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  1. So how about Israel
  2. i feel like we're supposed to be eating soup
  3. Dutch People
  4. buzz aldrin punches omega concern
  5. Malaysia airlines shot down by Russians
  6. where's the cooking thread?
  7. I have a story to tell.
  8. FUCK IT!
  9. Are the "human barbies" in need of therapy?
  10. James Garner driving Firebirds in Hell
  11. The Twilight Zone
  12. DC Circuit rules subsidies for people buying insurance on fed exchanges is unlawful
  13. Romantic relationships with coworkers
  14. Somebody please make my user title Pukahontas
  15. Wonder Woman
  16. Comics Thread
  17. Happy Birthday, D.!
  18. You ever just have one of those days
  19. Help needed: my 600lb life pennys story.
  20. GIFs
  21. Attn: Charmbag (and everyone else)
  22. Help buying Tix on Stubhub...
  23. What is intuition?
  24. bitch about your social life here
  25. sunday night tinychat
  26. paint thread
  27. HEY JB
  28. what's the margin fix again
  29. Are any of you gluten sensitive? (a drunk thread, tell me about your day))
  30. who else has a tendency to live in squalor?
  31. I turned the age of one of my favorite SP songs today
  32. who else has a tendency to start fires?
  33. Reagan aide Jim Brady's death ruled homicide
  34. Tony Stewart killed a man.
  35. Pain
  36. Robin Williams pinning red noses on children IN HELL
  37. Bitch about your bitch here
  38. You're 16, You're a Pedophile, and You Don't Want to Hurt Anyone.
  39. bought my first car
  40. would you be sad if obama died
  41. ****** Bacall teaching Humphrey Bogart how to whistle IN HELL
  42. Ferguson, MO is insane right now.
  43. ND Football's Sex-For-Homework Scandal Open Thread
  44. are Netphorian invited to the Gayne Walker/Euls wedding?
  45. Football 2014-2015
  46. Que paso cabrones
  47. I want to rant about an idiot CraigsList dude.
  48. Toooooot Toooooooooot!!!
  49. skateboarding
  50. Thank You for Supporting Netphoria!
  51. NCAA Football 2014 (Annual thread in which I make wrong predictions + fight with you
  52. can i make a topic yet
  53. what do you get when you look up your name on google images
  54. I'm drunk let's chat
  55. Social Media Articles
  56. Libertarians
  57. "God Saved Me"
  58. Happy Birthday KAT!!!
  59. I hate when people complain all day about how busy they are at work
  60. is Facebook down or is it my phone?
  61. Why is my Snack Pack fucked up
  62. I am leaving now. Goodbye.
  63. "God Raved Me"
  64. richard attenborough cloning frog DNA IN HELL
  65. I'm weaving now. Goodbye
  66. For real? Breaking Bad s6
  67. happiest birthday, slunko!
  68. what would you do here?
  69. Tony didn't die
  70. Why is my logo the Gentleman's Lounge logo?
  71. Which is worse?
  72. I have stumbled upon a real-life time paradox
  73. Beer
  74. Pumpkins fan does ALS Challege
  75. Attn: Poots, Fr: Netphoria
  76. ATTN netphoria
  77. Back in full effect
  78. When people don't return text messages
  79. So Jennifer Lawrence is very naked on the internet NSFW
  80. Facebook
  81. Hello.
  82. Ask me any question about being a psychiatric inpatient...
  83. Ask me questions about being a Latina woman...
  84. Car stuff
  85. What happened to the users' photo album?
  86. When David Icke talks about lizards...
  87. Damien Echols was/is guilty.
  88. how do you respond when coworkers say racist things
  89. Joan Rivers telling shitty jokes in Hell
  91. A YouTube comment I'll never forget.
  92. ATTN: omegaconcern Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls
  93. my house is back to being haunted
  94. #gamergate
  95. Free Leonard Peltier
  96. What would you say are the best Simpsons episodes?
  97. Do you know who I am?
  98. i don't know bout you but i'm feelin 32
  99. new trailer park boys
  100. Ask me questions about being a middle aged white male
  101. Look at the Alien running against Moonbeam for Governor this election...
  102. pets
  103. "Jack the Ripper" identified after 126 years
  104. Finally opening the vault
  105. beatnik cliches
  106. does anybody care about the new iphone?
  107. Apple Watch
  108. handsome devil
  109. The Strain
  110. scottish independence
  111. So yesterday my friend told me I don't understand the concept of irony...
  112. Your favorite James Spader film
  113. on this very day, ten years ago...
  114. Cyclopia
  115. How do you feel about tipping when you get poor service?
  116. fuck man
  117. John Neeman Tools
  118. Slutty Buttpasta
  119. Would you drink a soft drink called Pussy Juice?
  120. I'm in Baltimore
  121. sweating
  122. Is there still anyone from Amsterdam on Netphoria?
  123. Has there ever been a Netphoria meetup outside of the US?
  124. What happened to the following members?
  125. Will Russell Brand bring down Fox News, all world governments, and save humanity?
  126. The Buzzcocks are playing in a bar right down the street from me
  127. Ryan Reynolds Deadpool film coming in 2016
  128. Friday night youknowwhat thread
  129. converting YouTube songs into mp3s
  130. puzzles.
