View Full Version : why does everyone *love*Paz?

08-08-2003, 03:33 PM
I don't understand this. I don't see what the big deal is about her.
A lot of people think she's so great at bass, when I don't think she plays any better than the next guy/gal. And thinks she's so "hott" when she's well.. I don't see it at all. I don't see what's so hott about standing with your mouth wide open in every picture you're in.
And I don't see the big deal about her leaving Zwan. Who--cares.
Someone explain to me, because it's irking me.

08-08-2003, 03:36 PM
she gave me head.

Boycott Graceland
08-08-2003, 03:40 PM
she let me go all the way on the first date.

08-08-2003, 04:44 PM
She has a nice ass.

08-08-2003, 05:47 PM
i like all of these replies

Diamond Dream
08-08-2003, 06:00 PM
I don't, but she looks like a great fuck!


08-08-2003, 07:03 PM
She is definitely cute. But musically, she wasn't needed in Zwan.

08-08-2003, 09:01 PM
well, i'll be the dissenting voice. paz is a great bass player. very fluid, very soulful. she has a beautiful voice. even if you want to argue over her singing in concert, her voice has incredible presence on the album. and she's just a charming individual. the band felt more complete musically and spiritually after she joined, and i'm extremely sad to see her leave. oh, and she's definitely very easy on the eyes.

08-08-2003, 09:53 PM
Definitely made for a great stage presence, I'll tell ya that...

But I will say that she's obviously a very talented musician. It's tough to say this, but Zwan just may have TOO many talented people in it. Jimmy... awesome drummer.. SO happy he's there... Billy... song writer, guitarist, and while not a super singer, when he sings his songs, they are truly HIS songs.... I actually enjoy his singing voice... it's melancholy, clear & it rocks hard when appropriate. Paz.... ton of talent, bass, violin, song writing, singing... Sweeney, song writing, guitar, vocals (qualty?), Pajo... song writing, guitar.... It's easy to see how having TOO much talent in a bad could be a problem, particularly when the frontman is one of the greatest song writers of all time. If Paz or Pajo or Sweeney want THEIR songs to come up to the front, it's going to be difficult in a band with Billy Corgan. Basically Zwan is almost like an All-Star game in sports... and not everyone with talent is able to show their talent, with all that talent in the room.

Maybe Zwan will be a rotating member project? As long as Billy & Jimmy are the "constants" then I will be there, in line to buy tickets and CD's.


08-08-2003, 09:56 PM
Fools. She's ugly.

08-08-2003, 10:00 PM
Originally posted by Mayfuck
Fools. She's ugly. ya, you should ugly fuck.

08-08-2003, 10:39 PM
Originally posted by TotalZero
Maybe Zwan will be a rotating member project?

As long as Natalie Imbruglia isn't involved, I'm down with that idea. I think Paz was a terrific counterpoint to Billy onstage. I'm really going to miss her.

08-09-2003, 02:36 AM
Stanley Clarke is a great bass player.

Paz is replaceable on the middle school level.

She has a small head and has some obvious pock marks.

Not good.

08-11-2003, 10:30 AM
Originally posted by Mayfuck
Fools. She's ugly.

08-11-2003, 11:06 AM
everyone loves Paz because she's Argentinean

08-11-2003, 11:21 AM
sh'ed give great head. and you could bounce a nickel off her ass.

08-11-2003, 04:44 PM
Originally posted by TheJoker
and you could bounce a nickel off her ass.

Or my open palm.

08-11-2003, 05:03 PM
Her ass is amazing.

And she's fun to watch.

netphoria sucks
08-11-2003, 07:56 PM
Paz was the last hope that Zwan was not all that gay. Now that she is gone it is official, Zwan is the gayest band evAr!

08-11-2003, 08:01 PM
Originally posted by CandyPotter
As long as Natalie Imbruglia isn't involved, I'm down with that idea.

Aww, Natalie Imbruglia is adorable. <3

08-11-2003, 10:35 PM
Don't be hatin' the Imbruglia assholes, Torn is totally rad!

08-11-2003, 10:46 PM
Zwan will need a female bassist.... It's part of the Corgan image sorta. heh.. Not to mention that it brings a BALANCE to the band I think.... Just a little feminine touch.

Think D'arcy wants to come out of retirement for a while? heh.