View Full Version : Watched Monterey Pop festival film last night.

jet set willy
08-03-2003, 06:30 PM
It was pretty cool. Was getting shown at local film festival - i think it's recentl;y come out on DVD? Janis Joplin:eek: :eek: They showed her band performing "Ball & Chain". She was AMAZING. Moved me quite a bit. The Highlight of the show for i i think. Hendrix's performance was legendary too. looked like he was really trying to make waves. they only showed his set closer "Wild thing" tho :( yet they showed two Mamas & Papas songs! . Still he was crazy guitar, tons of feedback, behind the back and all that showman stuff. then he started fucking the guitar. then he burnt & sacrificed it. Otis Redding was awesome too. i liked the Who's performance. Ravi Shankar finished the film for like 40 minutes non stop. luckily for me i rather stoned.