mistubishi.</i>
Interviewer: Is there anything that has happened recently that really offended you as a musician and made you go, what the hell is going on here, and why doesn't anyone seem to care?
Jimmy: Seeing Led Zeppelin in a car commercial.
Jimmy: Music is a very powerful thing that shouldn't be trifled with.
Billy: <i>Something about Coperate America exploiting things that are very close to people in order to make money</i>
Billy:<i>Some other mini-diatribe I can't remember</i>

As for the show in general, the opinions that were expressed were along the lines of "music has become commerce, period.", "the main reason every single one of my songs were sold to corperations is because in a very selfish way I want to get my music out to as many people as possible" and "I would love a multimillion dollar contract with Nike" . There was also some evil ad executive type who was rather terse in stating how fans like to think they own the bands they like but commerce in music will be most important. Or something....