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  1. Corgan's Biggest Blunder
  2. Torrent/FLAC easy to understand guide
  3. post your new ginger fapterial for the winter
  4. Gish or Zeitgeist?
  5. Other good sp boards?
  6. Poll: What is your favorite Smash Pump album?
  7. jeez, who made this video?
  8. If Cash Car Star had been released as a single.....
  9. What inspired the Future Embrace?
  10. torrent/limited DD: "second sight" alternate versions compilation
  11. Zeitgeist in another nine years time.
  12. discuss the finer points of sp songs
  13. tattoos
  14. Obscured Appreciation Thread
  15. Because You Are appreciation/depreciation thread
  16. Lisa is SOOOoo bubbly on the piano, it's lovely
  17. Rebroadcast of a 8/93 Metro show
  18. Zwan revisited
  19. I've never taken the time to get into Zwan
  20. Ogeden Theatre, Denver, CO 12/05/08
  21. Whose recording SP on "The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos"
  22. Scary Neurotic Song
  23. Billy Corgan featured in Brian Wilson documentary
  24. Philadephia Tower Theatre 2007 Video Download
  25. Adore vinyl question
  26. once and for all, the differences between Billy, B0lly and Bill
  27. Mike Byrne new drummer?
  28. [NSFW] Pumpkins found in obscure Japanese Porno
  29. Thats what we call a reunion
  30. MonteLDS Appreciation Thread
  31. i'm listening to zeitgeist for masochistic reasons
  32. What ever happened to The Frogs?
  33. larkin london wants to hug billy
  34. billy's cock
  35. Set the Ray to Jerry Appreciation Thread
  36. I saw Iha
  37. thirty-three
  38. If Ben and Jerry's were to introduce Pumpkins-related frozen yogurts:
  39. despite all my rage
  40. hELLO kITTY kAT
  41. would you do entercourse with bally crogan?
  42. Postfinal Debate about Zeitgeist
  43. Bassist Nicole Was on Cover of Siamese Dream
  44. The firing of the SP.COM webmaster
  45. The original band has reunited
  46. how do you think you'll react if billy dies
  47. other peoples' perspectives on lollapalooza 94
  49. Billy Corgan Writing 'Spiritual Memoir' About Smashing Pumpkins
  50. SP's "comeback" has given me more respect for Aerosmith
  51. Guys, can we talk about MonteIT's official Twitter page?
  52. Mellon Collie UK Vinyl rip
  53. so who here has had sexy with Billy?
  54. is this intentional MCIS start/end song synch
  55. Aeroplane flies high to be re-issued ON VINYL
  56. Google Trends: "Smashing Pumpkins"
  57. With Every Light
  58. Setlist Los Angeles, CA, USA on October 5, 2011
  59. Drum talk: your favourite Jimmy moments
  60. Zwan revisited
  61. Billy's weight gain
  62. itt post awesome live performances
  63. How does Billy compare to Josh Homme as a guitarist?
  64. In This Thread I Post Billys Tweets
  65. The Machina premaster
  66. siamese dream mystery
  67. Tales of Scorched Earth appreciation thread
  68. fuck this new shit
  69. what will become of monty when billy corgan dies?
  70. what will become of Cool As Ice Cream when Netphoria dies
  71. Absolutely Groundbreaking!
  72. smashing pumpkins screen raver 3,5" floppy
  73. When will Billy grow his hair back?
  74. Machina Reissue
  75. looking for those 1fatslug video clips
  76. “Each song will be made available absolutely for free... Free will mean free.”
  77. What the fuck happened to the last section of Oceania?
  78. has billy slept with all his bass players?
