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  1. Corgan's Biggest Blunder
  2. man, billy really was pretty faggy, wasn't he?
  3. Attn: Some guidelines for new members(and old ones too).
  4. can someone please ysi czarina?
  5. where to buy LINDA LINDA LINDA (James Iha)
  6. BUMP for new people - 31 variations on the Rocket theme.
  7. ITT: Give one-word reviews of all of the pumpkins albums
  8. SP fan pic post
  9. remember the planned Adore movie?
  10. Comprehensive Zeitgeist List
  11. Zeitgeist Promotion
  12. Are Smashing Pumpkins lyrics (generally) "emo"?
  13. i wanna be your lover
  14. OK, so what's the worst youtube SP cover?
  15. Anyone tabbed "The Rose March"?
  16. My Smashing Pumpkins Collection
  17. The Zeitgeist Mystery MEGA THREAD
  18. post your new ginger fapterial for the winter
  19. Best era for Billy's vocals
  20. nice youtube finds
  21. Poetry!
  22. Songs that end in "for you"
  23. Lisa Harriton's updated her blog
  24. HEXEN - Song1 (1985)
  25. MCIS 3LP gatefold pics?
  26. Netphoria's Favorite SP Song POLL
  27. Siva to be released as a downloadable track in Rockband
  28. Little Moments of Bliss
  29. Pastichio Medley SPLIT! (download included)
  30. Why did billy decide to dress normally while in zwan?
  31. When a man falls (in the forest)
  32. Guitar Geek U.S.A. Articles?
  33. Update: Guitar Center CD w/ "SuperChrist"
  34. Possibly an odd request...
  35. the dancing black angel chick is a porn star
  36. If Billy Corgan...
  37. Pumpkins headline Body By Milk
  38. American Gothic (UK Tour Edition)
  39. Gish or Zeitgeist?
  40. Holy Hell I AM ONE PART 2 is awesome
  41. Billy and Jimmy drink milk
  42. T3: Rise of the Machina
  43. My little interview w/ billy corgan (great info inside)
  44. marquis in spades appreciation thread
  45. The Frogs
  46. SP tatoo
  47. Pumpkins rehearsal bass player?
  48. Don't let me down Netphoria.
  49. Billy played with Duran Duran last night
  50. Pumpkins on Nederland 3
  51. James Iha on new Marilyn Manson album
  52. Smashing Pumpkins and adolescence
  53. Mayonaise
  54. Awesome.
  55. what's that knockin on my chamber door?
  56. new music file format, bad news for iha
  57. Smashing Pumpkins cover songs
  58. sp on hood internet mix
  59. "Family Feel Forums"
  60. B*boy mentioned in Harper's Bazar mag...
  61. Other good sp boards?
  62. New single coming in September 2008
  63. Poll: What is your favorite Smash Pump album?
  64. Full Pinkpop Concert broadcast on 3voor12 TV tomorrow (30/05)
  65. like the Pumpkins, Chevelle added songs to appease retailers.
  66. news section is getting worst
  67. albums without James' songwriting
  68. Mexico's SKY One to broadcast Control Room (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  69. Some band/dude called Adem covering "Starla"
  70. Adore 10 years later-
  71. jeez, who made this video?
  72. jeez, who made this video?
  73. Psychiatric Diagnosis: SP
  74. shit like this is why I love
  75. Yahoo's Top 25 Alternative Bands of the 90's!
  76. b0lly's confessions
  77. The Greatest Drummers Of All Time!
  78. cherub rock revisited
  79. Wasn't Jeff going to be a permanent member of SP?
  80. you guys seen corgan's signature strat yet?
  81. today cover
  82. zeitgeist - 1 year later (not a parody thread)
  83. Zeitgeist - Dark Blue Box + Book?
  84. Who is Corgan fucking?
  85. New James Iha commercial featuring unreleased track from LICG?
  86. So Jimmy is 44 today (June 10th)
  87. If Cash Car Star had been released as a single.....
  88. so do me a favor plz
  89. If you treated Pisces Iscariot as one of the albums, where would you rank it?
  90. Another Billy!
  91. Huh?
  92. Probably a long shot ...but..
  93. Joleen Lutz = Corgan relative??
  94. gin-gif-ication
  95. Jersey Shore appreciation
  96. Holy Jesus. What are these goddamn animals?
  97. Stevie Nicks weighs in on SP's version of Landslide.
  98. Fuck You - Drum Sych Error
  99. SP: The Epics (double album)
  100. Jimmy Chamberlin in Gamefly Commercial
  101. who is Joliet and how did she end up w/ Billy?
  102. Somebody in LA go to this and record it, please.
  103. I don't mind is killer
  104. how do you think the GATGC "glass+june" interlude compares to
  105. Anyone Who Cares About This Band Understands This
  106. Fillmore Documentary DVD to be released
  107. Take a song like Clones (We're All) for example...
  108. Pre-Gish/Gish box set to be released!! ALSO A GISH TOUR IN 2008!!!
  109. 2nd SP DVD coming out?
  110. ginger marries today..
  111. New faceless admin on SP site
  112. new Billy Corgan & Pete Townshend clip
  113. Someone plz - 930 Club 1/6/1996
  114. Gish Sessions
  115. Lyrics that resonate
  116. i never knew
  117. ttw
  118. s.t. #12: bitch about zeitgeist
  119. Does Corgan's "Main Bitch" Stratocaster appear in any videos?
  120. Name of Font on MCIS Cover
  121. James Iha scares me
  122. Stuff Disappearing from You Tube
  123. The Gish tour, realistically
  124. What inspired the Future Embrace?
  125. Pumpkins entry on Uncyclopedia
  126. James Iha scars me
  127. the Feeder album that sounds like Siamese Dream
  128. i find it incredibly disgusting when bill chats with fans after a show or some shit
  129. Rainbow Zeitgeist - what if they were all red?
  130. being relevant
  131. "New" songs you hope to see the studio light
  132. Billy really mailed in the vocals on Zeitgeist...
  133. Billy Interview with Fender
  134. 7,777,777
  135. another tour teaser.
