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  1. Zwan is 15yo today
  2. Had Oceania been released after MCIS
  3. Saint Patrick and the **** Machina Mystery.
  4. Let me be every single moment I misunderstood
  5. Had Oceania been released before MCIS?
  6. Wig me!
  7. So the new line up is BC, JC, James and Jeff
  8. New albums gonna rock
  9. The "reunion" album
  10. Anyone noticed Billy liking random young goth girls on Instagram???
  11. Billy & D'Arcy - A Timeline
  12. Can Billy play bass?
  13. Eventual backlash if Corgan calls it a "Reunion Tour"
  14. space oddity broadcast
  15. Smashing Pumpkins 2018 Acoustic Covers Album
  16. James is out
  18. Check out smashing
  19. He Only Plays 4 Money
  20. Any chance a new single might drop with the announcement on 2/15?
  21. Apparently Spotify is sending out free Smashing Pumpkins jackets
  22. You deserve it Billy
  23. D'arcy leaks Billy's 'Steven Adler' reunion offer
  24. 2018 TOUR: "Show will be timed to minute and will run same setlist every night"
  25. Can we talk about the set list?
  26. D'arcy's first interview in 20 years with Alternative Nation is up!.
  27. 2018 MERCH - you deserve your face on a t shirt
  28. What are the chances the reunion announcement tomorrow will outshine Darcy drama?
  29. What announcement would actually make you happy?
  30. The Ultimate Twist
  31. Official poll: Will you boycott the upcoming tour because of D'arcy?
  32. Smashing Pumpkins 'Shiny And Oh So Bright' Tour 2018
  33. Something tells me....
  34. Three Original Members
  35. Is "Shiny and Oh So Bright" Billys idea of a meme?
  36. Anyone got recording of 4/23/94 Kalamazoo, MI?
  37. Money Becomes King
  38. Jimmy Chamberlin is back with YAMAHA DRUMS for upcoming tour
  39. Montreal Bell Center
  40. Pumpkins Board, Pumpkin Fans?
  41. Pitchfork: 5 Times Billy Corgan Said Reunions Were Bullshit
  42. I've got a recording of 4/23/94 Kalamazoo, MI
  43. Pick 2 feasible bands that you'd like to see open the oldies tour
  44. So, are you fuckers buying tix?
  45. adore, almost ten years later: ten years later
  46. The new tour will only feature music from the bands original run
  47. Pumpkinhead 1988
  48. 8 New Song Titles From 2018 Shiney and Oh So Bright "Pumpkins" Album Revealed
  49. Most Famous Guest?
  50. The Power of Live Nation?
  51. Lindy Strawdingle deserves to be on a tshirt
  52. What will be the aftermath if the arena tour fails to sell?
  53. Put the good live shows here
  54. AH-NAH!!!!
  55. Wholesome content: James' family's lovely home
  56. Night Moves Cover
  57. D'arcy - INTERVIEW OUTTAKES (new part, makes 4 in total, see first post)
  58. Whose planning on making it down on the first show on Arizona?
  59. Lets be honest here [TOUR-FLOP]
  60. Without D'arcy, the Smashing Pumpkins are Diarrhea
  61. annie dog is mumble rap
  62. advice
  63. New William Patrick Corgan (WPC) Album To Be Named "Jubilee" and Involves Nickelback!
  64. What if WPC Apologized?
  65. Violet Rays
  66. Pride Goes Before A Fall
  67. "I Don't Mind"
