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I am ready after many years of collecting and enjoying to give my Smashing Pumpkins collection a new home and was wondering if any on this list could give me any idea of what it might be worth. Most of the items have been played, but kept in great shape. Any items that I noticed that were in less than pretty darn good condition I have made a note of on the list. I do have a few more items that I have not dug out at the moment including more magazines and posters and a few other random items, and I plan on adding these items and selling it all as one lot. If it has to go, I would like it all to go at once. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me and if you all have any questions please email me back at


Proper Albums on CD

Gish-Caroline Records version-small cosmetic scratches on disc (plays fine)
Siamese Dream-Japanese version *******s Pissant as a bonus track
Siamese Dream-U.K. version w/different disc artwork-small cosmetic scratches on disc (plays fine)
Adore-w/VCD bonus disc containing the videos for Ava Adore and Perfect
Adore-Japanese version 17 tracks with “Once In A While” as the bonus track
Machina-Japanese version; 16 tracks with “Speed Kills” as the bonus track
Earphoria- pre-domestic release original version
CD Singles and Eps

Lull-4 tracks
Peel Sessions-3 tracks
I Am One-3 tracks
Cherub Rock-3 tracks
Today-Japanese version, 5 tracks including Apathy’s Last Kiss
Today-3 tracks
Today-1 track
Disarm-3 tracks
Disarm (different bonus tracks)-3 tracks
Disarm-1 track
Rocket-1 track
Bullet With Butterfly-2 tracks
Bullet With Butterfly Wings-1 track
1979-6 tracks
1979-4 tracks
1979 mixes-4 tracks of remixes
1979-1 track
Tonight, Tonight-7 tracks
Tonight Tonight-4 tracks, slimline jewel case version
Tonight tonight-4 tracks, regular jewel case version
Tonight Tonight-3 tracks
Tonight Tonight-1 track
Zero-7 tracks
Zero-1 track
Thirty Three-4 tracks-regular jewel case version
Thirty Three-4 tracks-slimline jewel case version
Thirty Three-3 tracks
Thirty Three-1 track
The End Is The Beginning Is The End-4 track
The End Is The Beginning Is The End-1 track
The End Is The Beginning Is The End-The Remixes-5 tracks including mixes from Rabbit In The Moon and Fluke
Ava Adore-3 tracks
Ava Adore-3 tracks(different)
Ava Adore-3 tracks(more different)
Ava Adore-title track and two call out research hooks
Perfect-3 tracks
Rocket-2 tracks, crease in booklet
Muzzle-1 track
Crestfallen-title track + call out hook
Perfect-3 tracks
To Shelia-1 track + call out hook
Everlasting Gaze-1 track single
Stand Inside Your Love-2 tracks (1 previously unreleased)
Stand Inside Your Love-2 tracks + call out hook
Try, Try, Try-2 tracks
Untitled-3 tracks
Self Titled Sampler Retrospective-7 tracks (6 album tracks + the pre. unreleased “Waiting”)

