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Hey kids, conspiracy theory time.

Its been generally accepted amongst fan circles that Paz and Billy are slamming the shit out of each other. If this is rumor or fact, this is not exactly certain, though many accept it as fact. Question I state to you when did it all begin?


<B>Ex-Manson Bassist Twiggy Ramirez Joins A Perfect Circle
02.11.2003 </B>

Taken from the article, I do not know where this was posted on the APC website, but here it is quoted from

<I> . . . Filling in for bassist Paz Lenchantin, who quit to join Zwan, will be former Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez.

In a post on the A Perfect Circle Web Site, the band explained Lenchantin's departure: "After a festival show featuring APC and the Smashing Pumpkins, Paz, in a state of 'meat deprivation,' followed a 'bald man named Billy' onto the wrong bus and we haven't seen her since. Milk carton photos have, so far, been ineffective."</I>

<B>Fact:</B> The only festival that APC and Smashing Pumpkins performed on was the Summersault tour across My Home and Native Land (Canada) from 2000/08/04 (Vancouver) to 2000/08/16 (Hallifax).

<B>Fact:</B> Corgan is a rockstar and therefore a dirty bastard. If his girlfriend at the time, (for the record she will be known as <B>MS. Y </B>) was not on the tour with them, Corgan probably still required sex. This is over a week that Corgan and Company were touring, it was a hot and sweaty summer, he needed release and there is a dirty mexican woman who was all but willing to service him.

However, this is just speculation. Rumor based upon a 2nd hand website post. How about something else to back it up.


<B>2000/08/24 - Hammerstein Ballroom; New York City, NY, US
VH1 Storytellers taping. </B>

Taped just over a week after the final Summersault show of Halifax. Before playing the love-rock-opus "Stand Inside Your Love" Corgan is heard to remark:

<I>"I dedicate this song to my friend and partner" <B>MS. Y </B>. "She doesn't like me that much right now . . . but I say that to remind myself of how precious love is . . . maybe she'll forgive me . . . </I>

Something is obviously eating away at him while relating this. One can see it in his posture, his words, and indeed, his soul. He did something really bad that pissed off <B>MS. Y</B>.

So, to restate:

A = APC webstite stating Paz banged Corgan on a festival show. Most likely Summersault.

B = Corgan, a week later from the same festival, showing regret and saying everything was not right with <B>MS. Y</B>.

So, put it together: A <I>x</I> B = X

X = Intercourse between Paz and Corgan streches back to the Summer of 2000.

So far, Corgan's only explanation for Paz joining said band "Zwan" (a fishy prospect considering similarites with the Pumpkins that would haunt the lineup) was that "We saw her at a party one time and said 'Well, she can play bass'." I believe a better explaination would be: "She's in the band cuz she performs some mean felatio."

Thank you for your time. Keep watching the stars.
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Fattening Ass
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hm. i don't care.

Boycott Graceland
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Yes! My god! I never thought of it that way before!

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Originally posted by jczeroman

How did he get the stars out of his computer?

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:think: And this was a setup too to join James and Twiggy, right?

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Quite clever. I liked it.

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<font size="10">10 / 10</font>

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Originally posted by Woody

How did he get the stars out of his computer?

I put the stars in the computer

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I even made the light shine in my face for strange_one

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wheres the "she bangs all the boys in zwan" option?
also, you should use for evidence all those magazine pictures where billy wraps his arms around her.

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Originally posted by dishpan
wheres the "she bangs all the boys in zwan" option? im more concerned about the 'publicity stunt' option.