  136. Ben Kweller on the Pumpkins
  137. Open Your Arms+Neverlost
  138. Does anybody care to indulge me by listening to a cover of the song...
  139. Article: Blinking with fists
  140. (hardly news) 30-40 demos
  141. American Gothic: deleted artwork?
  142. 20 esdshe! quick questions
  143. anyone know anything about BC's old mustang?
  144. Bearded JC vs Bullet Train to Osaka
  145. headed for a new website design?
  146. Today rumored to be in Rockband 2 and Guitar Hero IV!
  147. SP to tour U.S. in late 2008
  148. Christ, why didn't he get Melissa back in 2007?
  149. New post-Dallas show fan interview on youtube (not conducted by Monte)
  150. Seems like the little pre-sale rumor/joke that some of you pulled got some attention!
  151. Yes, that's right. Siamese Dream THE PIZZA
  152. Band looking for Gish pics
  153. Band Management
  154. Fake SP Merch
  155. (more hardly news) Corgan was going to do Music for TNA
  156. Info on the dvd documentary
  158. Jonathan Melvoin
  159. Residency Song Lyrics:
  160. These James Iha songs, apparently from the movie "Luck"
  161. Adore Promo Poster
  162. JoaoMiguel and i_adore_adore have the same birthday
  163. i can't get used to hearing 1979 in gta4
  164. Concert intro from 2007?
  165. "i fall" on myspace
  166. most innovative song.
  167. Pumpkins to feature in the Watchmen trailer
  168. Jeff is still w/ SP2
  169. OOOOH, SP.COM NOW SAYS __________.
  170. new single to be titled G.L.O.W.
  171. (hard news) SP to do reherseal in Iowa
  172. Billy Corgan
  173. Do you think they'll ever play Gossamer again?
  174. sitting down for the pumpkins
  175. Billy Corgan Needs To Cancel Current Shows
  176. New Article on Billy's Rig
  177. Anyone hear this Rocket ripoff on Yotube?
  178. The Pumpkins got me into alternative music.
  179. August Tour Lineup?
  180. everybodyfields' cover of today
  181. Can TBITEITB Crack the top 10?
  182. An Interview w/ Jeff on
  183. Siva / Window paine 12"
  184. Finally, a video of the smashing pumpkins winning awards at the 1996 vmas
  185. Iha and D'arcy suing Virgin.
  186. DAVIN THINKS Jimmy is coming home to Chicago
  187. Should I delete the SP chat thread
  188. Do you have any hope in the new single?
  189. fuck this band
  190. I have hairy tits
  191. Song(s) you hope SP plays on Aug Tour
  192. welcome MonteLDS, new SP board moderator
  193. how is this for song placement?
  194. Happy 15th Birthday Siamese Dream!
  195. New Netphoria Website
  196. Stellar Appreciation Thread
  197. I Of The Mourning Chord Question - F7Madd11+
  198. your dream setlist
  199. i got my corgan strat
  200. SP.COM Jeff Schroeder Interview Part 2
  201. another lawsuit...Corgan sues videographer
  202. ISO: hi-res MCIS scans
  203. Have you guys ever seen this japanese cover of Today?
  204. Smashing Pumpkins & Fireworks!
  205. Trippy Multi-Year, Multi-Release Concept Album?
  206. Original SP Master Tracks
  207. What song got you into the pumpkins?
  208. corgan drops wad of cash in nashville
  209. Welcome to our newest mod Skipgo!!
  210. If Billy went back to his old style of singing...
  211. The Best Thing About the Zeitgeist Tour?
  212. leave hatephoria alone
  213. Wow...I feel like I need sunglasses to look at the new layout on
  214. new bass player rumor
  215. Petition for Luke de Spa to record more BC covers
  216. Comments Disabled at
  217. So, Those Weird Instruments on Mellon Collie?
  218. Behold! The Nightmare Thread
  219. Old Billy meets Young Billy
  220. i was totally right!
  221. I met Billy and Jeff in Davenport!!
  222. Just talked to Billy Corgan 8/7 plus rehearsal songs info
  223. GLOW officially stands for gorgeous ladies of wrestling
  224. potential sp signing info
  225. Found Pumpkins
  226. old interview
  227. last day of rehearsal 8/8 info
  228. Reactions to Monte's GLOW clips.
  229. G.L.O.W. live in Davenport
  230. G.L.O.W. 08/08/08 (FULL SONG-VIDEO)
  231. Would you say G.L.O.W. is a definite improvement over Zeitgeist?
  232. No more open taping?
  233. Ascendo/Speed Kills from Japan upload?
  234. The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning..
  235. Zeitgeist in another nine years time.
  236. What's going on back stage on tour? wild speculation begins now
  237. New intro music?
  238. Rarities And B-Sides - $19.99 (114 songs)
  239. billy and jimmy interview
  240. Why... what is that wonderful tune?
  241. Billy's balls. ahem.
  242. Cool new poster
  243. all SP releases have terrible artwork
  244. The live recordings album that was going to be released
  245. Billy Corgan guitar playing
  246. e-stalkers: have some pics of Darcy's sister for you
  247. discuss the finer points of sp songs
  248. tattoos
  249. what is with billy and the star spangled banner?
  250. SP on Treble's Best Albums of the 90s