View Full Version : Simple lyrics that sag with subtext and punch with pain

07-29-2003, 12:17 PM
Sometimes, it's the most straightforward and deceptively simple lyrics that really bitch slap you like a three-armed pimp. Post your favorite couplet or two and explain why you find them so affecting. Here are mine:

Many times we've been out drinking
And many times we've shared our thoughts
But did you ever, ever notice
The kind of thoughts I got?

- Bonnie Prince Billy, "I See a Darkness"

Explanation: It's probably the timidity of Oldham's voice that adds to it, but those last two lines never fail to make my chin quiver like 4 out of 7 of Sally Struther's chins. It's just fucking sad, man.

07-29-2003, 12:22 PM
Those lines just about make me want to double over, especially on the Johnny Cash version. Also, Oldham's harmony with Cash on the chorus is what you think you'll be hearing in your head when you're dying.

On a side note, my beau's friend back in Baltimore has lucked into a strange friendship with Will Oldham where he goes and hangs out at his place sometimes. He even got Oldham to give a copy of his fancy-schmancy senior English major project to David Berman. What a weird gig to be in.