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  1. today's a big day for netphoria birthdays: alisonmonster and douglas78
  2. What should I do with the rest of my life?
  3. I need sleep.
  4. adventures in texting
  5. adventures in sexting
  6. S. Carolina Confederate flag now waving treason IN HELL
  7. I have a confession to make
  8. electronic repair/replace advice
  9. I'm getting married in 2.5 hours. AMA
  10. i used to work at disneyland AMA
  11. I refuse to answer anything. AMA
  12. Shepard Fairey arrest in Detroit
  13. ITT annoying behavior
  14. Iran Nuclear Agreement
  15. The awesome old commercials thread
  16. It's a race to the bottom in the armpit of the Midwest
  17. ITT annoying behaviour not related to road rage or driving
  18. Texas
  19. Pizza and fast food power rankings
  20. A bunch of holistic doctors dying in Florida
  21. I know you're all a bunch of feminazis, so do this here quiz to find out what kind
  22. do you keep a journal?
  23. Biscotti appreciation thread
  24. fitbit / health trackers
  25. Does anyone here have experience with rooting their android?
  26. how about we talk about this sandra bland arrest video
  27. The X Files
  28. repblog: ear edition
  30. USA should treat racists as terrorists
  31. Getting Indelible Ink Permanently Applied to the Dermis for Reasons Aesthetic
  32. musty, james iha's old dog
  33. Bobbi Kristina doing coke with her mother in Hell
  34. Satanic Temple Statue Unveiled in Detroit
  35. Any Violinist here in Netphoria?
  36. Anyone going to do the Windows 10 upgrade?
  38. Developed country loses its shit over small symbolic gesture
  39. Any violent shits here in Netphoria?
  40. Rest in hell, Cecil the lion
  41. The Big Lebowski Netphorian Remake starring
  42. cooking
  43. cockring
  44. Have you guys noticed that some "captchas" are so damn hard!?
  45. Cilla Black having a heart IN HELL
  46. Adderall
  47. Punctuality
  48. Happy Birthday hbinos!!
  49. Alderaan
  50. Alder(Alan)
  51. I've been a non-smoker for 19 days!
  52. ca we talk about the judge who sentenced the 19 y/o to a 25 year sex offender status?
  53. Ask me to draw anything
  54. Mullah Omar rejoins Osama as the ambiguously gay duo of Islamist terrorism IN HELL
  55. Ask me to dave anything
  56. What would you do with a life sentence without parole?
  57. Bigfoot
  58. the saddest thing
  59. Your part-black/hispanic nephew gets called a nigger by the local white trash bullyq
  60. Christian films
  61. Sense8
  62. scrambling to find a place to live.
  63. do you ever stay up all night
  64. There's a Mormon church not far from my house
  65. Soaked In Bleach: The new Kurt Cobain documentary
  66. smoking in Florida
  67. RIP Alex Winter's huge, barely legal tits
  68. I've been an Uber driver for three weeks now. AMA!
  69. Florida Keys
  70. Do you remember them as the Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears?
  71. Aussie Jarryd Hane in the NFL
  72. Carl Lewis - Break it up
  73. Get ready to be so sick of Star Wars you'll be puking it out your dick holes
  74. Things your parents say
  75. New neighbors are demons released from hell
  76. Pedophile Subway Jared Fogle
  77. Peep Show
  78. Jimmy Carter is dead any day now
  79. plz unban my ips
  80. pls unzip my ban
  81. plz unban my lips
  82. brother, do you have relatives in Estonia?
  83. Timeline check: it was Sex in the City, right?
  84. Timeline check: it was Mega Concern, right?
  85. back for one night only
  86. Does anyone have any experience with international shipping?
  87. Does anyone have any experience with interracial 'shipping
  88. LDS commemoration ideas
  89. What's your sign?
  90. Roanoke shooting
  91. ask wHATcOLOR..
  92. My bike has been my main whip lately
  93. shut up little man
  94. Nogays
  95. eugene oregon
  96. what are your guyses Friday night/weekend plans?
  97. You guys ever fuck around with your third eye?
  98. ITT Geo turns 30
  99. wes craven now resting in hell
  100. NCAA Football 2015 Thread
  101. Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  102. your goal of happiness is stupid
  103. when two people die but only one is famous
  104. The last decade in Syria, as a short cartoon
  105. Dr. Who haters club
  106. Dr. Seuss haters club
  107. worst treatment by a bf/gf
  108. chat 2: the redemption
  109. Henry's Kitchen
  110. Hello
  111. this should be a meme
  112. Hipsters living Victorian lifestyle
  113. Hipsters living Vatican lifestyle
  114. Hipsters living vacation lifestyle
  115. I noticed that...
  117. That Jack Nicholson line in that one movie...
  118. NHL 2015-16 Season Thread
  119. The regretted purchases thread
  120. Is there any democracy you admire anywhere in the world today?
  121. Your Facebook Friends List's Idea of Humour
  122. happy birthday, theexplodingboy!!!!!!!