  131. This is the worst website I've ever seen in my shor-ass life
  132. The White House break ins
  133. Atrocious Television
  134. USA Today is a Biohazard!
  135. LOL
  136. When Netphoria gets deleted, where are we going to gather??
  137. What is the biggest threat to Americans' safety?
  138. The Big Lebowski's hilarious
  139. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife...
  140. autism scripting and literacy
  141. Derek Jeter
  142. I miss the Bill Hader years of SNL
  143. Why do so many poor people eat junk food, fail to budget properly, show no ambition?
  144. Every time some atheist prick tries to disprove the existence of god with
  145. Republicans
  146. Dear Leader Kim Jong Un is ill.
  147. ello invites
  148. Listen all of y'all, it's a cat massage!
  149. I laugh at this every time I see it.
  150. Ebola
  151. What did you do on your senior skip day in high school?
  152. Baseball is gayness: the thread
  153. ATTN Operative K: Alert me when the sultan has boarded his new yacht.
  154. netphoria: message board history
  155. not real sure what to do with this (sensitive) (nsfw)
  156. hodor
  157. I just drank a jar of coffee and I'm feeling great
  158. Robert Downey wants Mel Gibson to direct Iron Man 4
  159. WTF
  160. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle documentary
  161. i really like it when they put beer in a tin, lewis
  162. This scene from Ren and Stimpy is legitimately terrifying,
  163. twin peaks is coming back. like, for serious
  164. NFL?
  165. Wtf is this shit
  166. what's up jerks
  167. Sooo... the dad on 7th Heaven is apparently a kiddie-fiddler
  168. Every time some evangelical prick yelling shit outside disrupts my spectroscopy class
  169. tiny trains thread
  170. unban banana
  171. the ultimate website for CW and TOC
  172. NHL 2014-15 mega thread
  173. Do you believe there are extraterrestrials and that they have visited earth?
  174. All female Ghostbusters film in the works
  175. a small poem (please hate it)
  176. Lately I'm really into making jam
  177. american horror story sure is stupid
  178. Lately I've just given up on cleaning my jizz
  179. did anyone see guardiens of the glaxay is it fucking awesome
  180. So I'm about to be homeless...
  181. A giant pumpkin drops and smashes into a white van
  182. Do you believe there are existentials and that they have visited earth?
  183. Your favourite quotes from anything
  184. Ezra Miller will play The Flash on the big screen.
  185. minimum wage
  186. If I catch Ebola and die
  187. Good news, everyone!
  188. I'm back
  189. Is anyone optimistic about Ricky Gervais filming a David Brent movie?
  190. So then, who's up for making a Christmas song?
  191. Is anyone gonna read Prince Lestat?
  192. Key and Peele "Family Matters" skit
  193. Someone in Canada gets shot, terrorist threat level gets raised
  194. Gough Whitlam
  195. Avengers Age of Ultron
  196. Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs
  197. class
  198. Jack Bruce lead singer & bassist for Cream 1943 - 2014
  199. Jeb Bush in President 2016
  200. how was your day?
  201. How old is everyone here?
  202. Poll: Poll: Poll: Age poll - How old is everyone here?
  203. Are you a male person or female person?
  204. So, is Bill Crosby a rapist?
  205. Favorite soft-rock songs thread
  206. Announce something private or candid about yourself.
  207. (candy related) so far on halloween i've eaten
  208. Project update
  209. Fuzzys on the money, expert NBA picks
  210. stoner witch
  211. A thousand people are protesting in my city today...
  212. Wayne Static of Static X Pushin' It TO HELL
  213. weeeeeeeeeed
  214. i was rear ended by a motorcycle this morning
  215. Tom Magliozzi laughing at his own jokes IN HELL
  216. if you could deck any one person from netphoria....
  217. ban list
  218. Midterms - 2014 a.k.a Operation "Go back to sleep"
  219. Things you wish you were eating right now
  220. I'm back. Again.
  221. Can one of the mods change my user name for me?
  222. So I bought a razer chroma keyboard...
  223. Things you wish you were drinking right now
  224. Things you wish you were inhaling right now.
  225. Michael Shannon & Kevin Spacey to star in film about Elvis & Nixon meeting
  226. my ear feels like it has water in it but i can't get it out
  227. The view from your window
  228. How would you respond to this? "I'm not racist, but.."
  229. 90 lbs Of Cocaine Found On Cargo Ship Owned By Drug Lord Mitch McConnel's Family
  230. NBA Thread Presented by BBVA Compass
  231. Dewitos: Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew Is First Sign of Impending Apocalypse
  232. On a scale of 1 - 10 how would you rate hysteria about Islam in your country?
  233. The Blacklist TV show staring James Spader
  234. Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice
  235. Comet 67P photos from the Rosetta spacecraft and probe
  236. Welp, my wife died during childbirth, and now my newborn son is dying too.
  238. Fuzzyroses are you a youth pastor
  239. They got stuffed clams at Safeway now.
  240. Uninstalling ad/malware called Zombie Invasion is literally impossible.
  241. What's going on over here?
  242. Opening Day
  243. 2005 crew
  244. Duvets vs quilts
  245. Will Smith's kids are crazy
  246. Why do people complain about service so much?
  247. Favorite stand-up bits
  248. Mike Nichols partying with John Belushi and Liz Taylor IN HELL
  249. Jukebox hero
  250. scientists forbidden from advising the EPA on THEIR OWN RESEARCH