  68. If you could say 5 words to WPC?
  69. Lets be honest here [DANDY-FOP]
  70. Lets be honest here [CHERUB-ROCK]
  71. D'arcy hits back at Mancow photo leak
  72. Who's playing bass?
  73. Would you rather go to breakfast with Jack bates or get punched in the stomach by Sco
  74. Does anyone care that Billy went back on his word and went the oldies route?
  75. Kenny Aronoff didn't have sex with Cameron Diaz because of Billy Corgan's work schedu
  76. Songs of 88
  77. Djalizwan / Chicago Songs
  78. examples of the Gish yodel in post-1992 shows
  79. Bob English
  80. Tim Rutili of Califone/Red Red Meat talks about Billy in the early days...
  81. What test did Billy score the highest on in "music"?
  82. Madame ZuZu's is closing
  83. Billy has trouble with pronounciation
  84. This is a great example of why BC is a jackass
  85. The Dream Machine
  86. New leaks out there today [NOT LINKING, DISCUSSION ONLY]
  87. Can you imagine a Pumpkins tour with Jimmy and James rolled out in a lamer way?
  88. The Pumpkins Are Officially Oldies.. A Band Like Bickleback Opening
  89. Is Jeff really the problem?
  90. The way Billy has handled this reunion makes me respect Axl Rose much more
  91. Corgan vs. Soundgarden
  92. MCIS whiteboard / new songs
  93. Billy dropped the ball on the vinyl reissues.
  94. New Pumpkins gear hitting the streets?
  95. What's the point of all this negativity?
  96. NYT Interview Is Up
  97. Songs Corgan lifted from to craft tunes
  98. So, about that Metro farewell album.
  99. Billy's new instagram post is a HUGE hit on the Donald Trump Reddit page 2500 upvotes
  100. where's the fucking new music
  101. SP or Zwan Guitar Picks
  102. Dennis Flemoin's '96 itenerary book on eBay
  103. Time Machine
  104. Billy involved in major Pearl Jam announcement?
  105. why does BC love wrestling?
  106. Musician/Actor Jared Leto Comments on SP Reunion
  107. did billy ever address why he tacked on "i'm going crazy" to the end of gish
  108. Paranormal Detective/Actor Scooby Doo Comments on SP reunion
  109. Playboy channel "Swing" & Eye soundalike
  110. Is Billy Corgan a sociopath?
  111. William Patrick Corgan - God Is Everywhere, From Here to There [a timeline)
  112. Kid Cudi's BWBW Sample
  113. examples of Billy speeding up and making everyone/Jimmy play faster
  114. white capes, silver skirts, gold lamé
  115. "My skill set is not really applicable to the world as it exists."
  116. 5XLP Siddhartha Certified by RIAA
  117. Rick Beato breaks down 1979
  118. Did Corgan ever fix the MCIS reissue on vinyl?
  119. William Patrick Corgan's nicknames
  120. Happy 50th birthday D'arcy
  121. Jack "white" Bates
  122. Next single will be Solara, music video will feature mimes
  123. Is the new music still going to drop in May?
  124. Does any kind soul have the full video of the Rio 1996 show?
  125. Billy talks to Lars Ulrich/Howard Stern about D'arcy
  126. What do you think of Solara?
  127. One Dire Band, One Chart
  128. What drum grip does Jimmy use?
  129. Archer on late late show
  130. Can there be any less hype than there is for the Smashing Pumpkins reunion?
  131. MCIS era irks
  132. Is thinking MCIS > SD only a late-teen phase?
  133. Metric is opening
  134. smashing trumpkins
  135. Smashing Pumpkins add more Canadian dates to tour!
  136. So one month left. How are tour sales going exactly?
  137. Mellon collie mansion/corgan’s purple Victorian up for sale
  138. Solara LEAK
  139. Solara lyrics leak
  140. 1979 House Party contest
  141. Question about "Ugly" guitar sound
  142. Maybe if the tour crashes and burns we can all move on
  143. Where's Solara
  144. Who is more of a Corgan bitch? Monte or Linda Strawberry?
  145. Let's see, 5 months and there's no single, no tour-rehearsals
  146. Smashing Pumpkins covers thread
  147. Remember how exciting it was when the first clip of United States came out?
  148. Cherub Rock @ SNL is transcendent
  149. Which one of you nerds made Carnival of Unkempt Secrets?
  150. Where's Vince
  151. Stephen Malkmus Spin Interview: Pumpkins Reunion
  152. Adore 20th Anniversary Stereogum Article
  153. Would you rather...
  154. Another Adore 20th Anniversary Article from The Ringer
  155. The last great Pumpkins song.
  156. Are you personally excited for the tour?
  157. The only way Billy could ever regain some respect....
  158. Is there a plan for vieuphoria hd release?
  159. Blinking With Fists era - major LOL
  160. Man how cringeworthy was American Gothic?
  161. Is Teargarden the biggest broken promise from Bill?
  162. same guy who directed music videos for Marshmello and Lil Peep directs Solara video