Imports CDs

Twilight-Melkweg, Amsterdam 12/12/95; 16 tracks, silver disc
Early 1989 Demos-19 tracks, silver disc
Acoustic Melon Songs-Soma, San Diego 1/30/96; 13 tracks, silver disc
Version-half acoustic, half electric live USA 1993; 18 tracks, silver disc
Daydream Kisses-Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles 12/12/91
London 1994-Astoria theatre 2/25/94; 14 tracks, silver disc
Out Of Focus-I-Beam, San Francisco 8/17/91; *******s “Out Of Focus” and “The Fishes”(a mistitled cover of Syd Barretts Terrapin); 12 tracks, silver disc
Secrets Of Your Dreams-Dusseldorf Easter Festival, Germany 4/7/96; 11 tracks, silver disc
Shine-Madison, WI 6/16/90 and 10/16/91; 13 tracks, silver disc
Wrapped Up In The Pleasures Of The World-Reading Festival 8/25/95; 12 tracks, silver disc
Unplugged 100% Pure Acoustic Performances-15 track, silver disc
A Kiss Of This-The Metro, Chicago 8/14/93 and Saturday Night Live 10/30/93; 13 tracks, silver disc
Smashing The Puppets-San Diego 1993 and Acoustic Christmas party Los Angeles 1993; 15 tracks, silver disc
The Cutting Edge-Vpro acoustic session, Holland 1993, Dronten Belgium 8/27/93, and MTV 12/26/93; 13 tracks, silver disc
Tribute To BOC-Cambridge, MA 2/9/91; *******s a cover of the Blue Oyster Cult song”Godzilla”; 10 tracks, silver disc
The Lost Songs-b-sides and rare studio tracks 1991-1994; 18 tracks, silver disc
Dawn- Philipshalle Dusseldorf, Germany 4/7/96; 13 tracks, silver disc
Feeling Like A Smashed Pumpkin-First Avenue Club, Minneapolis 10/3/93; *******s the only live version of “Sweet Sweet” that I can remember seeing; 12 tracks, silver disc
Smashed-17 tracks of live and rare; silver disc
A La Mode Vol 1-Outakes rare and b-sides; 15 tracks, silver disc
Black Sessions-Paris France 6/29/93, Paard Holland 1993; 15 tracks, silver disc
Dream-Crosby Auditorium, San Diego 10/26/93; 10 tracks, silver disc
3 Feet High-Chicago 1993; 11 tracks, silver disc
Whatever-Alabama 1194, Rock Am Ring Festival 1994, MTV’s Most Wanted 1994, MTV’s 120 Minutes 1994; 16 tracks, silver disc
Turpentine Kisses-Request Lounge Sydney Australia 3/13/96, Reading Rock Festival 8/25/95; 14 tracks, silver disc
Butterfly Wings-Rivera Theater Chicago 10/23/95; features Cheap trick on 2 tracks of cheap trick covers; 15 tracks, silver disc
Europe 1994-10 tracks, silver disc
Pluggelectric-VPRO Holland 7/93 and Dronten Belgium 8/27/93; 13 tracks, silver disc
Fishing Blue-live USA 1990-1993; 17 tracks, silver disc
Billies Home Demos-Mellon Collie demos + unreleased songs; 18 tracks, silver disc
Acoustic Daze-live and demos 1993; 16 tracks, silver disc
Rawk-Den Haag, Holland 1/19/92; 14 tracks, silver disc
Sunshine Of Your Love-demos, outtakes and unreleased; 18 tracks, silver disc
Halloween Party-Crosby Auditorium Del Mar1993, Acoustic Set, Live USA 1993, and Grammy Awards; 16 tracks, silver disc
Virgins-Offramp Café Seattle Washington; 8/28/91; 11 tracks, silver disc with digipack
The Live Divine-Brixton Academy, London 5/15/96 and Palatrussardi Milano Italy 4/25/96; 13 tracks, silver disc
Rhinocerous-15 tracks, silver disc
Mayonaise Dream-acoustic and electric USA and Holland 1993; 19 tracks, silver disc
Forgotten Songs Part 1-b-sides and rarities; 15 tracks, silver disc
Live At Reading ’95-Reading Festival 8/25/95 and 4 bonus live covers; 16 tracks, silver disc
Rhinoceros Daydreams-Lowlands Festival Belgium 1993, demos and MTV live; 14 tracks, silver disc
The World Is A Vampire-Riviera Theatre Chicago IL 10/23/95; 14 tracks, silver disc
Party All Night-CBGB’s, New York 2/12/91; 9 tracks, silver disc
Melodies-live and acoustic; 16 tracks, silver disc
Astoria ’94-London 2/25/94; 14 tracks, silver disc
REDRUM-Reading Festival 8/25/95; 13 tracks, silver disc
Mellow, Jolly and the Infinite Madness-Triple J Studio acoustic session Sydney Australia 3/13/96and Palatrussardi Italy 4/24/96; 17 tracks, silver disc
Pumpkin Seeds-Gish Outakes 1992 and 1989 Demos Tape Tracks; 11 tracks, silver disc
Pumpkin Seeds-(different label and artwork)-Gish Outakes and Demos; 11 tracks, silver disc
Halloween Tools-Munich 1994 and London 1993; 15 tracks, silver disc
Billy Don’t Be A Hero-unreleased studio and live; 15 tracks, silver disc
Melon-Collie And The Infinite Ga Ga Goo Goo-San Diego 1/7/96 and various; 16 tracks, silver disc
From The Mixing Desk-live USA 1993; 13 tracks, silver disc
Hot Lolla-Lollapalooza 9/4/94; 12 tracks, silver disc
Soul Sacrifice-Europe 2/94; 9 tracks, silver disc
Disarm The Pumpkins-120 Minutes 1993, Hilversum Villa 1993, Saturday Night Live 10/30/93, Chicago Metro 8/14/93; 16 tracks, silver disc
Spaceboy-acoustic and electric Europe 1993; 15 tracks, silver disc
Mellon Collie Disc Three-b-sides and the like; 17 tracks, silver disc
We Are From Another Planet-live Europe 1994 and 1992 plus 1993 Radio Sessions; 15 tracks, silver disc
Atomic Energy-Brixton Academy London 1996, JJJ Radio Sydney Australia3/3/96 and MTV awards 11/14/96; 17 tracks, silver disc
Do The Riot Thing-Melkweg Amsterdam 12/12/95, Reading Festival 8/25/95, American Music Awards 1/25/96, Europe 1995 and a studio outtake; 16 tracks, silver disc
Spaceboy-Tower Records Chicago 7/26/93, Lowland Belgium 8/28/93, Hilversum Holland6/30/93, Whiskey LA 12/12/91; 13 tracks, silver disc
Disconnect-Melkweg 12/12/95, Reading 8/25/95, American Music Awards LA 1/29/96, and an outtake; 16 tracks, silver disc
Drown-Tower Records Chicago 7/26/93, Lowlands Belgium 8/28/93, Hilversum Holland 6/30/93; 15 tracks, silver disc
The Singles And More-17 tracks, silver disc
The Aeroplane Spirals Upward-b-sides and rare; 17 tracks
The Aeroplane Spirals Downward-b-sides and rare; 22 tracks
Live At the Riviera-Chicago 10/23/95; 15 tracks, silver disc
The Greatest Day-The Universal LA 12/11/93, Tower Records Chicago 7/26/93; 12 tracks, silver disc
Acoustic Evening And Live USA 1999-Bridge Benefit, Mountain View CA and live USA 1999; 16 tracks
17 Seconds-Belgium radio broadcast 5/28/98; 10 tracks, silver disc
Dublin Olympia-May 1998; 10 tracks, silver disc
Festive-Denmark 1/28/97, Belfort France 1/5/97, Saturday Night Live 10/31/93; 18 tracks

