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dean moriaty
05-05-2003, 09:18 AM
at the moment a super secret, super comprenehsive, super brilliant sp pictorial discography site is under construction!!!

anyway, we are currently in need of info and scans / pictures of the following items...

so if any of you have one of these things and are willing to provide info for the site please contact me...

Cd singles and promos

Tonight tonight ‘edit’ version promo for radio one
1979 mixes two track dutch single in card sleeve
teitebite french single in card sleeve with ‘tattoos’
perfect eu two track cd card sleeve

Cd album releases and promos

Gish gold cd
Adore us five track snippet sampler
1991 – 1998 greatest hits canadian cd
machina FRENCH interview promo in card sleeve
mellon collie us cdr promo


Nothing ever changes demo
Smashing pumpkins demo tape
Moon demo tape
Five track booking promo cassette
Eye promo
Live uk promo six track
Light into dark sampler cassette
The sound of hut promo


I am one 7” test pressing
Daughter flexi disc still in reflex mag
Rocket pink and black 7” test presses
Cherub rock clear and black 7” test presses
Today and disarm black vinyl 7” test presses

Year of the spectacle (peel sessions) 10” NOT numbered

Tristessa 12” test press
Siva 12” test press / white label
Lull ep us release 12” on caroline
Lull test press (both uk and us)
1979 us release 12”
1979 test press / white label
teitebite and perfect test presses / white labels (any!!!)

gish test presses (any)
Siamese dream us test presses (any colour – not black)
Pisces Iscariot test presses (any colour)
Adore test press
Machina us test press
Machina 2!!!!!!

Starchildren delusions of candor 7” test presses – either colour
A means to an end various artists lp


Gish red promo poster
Gish white promo poster
Adore pre release virgin art print
Siamese dream 12” display flat
Mellon collie 12” display flat
Pisces Iscariot 12” display flat
Machina 12” display flat
Mellon collie us promo poster
Perfect small uk promo poster
Arising poster ‘calling all daemons’ version
Pisces Iscariot us promo poster

RIAA awards

1979 gold
adore gold
adore platinum
bullet.. gold
gish gold
gish platinum
greatest hits gold
greatest hits gold video
machina gold
mellon collie gold
mellon collie platinum
mellon collie 5 platinum
mellon collie 6 platinum
mellon collie 8 platinum
mellon collie 9 platinum
pisces Iscariot gold
pisces Iscariot platinum
Siamese dream gold
Siamese dream platinum
Siamese dream 2 platinum
Siamese dream 3 platinum
Siamese dream 4 platinum
Tafh gold
Tafh platinum
Vieuphoria gold video
Zero gold

Promo videos

A vision of hut
Bullet two track french SECAM
Siva uk
Rhinoceros us
Cherub rock us
Rocket us
Today us
Bullet us
Bullet uk
1979 uk
zero uk
tonight tonight us
thirty three us
teitbite us
teitbite uk
(ava adore us)
perfect us
stand inside your love us
(try try try us)
try try try uk


I am one limited potential giveaway t-shirt
Summersault programme
Adore german press kit
Greatest hits us press kit
Earphoria us press kit
Us promo stickers for machina both red and album cover
Machina large us promo display stand

05-05-2003, 03:06 PM
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1991 – 1998 greatest hits canadian cd