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ryan patrick
12-23-2005, 02:24 AM
some BBC review:

Andrew Pekler's previous releases (either under his own name or his Sad Rockets alter ego) have been eclectic, warm, fuzzy affairs, stuffed with subtle sonic pleasures. Nocturnes, False Dawns & Breakdowns, his last record for the estimable ~scape label, flirted with the vocabulary of early electric jazz and became a favourite late night listen for many (including me). But this one is a different kettle of fish...

Strings + Feedback is constructed entirely from samples, taken mainly from the work of composer Morton Feldman. It says a lot for either the strength of Feldman's music or the integrity of Pekler's approach that somehow the results are still Feldman-esque enough to be recognised as such.

Having said that, there's more incident in three minutes of Pekler's reworkings than there probably are in three hours of Feldman's originals. Harps, strings and the occasional piano are digitally whisked together into a simmering, sweetly dissonant brew.The opening "Plucko" dubs Feldman's ghostly tone clusters into deep space; "Pale Fyr" loops tiny fragments of harps and strings into a sumptuous but edgy soundscape, something like Daniel Figgis remixed by Oval.

Pekler is fairly consistent in his treatment of the material; loops of different lengths are laid on top of each other, often finished off with curls of distorted melody (from what might have once been a violin). Short, mournful melodies emerge, like foghorns singing to themselves absent mindedly. The results are rich, strange and occasionally opressive; chamber music from a chamber that couldn't exist. Lovely.

i'm recommending this to my minimal/processmuzik loving friends. i would compare it to Tim Hecker's Radio Amor a little bit, if you've heard it, and if not, that's a good album. very prettty. FB853E284541D1B43844C30E79EC40D8A28CE7F82FD00FE3FE 2CBB580CCCC8EE56F99064373F84E4A664284F36&sql=10:8ky67uy040jd

if that link works you can get audio samples there

12-23-2005, 10:46 PM
a friend suggestd this so i've got it queued for download.

i didn't know much about it (and im lazy) so thanks for the info.