*********Double Disc Import CDs*********

Starlight-Riviera Theatre Chicago 10/23/95, Cheap Trick guests, interview and power outage jokes and banter; 18 tracks on two silver discs

Dusk-Phoenix Toronto 1/3/96; 25 tracks on two silver discs

The Berlin Bullet-The Arena Berlin 4/15/96; 22 tracks on two silver discs
Retrospective-Maxwells Hoboken 2/8/91, Madison 6/16/90, Tower Records Chicago 7/26/93, Milwaukee 10/22/91; 21 tracks on two silver discs
Tivoli Stockholm-5/25/98; 23 tracks on two silver discs
Chicago United Center-11/29/00; 26 tracks on two discs
Playing With The Plants-Brussels Belgium5/28/98 and Shepherds Bush London 5/23/98; 20 tracks on two discs
Alternative Rock Hits Atlanta-Georgia 8/4/98; 19 tracks on two discs
Friends and Enemies Of Modern Music-follow up to Machina, the final album; 25 tracks on two discs
CD Box Sets
The Aeroplane Flies Lower Singles Boxset-7 un-played discs including:
1. Disarm-3 track single (part 1)

2. Disarm-3 track single (part 2)

3. Cherub Rock-3 track single

4. Lull-4 track ep

5. Today-3 track single

6. I am One-3 track single

7. Exclusive interview disc

2. The Aeroplane Flies High-complete and in great shape.

Various artist discs, soundtracks and other CDs that have Pumpkins or Pumpkin members contributions

