View Full Version : ween - quebec

08-06-2003, 11:32 PM
has anyone had a "where has this band been all my life?" experience? i have been while digging 'chocolate and cheese,' 'the mollusk' and '12 golden country greats' over the last few months. only time will tell, but ween are carving a special 'favorite bands' place in my heart that i'm thinking is going to last a long time.

but i haven't bought one of their albums yet, and i saw Quebec on sale in the music store today so i impulsively got it without having heard any of it and.... it's so normal! what the hell? and the thing is, the normal songs are good. they sound like timeless oldies with classically strong songwriting, and the weird songs are stupid (except for the first two tracks). in that way, it's the opposite of chocolate and cheese, which is neat, but that doesn't make it better. overall a disappointment. anyone else feel this way?

plastic haircut
08-07-2003, 02:12 AM
there comes a time in some bands career where they can no longer deal with inhaling scotchguard on a daily basis, and sober up some. result decent songs that you probably give more credit to because the older work was so good you can bring yourself to say it sucks. or maybe weens just that genius and we don't understand. who knows. think of them in a radiohead state of mind.