View Full Version : attn SPFC people

05-03-2003, 07:02 PM
don't mean to keep posting about this on here but i've sent numerous emails to and keep getting them back "undeliverable" so i'll post here in hopes that one of those fab spfc peeps will see this.

here's my info for the zwan recording it got the other night:

IMU Main Lounge;
Iowa City, IA
Aud > MD
CSB > -20dB > Sharp MT-770

don't have a setlist yet, but the recording is approx. 100minutes but will be scaled back cuz there's about 10-15 minutes of crowd cheering between encores. and one note, first 5-10 seconds of "Endless Summer" wasn't recorded cuz i switched discs at a bad time, my bad :(

thank you spfc!