Batman & Robin-OST-Two Pumpkin non-album tracks along with tracks from Soul Coughing, Moloko, Underworld and others
Singles-OST-*******s awesome song “Drown” along with tracks from Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone
Absolute Middle Of Nowhere vol 17-VA-*******s the 7” version of “I Am One” along with tracks from Red Red Meat, and Catherine
No Alternative-VA-*******s “Glynis” along with rare tracks from Urge Overkill, Pavement, Bob Mould, Soundgarden, Uncle Tupelo, The Beastie Boys, The Breeders and Nirvana (a hidden track!)
Medicine-Sounds Of Medicine-*******s one remix by Billy Corgan that *******s Jimmy Chamberlin on drums. Also has a Cocteau Twins Remix with lovely extra vocals from Liz Frazier.
Sweet Relief II-VA- *******s the Pumkings teaming up with Red Red Meat for the song “Sad Peter Pan”. Also *******s tracks by Garbage, R.E.M., Kirstin Hersh and Sparkle Horse.
Guitars That Rule The World-Vol II- *******s the Billy Corgan song “Ascendo”
Catherine-Sleepy- co-produced Billy. 4 tracks, hole punch in tray card
A Means To An End-Joy Division Tribute-*******s the Starchildren(featuring Billy Corgan) track “Isolatlion” along tracks from Low, Tortoise and Girls Against Boys
20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions!-VA-*******s the Pumpkins cover of “Jackie Blue” along with tracks from The Young Fresh Fellows, Poster Children and Material Issue
Afternoon Delight-*******s “ La Dolly Vita” along with tracks from Sebadoh, Beat Happening, Green River, The Vaselines and The Afghan Whigs
Lost Highway-OST-*******s “Eye” along with track from David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Lou Reed
Catherine-Four Leaf Clover- 1 track single which features D’Arcy on additional vocal duties
A Very Special Christmas 3-*******s “Christmastime” along with songs from No Doubt, Dave Matthews Blues Traveler and Natalie Merchant
Hole-Be A Man-single, co-written by Billy (2 versions) + a P.O.D. track
Hole-Malibu-1 track, song co-written by Billy

CD Interview discs

In Conversation-1995

Vinyl 7”

1. Today-2 tracks red vinyl

Disarm-2 track (title + “Siamese Dream”) purple vinyl
Demo Cuts-ultra rare 2 track, “Jennifer Ever” and “East”; purple swirl vinyl
1989 Demos-ultra rare 2 track, “I Am One” and “Bury Me”; black vinyl
Siamese Singles-4 7” record set, box has some wear, but is in solid shape and records unplayed black vinyl, *******s;
Cherub Rock-2 tracks
Disarm-2 tracks
Today-2 tracks
Rocket-2 tracks
6. 1979-2 tracks black vinyl

Vinyl 12” and Full Length

1979 mixes-4 remixes
1979-4 track single
Machina-un-opened album
Mellon Collie and he Infinite Sadness-30 track album(*******s the “Tonite Reprise” and “Infinite Sadness” tracks not on the CD version
Adore Album

Vieuphoria-Virgin Records release
No Aternative-US live performances of “Glynis” and “Today” and Hotheads video with Pumpkins music plus videos and live performances from The Breeders, Suede, Lou Reed, Sarah Mclachlan and more
Catherine-Four Leaf Clover-video single of the band Catherine featuring D’arcy on additional vocals
“The End Is The Beginning Is The End”-The Mastering Studio one song video single
Alterna Vision #84- *******s the video for “Everlasting gaze” along with videos from Powerman 5000, Full Devil Jacket and Lit; still shrink-wrapped
Metro Chicago 10/31/93-70 min
Miami, FL 8/5/92-90 min. and CBGB’s NYC 7/15/91 30 min.
Toronto 1/3/96
London 5/23/98
Intimate And Interactive (Canada 1998), Howard Stern 1998(pts 1 and 2) and the Beyond Melancholy Special; 115 min
Stockholm Sweden 5/25/98, Remix special, Regis and Kathy Lee 1998, PBS On Tour, Conan O’Brian 1997, and the ABC’s In Concert; 120 min
Washington Square, Miami Beach Florida, August 5, 1992, 65 min


CD book by Jim Stapleton-120 page cd sized book that has quite a bit of stains from water(?) on the back cover that has bled partially thru the last dozen or so pages
Noise From The Underground-2 pages of Gish era Pumpkins photos along with photos of the Butthole Surfers, Bad Brains, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and many, many more alterative rock icons
20 photo tear out book-1994 release, nice bunch of Pumpkins photos with biography text on the pages reverse side


