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The L.A. Weekly Interview: Billy Corgan - Page 1 - Music - Los Angeles - LA Weekly (

read away

here's a little preview

And right after your experiences with Sky Saxon you toured briefly with the Spirits in the Sky band in the summer of 2009.

After Sky died, we did a memorial show, just one show [in July 2009]. And it was very emotional because we didn't really know how to respond to the way he died. It was sort of sudden. I mean, he had health issues, but all of a sudden it was like, "What? He's dead?" It was also the same day Michael Jackson died, so it was a weird time, everyone was thinking about death, you know? So we did this one show and then a couple of months later I wanted to play some of my new songs that I'd written but I didn't want to do it under Pumpkins, and things were really disorganized. Jimmy was out of the group, so I was kind of like, "What should we do?" And I don't remember who suggested it, but we said, "Well, maybe we should just play shows under that name, maybe treat it like a side thing." And next thing we know, Dave Navarro was involved, and also everybody just wanted to play, so we had, like, nine people playing!

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The real, true internal story of the Smashing Pumpkins is actually a little bit like Cinderella [laughs]. I know it sounds a little strange, but I would write these really successful songs and their reaction to them was, "Meh," and then they would complain about their flights or something like that. Because I sort of pseudo-managed the band, I dealt with all the band's affairs: scheduling, contracts. They dealt with none of that stuff; I dealt with everything.

So they'd just sit there and complain, like the wicked stepsisters, "I don't like this" and "I don't like that." I'd go and sit in the three-hour meetings with the labels — me, the manager — and I'd deal with all the details, and labels would even offer me deals on the side, give me more money to do what I wanted to do, and I'd say, "No, I don't wanna do that because it would fuck my bandmates." I would sort of put myself as the protector of the family, and then I'd go home to the family and they'd just fucking hate me. It was a really weird, bad co-dependent relationship.


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I have to admit, this does seem realistic:

Billy: "Hey we just got a 10 show tour lined up in Japan! Awesome, right?!"
James: "Meh, they are weird to me there because I don't speak the language."
D'Arcy: "Do they even have real toilets?"
Jimmy: [On the phone with heroin dealer in Japan already]

Although, Billy telling the band some good news probably came after he screamed for five hours at them about playing shitty.

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what a victim he is. poor, poor cinderella.

08-26-2010, 11:08 AM
zero motivation. he'd rather play in a bar band with buds for free.

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so it seems that uncle fester was more like gómez adams. I buy that he was into all the management and stuff and the others didn't really give a damn. But I'm pretty sure that it was in a way different proportion than how he tells it.

Btw all that crap about "one year" and "in the moment" smells like he already has in mind to tell the band to fuck off in a not so distant future

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Lol @ "expanded version" being available on the blog.

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Oh and this part gets me: "No, I'm not interested in statements anymore. I made plenty of statements [laughs]."

An artist without a statement is not an artist but an entertainer.

Also, isn't that being stuck in the past? Relying on previous actions to stand up to what you're doing now? And wouldn't the new fanbase not be particularly aware of these previous statements? Isn't it B's goal to make these previous statements irrelevant? What statements is he talking about? Fucker talks in circles.

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He's never been much of an entertainer either

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Certainly not when left to his own devices. He's just slowly stripping away any meaning or relevancy he might have. I want something to believe in.

I remember when the music used to speak for itself. There are too many words/explanations/hypothesis/excuses used nowadays trying to back up how good the music is. I'm not buying into it.

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so it seems that uncle fester was more like gómez adams. I buy that he was into all the management and stuff and the others didn't really give a damn. But I'm pretty sure that it was in a way different proportion than how he tells it.

he was the leader of the band, head of the group. so of course he took care of such things, he wanted that kind of control. but you can't expect to please everybody, and it sounds like he expected jimmy james and darcy to suck his tool. doesn't always work out that way.

but god damn it i'm sick of him whining about that old group. if he really wants to move on and have his fans move on, he needs to let the past be in the past and move the fuck on from those three people. he'll have a easier time moving on if he would just shut up about the old band already.

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To be fair, I'm not sure if Billy created the type of environment where others' musical and decision-making input was felt to be particularly needed or welcome. Even if they may have initially cared, as the tone was set and Billy's strong vision came to dominate their input probably diminished to the point that they no longer felt they had any particular investment in the creative process one way or another. That type of apathy could well be construed as being "lazy."

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he's just trying to be a revolutionary, you guise. with this *new* format of releasing music and shit. and now he's praising lady gaga. yes billy, praise gaga and maybe she'll tweet about you and bring in a swarm of more underage, uninformed ~fans~ who'll eat your new shit music right up.