  79. Your favorite SP moments
  80. Pisces Iscariot Reissue Discussion Thread
  81. Adore Tour
  82. My brothers, let's talk about The Arising! Tour.
  83. Mellon Collie Silverfuck. What was the reaction?
  84. Billy says Soundgarden reunited for the money
  85. The Albert0 Thread
  86. Pug (dennis flemion remix) listen
  87. GATMOG - The Cartoon
  88. Ebay heads-up: SP merch vaults open
  89. Pumpkins songs that rip off other artists
  90. i don't even know what a swan of never is
  91. Adore era interview where Billy embarasses James and Darcy
  92. What the heck is going on with the Vinyl Reissue?
  93. Great article on mcis cover art
  94. Byrne's Biggest Blunders
  95. The Rose March is such a nice song...
  96. Machina II: In The Shade, A Spider Waits In Lies
  97. What's the most rare SP-related item out there?
  98. Spun Soundtrack
  99. So, BC believes in chemtrails? - and other revelations
  100. Identify (Billy Demo)
  101. Nugget with Butterfinger Wings
  102. so the moby mix of 1979 is incredible
  103. TAFH reissue
  104. I'm making a 25th Anniversary video with a difference
  105. New Arising! Tour Soundboard - 1999-04-14
  106. Chris Fabian?
  107. Audience recordings sound 'false' on Live Inside the Dark Globe
  108. Why didn't Matt Walker play on the 'Adore' tour?
  109. Panda Show
  110. Anyone know the status of the memoirs?
  111. Adore reissue: will you buy it?
  112. Top ten favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs
  113. Adore Reissue News
  114. Smashing Pumpkins 20th Anniversary Tour Pro-Audio Shows
  115. Ten years ago today, I saw this on TV
  116. Quasar - Worst song?
  117. Paz is the touring bassist for the Pixies
  118. Nicole Fiorentino sells some basses on Ebay
  119. How to tell the difference between MCIS original and reissue
  120. Chances of SP getting inducted into RNR Hall of Fame
  121. Trick o' Treat: Fillmore 1994-04-27
  122. What soft drink is each album?
  123. If All Goes Wrong
  124. 8-9 hour Billy performance on Feb 28th at the tea house
  125. Tyson Meade with Jimmy • Single
  126. Smart Studios Documentary
  127. Musique Concrète
  128. A continuing feature, items regarding each day’s recording will be shared that same
  129. Billy retires from Ressistance Pro!
  130. AEGEA: Billy releasing some experimental music from 2007
  131. what have YOU learned from the explosive billy corgan interview
  132. Billy Corgan to appear in shoegaze documentary "Beautiful Noise"
  133. So when is Jimmy coming back?
  135. 200,000$-400,000$ to book SP for a gig
  136. James Iha appreciation thread
  137. bill should write a kids album about kitty kats having adventures
  138. Do you guys think Billy's ever going to address what went down with Nicole and Byrne?
  139. Why does Bolly still make Music
  140. new song tease?
  141. poll of the century
  142. Jesse interview...
  143. Pennies should have been a single
  144. Best 10 seconds of music per album
  145. anybody got this video?
  146. Bands that ripped off the Pumpkins sound
  147. Happy 50th birthday, Jimmy!
  148. There should be magnet linked torrents on to demos, etc.
  149. • Jimmy's Tweets •
  150. New Billy interview
  151. Who owns the haircut best
  152. ask billy a question
  153. ask billy a question
  154. Mayonaise - Work in progress
  155. Decent Smashing Pumkins mashups?
  156. Does anyone have scans of PI or SD boolets?
  157. awesome story about James Iha an nitrous balloons
  158. In This Thread I Post Billys Cats Tweets
  159. System Of A Down's John Dolmayan Talks Playing With Corgan In 2009
  160. NICOLE
  161. Countdown to Billy Throwing Tommy Lee Under the Bus
  162. The best live show
  163. Worst smashing pumpkins covers
  164. b0llys broken promises make my taint ache
  165. if all you had was 1001-1014...
  166. "Singing Pumpkins in the mirror"
  167. Tarnished Legacy Bands. SP
  168. why do we even care anymore
  169. is this monte?