Melody Maker Dec.13-Dec.19 2000; small cover picture and page size interview with Billy
Melody Maker Dec.6-Dec.12 2000; Billy cover and 2 page interview
Melody Maker Jan 19-Jan 25 2000; Munich show review
Melody Maker Jan 26-Feb 1 2000; full page band photo pull out
Melody Maker Feb 23- Feb 29 2000; 2 page fan article
Melody Maker Feb 2- Feb 8 2000; one page lyrical analysis for “Stand Inside Your Love”
Melody Maker Mar 1- Mar 7 2000; full page Machina album review with band cartoon
Guitar World December 1996-“Tonight, Tonight” guitar tab
Musician Magazine July 1994- missing the cover and a little beat with a 4 ½ page article. Article pages are in perfect shape
Melody Maker June 6 1998-Shepherds Bush Empire London show review
NME June 6 1998- small James Iha interview
Melody Maker May 30 1998- ½ page Adore album review with band cartoon
Melody Maker Sep 6-Sep 12- full page pull out band poster
NME Oct 7 2000- US wrestling article with Billy story and a few small photos of him in the ring
Brain Damage Issue 40(Pink Floyd magazine)-Billy’s complete speech for Pink Floyds induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame
Breeders Digest-Breeders fanzine with their Lollapalooza diary that ******* a few entries mentioning the Pumpkins along with a photo of James Iha joining them onstage for their song Divine Hammer
Mojo December 1996-Pumpkins cover & 8 page article

Misc. Pumpkins Items:

Smashing Pumpkins photo album with 16 wallet size Siamese Dream era photos
1- 8 x 10black and white Gish era promo photo
1- 8 x 10 black and white Siamese Dream “Rocket” promo photo
1- 8 x 10 black and white Mellon Collie era promo photo
3-Mellon Collie album promo flats
1998 Oliver Books Calendar-unopened with nice photos
1999 Oliver Books Calendar-unused with nice photos
2000 Oliver Books Calendar -unused with nice big photos
1- Siamese Dream titled band photo postcard
4-Siamese Dream era band photo postcards style 1
3-Siamese Dream era band photo postcards style 2
Mellon Collie Folder press kit (with bent corner) including 1 Siamese Dream album press release, 1 Mellon Collie album press release and 1 8x10 Mellon Collie era photo

James Iha solo CD’s

Be Strong Now-4 track single
Be Strong Now-1 track single
Let It Come Down-full album Japanese version with the bonus track “My Advice”
Let It Come Down- 11 track LP

Other Pumpkin related items without much or any real Pumpkin musical involvement

Catherine-Cotton Candy High-1 track CD single
Too Much Scratchie Makes You Itch sampler-12 track CD sampler from the label James Iha and D’arcy own part of. *******s tracks from Fulflej, The Frogs (a track produced by Billy), The Chainsaw Kittens and Fountains of Wayne
Ivy-This Is The Day-1 CD track single
Hardvision Vol.4-features Catherine’s video for the song “Waydown” along with videos from Monster Magnet, Fear Factory and Flotsam & Jetsam

05-08-2003, 08:40 PM
Demo Cuts-ultra rare 2 track, “Jennifer Ever” and “East”; purple swirl vinyl
1989 Demos-ultra rare 2 track, “I Am One” and “Bury Me”; black vinyl

These two are not rare b/c they're crappy bootlegs

I would say about $1600-$1800, but that's being generous

dean moriaty
05-09-2003, 04:33 AM
is the 1979 12" on hut records or virgin?

05-09-2003, 12:59 PM
Originally posted by Victor_Mancini
Demo Cuts-ultra rare 2 track, “Jennifer Ever” and “East”; purple swirl vinyl
1989 Demos-ultra rare 2 track, “I Am One” and “Bury Me”; black vinyl

These two are not rare b/c they're crappy bootlegs

you have a ton of stuff, im suprised not much of it is rare.

05-09-2003, 01:23 PM
Originally posted by aspecialkid

you have a ton of stuff, im suprised not much of it is rare.

What? I have no idea what you're talking about.