View Full Version : graduating from college and getting a job

08-23-2008, 11:50 AM
this seems really hard

08-23-2008, 12:16 PM
well i should clarify the college part was easy, it's more of the job part

08-23-2008, 12:32 PM
What was your major and what kind of job will you be looking for?

08-23-2008, 12:56 PM
It's not what you know it's whom you know.

08-23-2008, 01:44 PM
What was your major and what kind of job will you be looking for?

women's studies

sex toy museum curator

Ol' Couch Ass
08-23-2008, 02:49 PM
Hey RG2K you should get a job writing for this magazine.

08-23-2008, 03:09 PM
no ace is full of shit

imagine if netphoria were run by montes but instead of sucking billy corgans dick they all wear fanny packs and ride roller coasters

that's ace

Ol' Couch Ass
08-23-2008, 03:11 PM
Hmm, are there other roller coaster enthusiast publications I should be aware of? It's been a couple of years since I've been on a ride that wowed me.

08-23-2008, 03:14 PM
no not really

once the internet was invented pretty much all of that stuff was rendered pretty pointless

Ol' Couch Ass
08-23-2008, 03:15 PM
I think there was a thread about it when it happened but how 'bout that dumbass that got decapitated by Superman at Six Flags, GA. I guess he doesn't have much use for that hat he was retrieving now does he? oooooh

But in all seriousness, back to finding you that curator job.

08-23-2008, 03:24 PM
this is probably i'll just end up going to more school