  163. when you put fuzzyrose on ignore this board shrinks by half
  164. Billy Corgan mentioned in Love & Frances Murder Conspiracy Lawsuit
  165. Solara is out for real
  166. Solara Compilation
  167. Life Expectancy of SP 7.0
  168. So Jimmy is basically the new Lars Ulrich
  169. Where's the Solara music video?
  170. The Final Voting of the worst SP songs ever (Solara made the cut!!!)
  171. There's a fucking VOICE CRACK at 1:32 on "Body"
  172. "Smashing Pumpkins' original lineup release first new music in 18 years"
  173. Will the new music sucking diminish your opinion of James Iha in the groupe?
  174. Did you pay for Solara?
  175. ITT post better songs than Solara
  176. SP live on Jimmy Fallon
  177. Happy Birthday Jimmy C!
  178. Will The Entire Line-Up Be There Tomorrow... Inquiring Minds Want To Know!
  179. ZERO live 2018
  180. Solara Lyrics: what do they mean?
  181. Interview on Stern Starting Now (8:50 AM EST)
  182. Solara comparison (Iha) - studio vs live
  183. Jeff vs James
  184. where's the album? why not just put it out already
  185. Tila Tequila is the shapeshifter
  186. Solara EP speculation thread
  187. Billy Corgan Won’t Say Whether The Naked Shapeshifter He Saw Was His Lover
  188. Billy's On Jonsey's Jukebox RN
  189. Which one of you is Linda Strawberry
  190. Solara would be a good Bush song
  191. Fake News is not funny.
  192. With Sympathy to debut on Kimmel this Monday
  193. I'm nothing but a body in my mind
  194. Folly's Collaborations
  195. Serious : SP/Zwan vinyl questions....
  196. Post band fucking up in the studio.
  197. Live stream interview from rehearsals TODAY at 10am PST
  198. New Rule: Billy Corgan must drop his last name and...
  199. BC Quote from 1994 Lollapalooza Tour Program
  200. AOL Sessions REVISITED
  201. Did James revive SP because he knew he'd make millions?
  202. Doing a Pumpkins tribute show in July, peep the set list
  203. Will we get a Silverfuck/Transmission/Gossamer style jam?
  204. Appreciation thread for this 2012 version of There it Goes that actually is very nice
  205. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.
  206. Anyone going to the Nashville show?
  207. James Iha sides with Billy in GuitarWorld interview
  208. Secret Show on Wednesday in LA
  209. Jeff's true feelings about the reunion
  210. 11 years ago today, SP played the best show that they’ve played since reuniting.
  211. Audio Recording policies 2001 - 2018
  212. Solara Music Video is out
  213. Timely new GQ article on Matt Sweeney out today
  214. Ogilala vinyl is 6 bucks on amazon
  215. Are we getting any other songs?
  216. Moments that give you goosebumps
  217. 7 years ago, the greatest artistic expression by SP was released
  218. Jimmy misses the mark on Solara.
  219. Shit, Teargarden is selling for decent money on Ebay
  220. 25 years ago today
  221. Apathy Video YouTube Channel VHS Tapes / DAT Tapes
  222. Bright and Oh So Shiny Tour - Loudwire Interview
  223. BIZOU: a new band with NICOLE FIORENTINO
  224. Best Version of "A New Poetry"?
  225. Which solos on Mellon Collie are Ihas?
  226. Hello Kitty Kat original mix / promo mix
  227. ITT post your tour predictions
  228. Best Chamberlin moves
  229. Gish Deluxe Reissue EP
  230. 1 minute until they hit the stage!!!
  231. I am unironically jamming MTAE right now
  232. Shiny and Oh So Bright Tour - Reviews
  233. the only time Quiet has been played since 1994
  234. Anyone who's been to a real SP show (1988-2000), please describe your experience
  235. MULTICAM videos - Shiny and Oh So Bright Tour 2018
  236. What are the chances of SP being done for good after this tour/EPs?
  237. Tarping uppers and upgrading to lower bowl
  238. Belly
  239. Question about band members
  240. Dear are TERRIBLE
  241. Dear are TERRIBLE
  242. Missus Fonz just heard Solara for the first time
  243. Who's behind "solaraflame"
  244. TOASE?
  245. So, Thank You Johnny... This Song's For Johnny
  246. Why are the SP superfans all clearly on the spectrum?
  247. Stairway - who played it better Chamberlain or Bonham
  248. A list of Smashing Pumpkins love songs
  249. What if Billy had not toured under the pumpkins' name from 07 to 18?
  250. where the hell is this new album?