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Since Hanson appeared on the pop culture radar in 1997 rumors of Taylor's sexuality have run rampant. The rumors originally arose due to his androgynous look, being only 14 when Hanson became internationally famous with their #1 Album "Middle of Nowhere" with 'MmmBop' (which reached #1 on the Billboard Charts and remained there for 14 weeks) Taylor was in the middle of puberty and his soft features and long blond hair caused many people to confuse him for a girl.

As Hanson progressed forward in the mainstream media when asked about relationships Taylor was quoted various times making gender neutral statements about his ideal 'person.' He once was quoted as stating "There are a lot of things the fans don't know about me and I'd like to keep it that way."

When Hanson began collaborating with Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet) for one of their albums rumors exploded when Taylor was seen frequently with Phantom Planet lead singer Alex Greenwald. While Hanson fans themselves continued to ignore or deny these rumors, fans of Phantom Planet helped to further the idea of Alex and Taylor being a secret couple. As time progressed rumors had spread far and wide amongst fans and non fans a like.

In June 2002 Taylor married Natalie Ann Bryant who was five months pregnant at the time. From that point on Hanson's management and publicity team began to continually release statements and news lines about Taylor and his wife and child. Even with the continuing promotion of Taylor as a heterosexual, the rumors continued without fail. From clearly fabricated stories about Taylor with men passed around on the internet, to confirmed accounts from individuals who witnessed Taylor at various locations and events, acting contradictory to his public image the 'word on the street' was that Taylor was/is married only in technical terms.

Making matters more complicated for Hanson's publicity team Taylor was quoted in an interview with NME magazine's Peter Robinson who compared eating rabbit droppings for protein to drinking sperm for the same purpose. Taylor replied "There is definitely a market for that. There are plenty of guys who are happy to go into a room by themselves and take care of things so offering it to people as a drink is logical." This statement sparked a wild fire of rumors and gossip.

When Zac, youngest of the Hanson trio was interviewed by The Advocate (leading LGBT news magazine) he was asked about Hanson's gay following and the amount of gay rumors and gay fan-fiction about Taylor on the internet. Zac stated that he hoped Taylor wouldn't be upset with him for saying it but that Taylor has a 'pretty boy' thing going for him.

Zac was also asked about his opinion on the issue of homosexuality. Zac stated that while he has never followed marching orders (some interpreted that as the religious opinion stand on non hetero-sexuality) and believes that a person makes a choice to live the lifestyle. This sparked a minor outrage amongst Hanson's gay/bisexual fan base. Some believed Zac meant that being gay was a choice. However others believe he meant that a person makes a choice to act on sexual urges, while some choose to ignore them and live a life that contradicts their preferences. This statement lead a great deal of people to wonder if Zac was referring to Taylor who lives an openly heterosexual lifestyle with his wife and children while rumors of the contrary continue to grow.

In closing, the answer to the question is Taylor Hanson gay, the answer is undetermined. However the idea of a celebrity living a dual lifestyle is nothing new.

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this is a funny, yet absurd, corner of the internet: WikiAnswers - Celebrity Sexual Preferences Questions including "Is g-unit gay" (

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How did you find this?

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Q: Is Adam from Taking Back Sunday gay?

Not that Adam.

The one in my computer class is though.

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Q: How many openly gay actors are in Hollywood?


there are lots of openly gay people in holywod i mean there could be over 100

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What about Billy Corgan?

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they didn't have the gay question for Billy, so when I went to submit said question, I had a disturbing word verification:

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this changes everything

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While Hanson fans themselves continued to ignore or deny these rumors,


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WikiAnswers - Is baden gay (

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he sure is good-looking.

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I'm not saying Taylor Hansen is gay, but he cried like a faggot when he busted in my mouth.

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Taylor Hanson is a guy?

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