  170. the AC repair guy came by my house today while i was at work and my wife was home
  171. Oh boy! B0lly released the Adore reissue tracklist!
  172. Teargarden: Volume 2 Box Value Skyrocketing!
  173. How's the TAFH vinyl sound?
  174. Age of Innocence
  175. the bazillion versions of heavy metal machine.
  176. Watch A Song Die
  177. Wikipedia is stuck in the pass
  178. Netphoria Still Loves You, Billy.
  179. APMAs 2014
  180. Billy Corgan and League of Legends
  181. Bootleg Library
  182. WPC would make a Terrible chef...
  183. To Love Somebody V. Turn My Way
  184. Countdown to Billy retiring the smashing pumpkins
  185. New Waver (not a new demo leak)
  186. JC/Frank Catalano Concert Dates
  187. The Smashing Pumpkins - Glass and The Machines of God
  188. Oceania Guitar Sound Appreciation Thread
  189. Do you respect Billy Corgan (anymore)?
  190. Billy Transferring 60+ Demo tapes for future vinyl release
  191. Brad Jaeger, loser lol
  192. First Review of Adore Reissue
  193. Guitar School 1997
  194. LMGTWTY (Adore) to be released tomorrow
  195. Hey guys...
  196. Is billy low on money?
  197. Petition to make "What's THAT got to do with the price of tea in Zuzu's?" a thing
  198. Chicago, the song
  199. Cupid de Locke cover
  200. Adore Vinyl (2014)
  201. Glass' Theme... and that cowbell?
  202. Inkless underated?
  203. List of songs where Billy sings 'love' or 'lover'
  204. Links to Smashing Pumpkins unreleased material & bottlegs is prohibited here
  205. No More Leaks!
  206. New Stereogum Interview
  207. INTERVIEW: Billy Pieces Together His Place in the World Over the Past Three Decades
  208. SP Slashfiction appreciation thread
  209. here's to the atom bomb lyrics
  210. Top 3 songs you want played at Ravinia.
  211. Zwan
  212. Matt Walker interview - 'The man of 1000 faces'
  213. Puff Daddy's "Ava Adore" remix
  214. Possibly the best picture of Billy on the Internet
  215. Billy Corgan Ponders End to the Smashing Pumpkins
  216. Who's going to Ravinia?
  217. Audio of Private VIP Show 8.30.14
  218. Audio Recording of Ravinia Show
  219. "Burnt Orange-Black" (new song)
  220. Will there be music videos?
  221. LiveOne CEO Jimmy Chamberlin
  222. Blissed and Gone (Drone Version)
  223. Worst Corgan Lyrics
  224. BEST Corgan lyrics?
  225. Album titles and thier meanings
  226. Adore re-issue live disc questions...
  227. Exclusive First Listen to "Blank Page (Early Version)"
  228. What should Billy be for Halloween?
  229. D'arcy acting weird on Facebook
  230. Billy Talks Mike & Nicole Leaving & Friendship With Jimmy
  231. To Sheila (early banjo version)
  232. Monuments To An Elegy Release Date - December 9th, 2014
  233. Danny Carey has an enormous analog synth collection.
  234. This Week in SP....
  235. rank the bassists
  236. What is Billy Corgan's best shirt?
  237. Toy Porno
  238. Current Song Obsession
  239. The Adore reissue should have ...
  240. A question for the losers/mouth breathers of Netphoria
  241. Ugly cover
  242. Does Anyone Prefer the Mono version of Adore to the Stereo?
  243. A weird Pumpkins moment happened today
  244. Adore Reissue Playlist
  245. KISS hated eachother and had drug addicts in the band and reformed....
  246. 7 shades of black kicks all kind of ass
  247. Was it the singing lessons that ruined corgans singing?
  248. What's Billy's IQ?
  249. What's Billy's ICQ?
  250. If Billy got stuck in an elevator...?