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  1. Who's your favorite King of the Hill character?
  2. Hillary Clinton, no fucks given
  4. who is the tallest netphorian
  5. Sir Terry Pratchett writing Discworld novels IN HELL
  6. #путинумер
  7. Any of you guys still remember Pumpkin Kid and twilightfadez?
  8. Do I want Taco Bell or Wendy's tonight?
  9. something's rotten on the planet wormulon (a futurama quote thread)
  10. we should do that thing again where we record our voices so we can hear how each othe
  11. Corny motivational slogans
  12. NCAA basketball thread
  13. spinoff:a "Half Baked" quote thread
  14. Bans
  15. Banes
  16. Bananas
  17. someone should write a book called "good at boarding"
  18. So tonight I failed the good samaratin test
  19. Is anybody getting drunk tonight?
  20. spin-off: describe the movie of your life
  21. Terrible news everyone
  22. Let's talk about the Fantastic Four remake with Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan
  23. #racetogether
  24. If you could bring back one Shit Boarder..
  25. Obama floats idea of mandatory voting
  26. #batetogether
  27. if you took out the parts about jesus and sex
  28. Labelle
  29. does anyone have a ti-83 or ti-84 graphing calculator i can buy
  30. If you could bring back one good boarder..
  31. My Dog is on Prozac
  32. William Shatner is 84 today.
  33. Is romanced devalued by society in this day and age?
  34. Had the worst case of tunnel vision last week. Funny story.
  35. Down syndrome Rosie Perez?
  36. New X Files episodes
  37. happy birthday, Starla!
  38. I do not seek a banning
  39. coming of age stories
  40. project update
  41. The Omega Concern Superthread
  42. Indiana hates gays
  43. Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization
  44. So I checked out periscope
  45. I do not seek a banana
  46. I do not seek a bandana
  47. Eric Andre Show
  48. Choose a language for Scotty to learn
  49. hey you
  50. pizza-making thread
  51. you have to serve hitler a pizza
  52. what is a jib?
  53. Tom Hardy has a scary sounding voice at times
  54. the good, the bad, and the ugly: ON TV
  55. Theme Songs For Every Netphorian
  56. going clear: scientology and the prison of belief
  57. Leonardo and Tom Hardy are making another film together.
  58. Shitstains
  59. The most unlikable person on Cheers got his own show
  60. lets do a chat room
  61. I conduct most of my Internet activities on my smartphone
  62. Son of pic post
  63. Ask me anything
  64. sigh
  65. what is the greatest sport?
  66. ask me stuff
  67. do you like scary movies?
  68. ask me what you couldn't ask erica and chris
  69. Aks me questions if you wanna
  70. don't ask me anything
  71. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane writing tickets to rednecks in Hell
  72. ask me a specific question and i'll answer if you get it right
  73. Ask me
  74. i think i have found my dream home
  75. bought a copy of final fantasy VII
  76. Are GMO's bad for us?
  77. I am Sonic Johnny Netphorian gasbag and upcoming guest star on Community! AMA!
  78. The best video on the internet ever
  79. Why did all of Montes posts get deleted?
  80. The Houston Rockets are stupid, an NBA thread
  81. Does anyone use Memrise?
  82. Lets Talk About How One High-Profile Incident Totally Disproved Campus Rape...
  83. Hi I'm eulogy and I jump on bandwagons. Ask me anything.
  84. hi!
  85. vixnix's AMA
  86. Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.
  87. Happy 4/20!!!
  88. Breaking news: Billy Zane to star in Zoolander 2
  89. anyone else totally hate those new-style hipster restaurants
  90. I'll tell you everything so you don't have to ask.
  91. Thread-Making Pizza
  92. Guess how many
  93. Happy birthday, Trotskilicious!
  94. Baltimore's burning
  95. Bo dudes
  96. Jon Stewart, in a possible attempt to save face, did his best interview tonigt
  97. online porn distorting behaviour of boys and girls
  98. Mayweather VS Pacquiao fight this Saturday
  99. Fantastic Four Trailer
  100. The vixnix no holds barred thread
  101. Meds
  102. anyone here into air jordans?
  103. Cycling
  104. Free Mickeyshambles!
  105. Posters that you always see as a post/av
  107. your daily vixnix fix
  108. My dad's friend is going to drive for Uber
  109. Robert Redford as Bulworth instead of Warren Beatty
  110. My cat's breath smells like cat food
  111. al pacino as luke skywalker
  112. super fun night & Rebel Wilson
  113. One of the lesser talented Baldwin brothers is on the show Hot in Cleveland
  114. If vixnix owned a table
  115. Weird Shit that happens in your home town
  116. The Problem with England
  117. Happy V-E Day!
  118. Anyone have Mother's Day plans??
  119. slunken
  120. vixnix thread
  121. The vixnix no holes barred thread
  122. George Zimmerman, murderer, shot in the face
  123. Let's Talk About Interesting Facts!!
  124. Who Tweeted It First? tells you the earliest mention of a topic or link on Twitter
  125. Mooney's 15th Anniversary of Joining Netphoria Party Thread
  126. Podcasts
  127. Rolling "dreams recently dreamt" thread
  128. Jurassic World
  129. BB King playing Lucille and promoting One Touch in hell
  130. Thread for teh b0lly!1 (please read)
  131. Steven Seagal is a border patrol officer at the age of 63.
  132. Woman I'm dating was sexually harassed
  133. I'm getting rid of my landline and my cable TV
  134. hbd timxzombie
  135. Woman I'm sexually harassing has a date
  136. My favorite scene from the movie Goon
  137. I'm a box car and a jug of wine
  138. sunday night whatever thread
  139. noob question
  140. Mad Men Finale
  141. Louis C.K. offends many with SNL monologue
  142. United Patriotic Front of Australia
  143. can you help me brainstorm??
