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08-30-2005, 03:58 PM
All is unconfirmed, but it looks like it's finally here:

The most recent buzz, and possibly the most prominent mention has appeared at the Rolling Stone website on it’s "In Brief" music news section which stated that "Kate Bush will release the follow-up to The Red Shoes, her first studio album in twelve years, on November 8th” See that here. Previous reports from those who "knew someone in EMI" or had contacted local EMI offices in Europe had mentioned a 17th October release date, such as the EMI Germany release sheet here. "Dooley’s Diary” in a recent issue of Music Week reported on EMI's management conference in Munich, "On the subject of the Munich event, Dooley hears that the lucky attendees even got to hear a couple of tracks from the new Kate Bush album. It is definitely on its way, folks." We also know that the chairman of the EMI Group announced on July 14th 2005 at the general annual meeting that a Kate Bush release is expected during this financial year, you can read this press release here. Sean Neil reported that EMI have received the delivery of the finished album back in June on his Sky News “Showbiz slot”. He said “I can finally reveal that Kate has now delivered her new epic to her label EMI and is ready for an autumn release. According to my mole there, bosses were blown away by the eclectic collection of styles and guest stars on the album, so much so that all of them signed to an agreement to keep schtum about the playback until its release later this year. Whilst she has only ever toured once before, Kate does have plans to make a mini DVD to help promote the singles on the album, which will also be out around the early part of next year. It’s great to have you back Kate" (you can watch the clip here). Finally, reports that Amazon in Japan and elsewhere are already listing a double-disc set have fuelled much speculation as to the format that the new release will ultimately take.

- Taken From Kate Bush News

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I'm giddy. So giddy, I posted, again.
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08-31-2005, 06:46 AM
More hap-hap happy news:

Well, hello there! It's been twelve long years since The Red Shoes in 1993, but finally in a press release this morning EMI Records have proudly confirmed the fantastic news: Kate's hugely anticipated new work, her eighth studio album, will be released worldwide on November 7th 2005 (Nov 8th in USA). It will be a double album. It is entitled Aerial. The first single King Of The Mountain precedes the album on October 24th. Both the single and album are produced by Kate Bush. This site, in conjunction with HomeGround The Kate Bush Magazine will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know as the excitement mounts. Be sure to visit our busy site forum to discuss the release of this brand new music. Kate Bush is back in business, we are delighted and we wish her all the very best over the coming months.

A double CD! Woooo!

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she's too old.

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