View Full Version : Was the Punisher inspired by the Death Wish films?

Catherine Wheel
09-29-2017, 08:15 PM
I was watching the John Travolta Punisher film the other day on Netflix and I thought to myself Punisher is basically a comic book version of the Death Wish films. And then I did some Wikipedia research and noticed that The Punisher and Death Wish both came out the same year 1974. And I'm wondering if that's just a coincidence or not.

Disco King
09-29-2017, 09:11 PM
The Punisher was inspired by murderers and rapists to rid the world of lowlives like them.

09-29-2017, 10:05 PM

09-29-2017, 10:15 PM
They call him "The Giggler"

09-29-2017, 10:55 PM
i don't fucking know does the god damn director post here?

09-29-2017, 11:09 PM
Sounds like someone missed Vespers.

09-30-2017, 01:10 PM
Jesus, who gives a fuck? Catherine, can't you post something the board would actually be interested in? Maybe try letting us know the next time you eat pizza?

09-30-2017, 01:27 PM
stop responding to CW. He's a sociopath troll