View Full Version : Need 2 MP B+Ps

05-29-2003, 04:56 PM
I'd get them off the hub and burn them myself, but I don't have a burner. I need two because one of them is for a friend I promised it to for her birthday.

Anyone willing to help me out?

05-30-2003, 02:26 PM
These are wasted thoughts and I'm sick of them
They're wasted on you wherever you are
Because you don't understand me
Or my thoughts
They're always in my head and I wish they'd leave
They make me weary and dead
They hurt me because you don't know
They're trapped inside me and I can't get them out
And if, by some miracle, they are set free
It hurts even more because no one else can see
Nothing really matters, says my physics teacher
Don't let things bother you, don't worry about life
Because it passes quickly and you end up alone
And that's not how I want to be
I am lost alone I can't come together
I need so much
I need to be with someone
I hate thinking and it's all I do
So I drink and I smoke and I play racquetball
Because when I do everything else disappears
Or Nine Inch Nails
They sing about obliteration
You make this all go away
Lonely nights and lonely days
Surrounded by faces not one knows
What's inside my mind or my heart
It's often black there
But sometimes it's full -
Full and red and beating and pulsing
Sometimes love comes pouring out
Like when I see wind in her hair
Or when music's playing and there's no one else to see us
But those times are few and far, too far between
But she knows me and she cares
And she loves
Only sometimes, sometimes
And I don't know why
I don't understand so much, so much
I am confused
Confused like everyone else
I used to have a best friend
She didn't know me and she didn't care
She only loved and she didn't know why
And I used her and she used me
And together we made each other happy for awhile
Until we saw how selfish we were being
And we grew up and apart
The way it always seems to go
Does anyone ever grow together
Or is it always touching and going separate ways
Worlds apart
Now her boyfriend walks with me on the beach
And asks me why I've done what I've done
And what should he do now
And where do the answers hide
That way madness lay
Asking me for answers
Because I'm so wise
I know all the answers to all the questions
Is what everyone thinks
I can show you the way
And I do
Their questions are easy to answer
Advice is easy to give
And I can't explain the simplest parts of my own life
And if I can the answers scare me
And I bury them deep in my heart
And I don't let them out
Because if they scare me
What would you think
Holding on
To straining threads
Laying on a bed of nails
Chewing my thoughts to the bone
Caring too much
And taking things too far
Has always been a problem for me
But I don't know why
I hope
I hope and I dream
For and about so many things
The future is opaque
What will happen to me and us
I've no idea
I don't even know about today
And yesterday was always full of mistakes
That I seem to make again and again
And I have no control
I feel trapped and it's not fair
"Whipped" is not the right word, Alex
But you don't know and you don't care
Holding and crying with my teddy bear
Or cruising the night on my motorcycle
Or riding the sunset on my stallion
Or rolling in the sand making love
Or listening to the music
The music that means so much
It started out as real
And it was so much pleasure
Take me in your arms just one more time
But now it's just an 'allegory'
And I wish it wasn't
I wish things were fair
I wish I had my way
What about me
I scream into the wind
And the abyss studies my features
And laughs when I cry
And tears me apart when I'm honest
Tears aren't even real anymore
Because I haven't cried for far too long
And I don't know why
Because I've felt my heart break
And I've seen your smile change
So many times
So many wasted thoughts
I flex my muscles when they're touched
I stand tall and look forward
And if I look back I'm amazed
And frightened
And tired
Looking forward is so strange
Because it all seems so empty
It makes me afraid
I don't like to be alone
But when has what I like mattered
When has anybody pleased me
When has anybody cared
Except for one
Only sometimes, sometimes
Is all I remember from Trey
"Someday," he always used to say
To make me smile and hope
And my dreams are so infinite
Like Orion's arms
Cradling me
And asking me if they can explain
And I don't even know what to ask
Who has the right
To ask me how I feel
To speak to me so kind
Nobody knows
And I wish someone did
Because I sure don't
And I'm afraid
And I'm brave
I can take on the world
I am so strong and so good and smart
And everyone says so
But they don't see
My hugs are so secure and
People cry in my arms
On my shoulders
And thank me for being there
But my wall has only one entrance
And no one wants to get in anyway
Just one
Only sometimes, sometimes
Moods are uncontrollable
And I don't hold the key
Or even know where to find it
I just have to live
And follow my heart
Because my mind lies
It's full of wasted thoughts
And they won't leave
And I can't cry
And nobody knows and nobody sees
But you know I love
I love like the stars
I'm opened and ripped
And crazy some say
May never come
And I may grow old
Like my physics teacher
Old and alone
Old and tired
When it's all too late
Why can't we have fun now
Why can't time stand still
Harvey could do it
But he isn't here
He's in Akron
Where I'd like to be
With a waterbed and Joe Miller's
Red silk sheets and champagne
Listening to the music
They have each other
And that's enough for them
Because they know time is running out
And the future is coming
And we grow up and lose something dear
But it's not the love
The love will never disappear
Ask Journey
Just the closeness and
The time will float by
And leave us lovers apart
Instead of lovers together
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all
Is bullshit but true
Because I wouldn't trade
All my "sometimes"
For even one immortality
They mean too much to me
But it hurts to drift apart
Or know that it might
We might
Lose something dear
That I can't even explain
Time changes all
Except the ones who are lost already
And I am too far gone
To even find an answer
To a question I can't find
So maybe I'll be happy
In the universe to come
And maybe my wall
Will open another entrance
Ask Tesla
I'm just afraid that it won't
Because I can't forget
All the honest promises
And lonely tears
That are wasted