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  1. where the hell is this new album?
  2. Anyone buy/collect Pumpkins vinyl anymore?
  3. Pulseczar decipher these words
  4. Today marks a significant milestone anniversary for a significant release by SP
  5. Billy's Q&A on Instagram
  6. Butch Vig to produce rumor mill thread
  7. 1997 Interview
  8. New interview - Billy on D'arcy
  9. Jack Bates Appreciation Thread
  10. What happened between Billy and Fender?
  11. Pumpkins RIAA Awards For Sale?
  12. Could MACHINA have been better?
  13. Could anyone link me to the MCIS silverfuck where
  14. Because You Are Appreciation Thread
  15. Pennies Appreciation Thread
  16. Tale of dusty and pistol pete appreciation thread
  17. Mark McGrath appreciation thread
  18. Let's Hear It for The Boy
  19. Spiteface (pit mix 12) appreciation thread
  20. newly uploaded 2008 interview with Billy & Jimmy
  21. New(?) source of 8/3/1991 - (McKenzie Tapes)
  22. New BC Interview (MSG)
  23. What is the nadir of the band?
  24. Will Smashing Pumpkins be able to sustain this resurgence?
  25. JIMMY CHAMBERLIN Interview, Chicago Sun-Times 2018/08/08
  26. I can’t go to the shinybrite thing tonite, cheer me up
  27. There's this SD silverfuck where corgan loses his mind at the end
  28. Who?
  29. Is Billy pulling his albums off Spotify?
  30. Siamese Dream Full Album Cover
  31. New Source: 1996-02-07 San Francisco - MCIS Club Tour
  32. New JC vid
  33. Spilled Milk is the dirtiest song Corgan ever wrote
  34. Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) is The Next Single
  35. 1993/03/15 Center Stage Atlanta video reuploaded
  36. New soundboard
  37. Machina reissue a go
  38. Who's your favourite early Billy?
  39. Netphoria first discord server
  40. Double Door Video
  41. "Dickhead" Billy Corgan claims that SP was asked to be in Shrek movie
  42. Let's List All the Bands Billy Has Publicly Taken a Dump On
  43. "Sleeping Giant" and "Strength in Numbers" leaked Machina songs (no links, obviously)
  44. Alternative Versions of Songs You Prefer to the "Real" Ones
  45. current SP fans and their relationship with Darcy
  46. Smashing Pumpkins live on 101 WKQX
  47. Tag urselves
  48. Blissed and Gone versions
  49. Blissed
  50. Ranking the SP2 Singles: Where Does Solara Stack Up?
  51. Smashing Pumpkins / Siamese Dream / Promotional Screen Raver Floppy Disc 1993
  52. The burning eyeballs connection
  53. San Francisco - February 7th 1996
  54. Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) to be released on September 13
  56. Michael Stipe, Melissa Auf de Maur to Host Courtney Love Tribute
  57. So If You Think This Place Is Full of Trolls....
  58. So If You Think This Place Is Full of Balls
  59. So If You Think This Place Is Full of Ligma
  60. So If You Think This Place Is Full Of Polls....
  61. does anyone have that post about corgan at a machina record signing saying
  62. Can you identify this 2018 tour guitar pick?
  63. Low and Behold! The Mormon Returneth
  64. your favourite band sucks
  65. linda ripped off the shadowscapes deck for her TGBK art
  66. Shiny and Oh so Bright Intro
  67. does anyone else not give a shit about new releases?
  68. How’s Billy gonna blow it?
  69. Someone on Reddit found the location of the Today opening scene w/ Google Street View
  70. The Formula & What's next?
  71. Goddamnit he's still doing the Machina occult stuff
  72. Title of new album: Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun
  73. New official band picture I just got sent in a press release
  74. what the....?
  75. THE SMASHING PUMPKINS - LIGHTNING STRIKES: Songs 2005-2014 (compilation)
  76. Billy's new attitude
  77. Times Billy Has Slipped Into The "Old Voice" Post 2000
  78. 1992-06-09 Unicorn - New Transfer
  79. Inkless Original Mix appreciation thread
  80. Silverly Sometimes or Charlotte Sometimes
  81. Jonesy's Jukebox Interview w B'arcy
  82. Incredible interview with Zane Lowe.
  83. Billy wants to tour Mellon Collie in full...
  84. The Billy Corgan Method
  85. All the way from Joliet, IL
  86. "Killed with content"...Billy is ready to open the archives
  87. I know the guy who designed the artwork for the tour/album. He's also heard the album
  88. Billy Corgan: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Is Up There With Greats Like Kurt Coba
  89. KNIGHTS OF MALTA = Third single of "Shiny And So Bright Vol. 1"
  90. James's rig for the tour...
  91. White Spyder Appreciation Thread
  92. Jennifer Ever
  93. Chicago trip 11/29/00 - 12/02/00
  94. has Jeff imposed his mark on the Pumpkins sound?
  95. Secret project in progress
  96. TEITBE Cover...too funny not to post
  97. Anyone have Billys new signature guitar?