  123. Awful Australian Prime Minister to be replaced by Slightly Less Awful Prime Minister
  124. Sex Robots
  125. Terrence Howard is insane
  126. ideas about addiction
  127. My names are Justin Scott Massler and Cloud Starchaser and I am the real Superman.
  128. when actors do films just to pay for expenses
  129. trailer for Keanu Reeves / Eli Roth film "Knock "Knock"
  130. what does it mean when you take a piss and your bathroom smells like a denny's
  131. When Users Make Posts Just to Pay For Expenses
  132. Disco King sucks balls
  133. Ahmed Mohamed, muslim child clock maker
  134. Did David Cameron stick his junk in the mouth of a dead pig?
  136. POP POP POP
  137. buy a molskine and write shit in it
  139. Watching your posts get delted
  140. Have you ever tried popcorn with icing sugar sprinkled through it?
  141. Congress loses its Boehner.
  142. Attacked by poisonous spider in car
  143. Theres a new Goosebumps movie coming out- based off of the books
  144. I should try more wine.
  145. OK what is this global union fund concert thing?
  146. 66 Australian Women Murdered in 39 weeks
  147. Jailed for a small traffic fine, Detroit-area man loses 50 pounds in 17 days, dies
  148. what kind of shoes do you wear?
  149. NPR had an excellent program today:
  150. Mel Gibson is making a WWII movie with Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn
  151. Oregon campus shooting
  152. Why Do Dads Suck?
  153. Why Do Dudes Suck?
  154. Drunk Kid Wants Mac n Cheese
  155. bad food recipes for bad days
  156. Matchbox or hot wheels?
  157. help make a decision for me
  158. What are the worst/lamest/funniest fortune cookie messages you've opened?
  159. Naturopathy isn't for me (adventures in adult acne)
  160. Rolling social justice thread
  161. rolling sexism thread
  162. rolling cynicism thread
  163. rolling pessimism thread
  164. rolling nihilism thread
  165. Rolling pointillism thread
  166. Roiling boiling thread
  167. rolling rolling thread
  168. Rolling Cholo Thread
  169. I didn't realize Nicki Minaj was Indian until recently
  170. I didn't realize Nickleback was Canadian until recently
  171. Sky City: Optical Illusion? Hologram? Parallel Universe? CGI???
  172. Current celebrity crushes!!
  173. Scariest movie of all time
  174. Obama nostalgia thread
  175. Hey Baseball fans can you explain the mets to me
  176. redbreegull
  177. I'm watching the rugby world cup and it's South Africa v. New Zealand and
  178. Hurricane Patricia
  179. gender norms on the first date
  180. David Cross and Bob Odenkirk have a new show on Netflix
  181. Garden Gnomes on the first date
  182. The NBA thread
  183. Happy Halloween 2015
  184. Al Molinaro wants Fonzie & Rivers Cuomo to try the fish in hell
  185. Anonymous posts names of KKK politicians
  186. I'm going backpacking in thailand this febuary
  187. I'm not going backpacking in thailand this february
  188. I'm going backwards in time this February
  189. The Version Of VBulletine This Place Uses Is From 2007
  190. So this place is still alive?
  191. What you said offends me. Fuck your free speech.
  192. Best Looking Resorts You'll Never Visit
  193. Is ilikeplanets ok?
  194. Free Trotsky 2015
  195. Fuck Christmas
  196. If you could travel back in time . . .
  197. I'm out
  198. I also am out
  199. How has Jack Nicholsons receding hairline stayed the same for nearly 40 years?
  200. Pie City: Optical Illusion? Hologram? Parallel Universe? CGI???
  201. How Has this Photograph of Jack Nicholson Stayed the Same for 40 Years?
  202. Dayumn
  203. I'm Going Backpedaling About Thailand This February
  204. I Like Planets, OK?
  205. I'm out
  206. Chat Thread, Part 3: The Chat Returns
  207. Three separate terrorist attacks in Paris.
  208. Wow. Monte LDS has really hit rock bottom...
  209. goddammit post something you stupid fucks!
  210. I WILL destroy isis!!!
  211. do you think people insult me more than TOC because I'm a woman?
  212. More than half of 50 state governors won't take Syrian refugees
  213. Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive
  214. hey
  215. RIP Jonah Lomu
  216. French police dog dies in terror raid
  217. Ronda Rousey
  218. NCAAB Hoops thread
  219. Parking Space Dibs in Snowstorm Weather: Yay or nay?
  220. This is a Two Gallants messageboard
  221. Neko Atsume
  222. Happy Thanksgiving
  223. Shoot-out at Planned Parenthood
  224. Brendo got banned?
  225. Posting on Netphoria in 2015
  226. What's Going On? Currently Active Users: 75
  227. Sulfate free shampoo
  228. barden got banned?
  229. Banned got band?
  230. San Bernardino shootings
  231. wanting to live
  232. Scott Weiland shimmying with his megaphone IN HELL
  233. coworker in desperate need of comforting and consoling
  234. We've got bedbugs. Ask me anything!
  235. coworker in desperate need of comfort and console
  236. I came back and started the fire which is burning this place down.
  237. Porn Kills Love
  238. I, too, am out.
  239. I'm in.
  240. You're in and you're out
  241. Try my great-grandmother's delicious Vanillekipferl recipe this Christmas!
  242. Jaime Pressly is the trailer trash version of Margot Robbie
  243. Catherine Wheel is the Less BroDude Version of Fuzzyroes
  244. Why is leaning not allowed in a filibuster?
  245. I'm in
  246. Climate change in MT
  247. Popular song renditions that have been demos on keyboards you've owned
  248. slunken quit netphoria
  249. You must pick ONE song.
  250. Space X