  144. Jade Helm update
  145. The Royal Family is visiting my hometown
  146. Josh Duggar molested some kids
  147. Death Metal Thread
  148. 2016 Presidential Primary
  149. Websites
  150. Happy birthday Labelle
  151. John Nash practicing Game Theory while hearing voices IN HELL
  152. i hadn't realized edward furlong went off the rails like he did
  153. Selling my jalopy on craigslist
  154. Point Break Redux
  155. America just arrested soccer
  156. test
  157. brain surgery
  158. It's that time of the year again: Name my cat!
  159. Rickrolling is sexist, racist and often transphobic in context
  160. Denny Hastert Scandal Mystery
  161. Gary Busey doesn't remember being on "Entourage" at all
  162. Which do you/would you prefer as a pet?
  163. Worst Netphorian Ever - nomination thread
  164. Which do you/would you prefer as a meal?
  165. Best Netphorian Ever - nomination thread
  166. Richard Dawkins
  167. Any Netphorian wanna come to my wedding?
  168. Trailer Park Boys
  169. Which would you prefer as a pit?
  170. Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Bruce Jenner
  171. i was trying to remember who this guy's face reminded me of
  172. Has anyone updated to Windows 10?
  173. sppunk
  174. Oldest Avatar?
  175. How many netphorias are there?
  176. Rolling "I want to start a band called _____" thread
  177. Mr. Rhinoceros Sucked My Dick At A Days Inn Hotel In Chicago On Late November In The
  178. What color of Pez can I live the longest off of?
  179. Hey guys, after 37 years we have a Triple Crown winner!
  180. I just found out why Wendy's meat patties are square
  181. Where in the world is John Kerry?
  182. what is best with french fries?
  183. Christopher Lee building Satan an orc army IN HELL
  184. Strange videos you have recently come across on the world wide web
  185. Slipknot's Corey Taylor: no aliens would interact with a culture this stupid
  186. whaddya know, Pelosi bitch slaps Obama.
  187. menstrual cups
  188. ivory hunter crushed to death by baby elephant
  189. Ask Luke
  190. Bryce Dallas Howard: nepotism?
  191. Rachel Dolezal, blackface-wearing NAACP chapter prez
  192. anybody experiencing this problem with tinder?
  193. humorous or otherwise interesting things you've observed recently
  194. Donald Trump officially runs for president
  195. Ask Bread Regal
  196. What's a decent yet inexpensive GSM phone
  197. happy b'day, ****
  198. SC Shootings
  199. Petition to Ban/Mute The Omega Concern
  200. Jerry Van Dyke turned down Gilligans Island and The Andy Griffith Show
  201. General gardening thread
  202. the end times
  203. GoFundMe
  204. I think from now on I will consume all my meals in a wrap.
  205. I'm a big fan of Hendrick's (ie now drinking)
  206. What personal item have you had in your possession for the longest?
  207. safe space for those of us who HATE OUR DADS
  208. I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students...
  209. we have no future
  210. How is it that we're capable of being so cruel to each other
  211. How is it that we're capable of being so rude to each other
  212. The University of California’s Speech Police
  213. James Horner composing the score for lucifer's uprising in HELL
  214. question for mayfuck (Julio Garcia)
  215. losing my blackberry to the ocean
  216. Say something mean to the person above you
  217. losing my buckcherry to a crazy bitch
  218. Ballers is awful
  219. Say nice things about the poster above you
  220. coffee thread
  221. I don't think Jason Schwartzman is believable as a nerd
  222. Communes
  223. one step closer to justice for people who want to marry their dogs
  224. How long can food last without power to my fridge/freezer?
  225. it appears they're playing every episode of the daily show
  226. Attn: pale princess
  227. Hey! You're that drunken posse! Wow. Can I join ya?!
  228. Why isn't esty banned?
  230. I thought Mayfuck/Aeris Hilton/Windfucker/Julio were all the same guy.
  231. ATTN: New Tinychat Link
  232. Michigan woman sees Collective Soul for 54th time
  233. would you expect a weeklong houseguest to do your chores?
  234. double post
  235. Open Carry - Black Folks LOVE it
  236. Is the whole purpose of this board to create conflict?
  237. What's your favorite subreddit?
  238. Netphoria parenting thread
  239. thread for criticizing the life choices of netphoria's parents
  240. do you know anyone with jumper cables
  241. my new diet plan
  242. Stephen Colbert and Eminem on Michigan public access
  243. What do you appreciate about Netphoria?
  244. 4th of July plans
  245. Women's World Cup?
  246. Joey Chestnut defeated!
  247. My ip was banned, what gives?
  248. Gaston actor blew off head in fireworks accident!
  249. i want to learn history but hate reading books.
  250. Steely Dan - Aja