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  1. Flood and 1979
  2. ITT: Post what you believe to the last good song by BillCo Saggins
  3. Super cool version of Fuck You from MCIS era
  4. Chamberlin playing To Forgive
  5. Which era/album did you first see the Pumpkins?
  6. James is more Circle than Pumpkin now
  7. Has their been any updates regarding SP lately?
  8. Tour Celebrating Summer 1997 Tour
  9. Byrne and Or Nicole should come out and dish the dirt on Billy
  10. What's Your Favorite Tour?
  11. Itís crazy listening back to Arising shows
  12. The Oceania Arena Tour debacle thread
  13. Jimmy Chamberlin: Interview with WGN Radio 2017/06/27
  14. is there a photo archive somewhere?
  15. Everything we know is a lie
  16. Interview with Brad Wood
  17. MTAE was released almost 3 years ago
  18. 30 Seconds to Mars may have beat Billy to the punch re: America.
  19. The Passion of the Bolly
  20. ITT Punpkins arrangements you wish were slightly different
  21. new show uploaded 10/1/96
  23. Apparently it's the tenth anniversary of Zeitgeist today
  24. Pumpkins were supposed to film an MTV Unplugged set in July 1996
  25. Bobo's selling all his old shit.
  26. Autographed Poster Help
  27. I recently bought Adore on mono vinyl and did a side-by-side comparison
  28. Heroin on the MCIS tour
  29. Morphine on the MCIS tour
  30. Dope on the MCIS tour
  31. D'arcy's horse dies
  32. Cabbage is selling all his Pumpkins stuff
  33. ITT post badass Billy screams
  34. Imagine if MTAE was the first album after the Pumps reunion
  35. Best Iha moves
  36. MCIS tour Silverfuck is the best thing ever.
  37. Real Love appreciation thread
  38. Madison Square Garden - 1996
  39. Monte - "Smashing Pumpkins seem to be recentering themselves"
  40. When Old Bill gives you new feels.
  41. SP Reunion Show: Your Setlist
  42. SD era studio footage
  43. Super rare Mellon Collie acoustic footage
  44. Bill kills the SP nexus, posts classic logo
  45. Next Year's Tour
  46. Pastoral Zwan appreciation
  47. Pumpkin Comedy
  48. SPLRA appreciation thread //// How do I make an account on
  49. Billy Corgan's Signature Acoustic Yamaha
  50. 1998-08-06
  51. ETHNIC research on SMASHING PUMPKINS members!
  52. Mapping the tempo of Jellybelly throughout the MCIS tour
  53. WtTfF is Ogilala?
  54. Searching eBay and found this...
  55. So whens Billy's crappy, pretentious acoustic album coming out?
  56. Has listening to the Pumpkins changed your life?
  57. ITT we discuss 1994-04-17
  58. what's the MCIS show where the keyboards are incredibly out of tune
  59. New single "Aeronaut" on BBC 6 now
  60. stupid album title, stupid album cover, stupid artist name
  61. Billy Went Full "Revenant" On His Single Cover
  62. Aeronaut is about the end of the Pumpkins
  63. WPC/John Lennon comparison.
  64. Early '94 pre-Silverfuck jam appreciation thread
  65. Post videos where Billy was REALLY into it
  66. Worst Tracks of the Week 08.27.17
  67. An interesting theory I read on Reddit
  68. if MCIS & TAFH were reversed
  69. Forget Billy's Voice...
  70. Hitler reacts to the state of the Pumpkins
  71. Can William Get His Groove Back?
  72. Billy's livejournal confessions appreciation thread
  73. WPC (aka Billy Corgan) performs LIVE from Madame Zuzu's
  74. New song "I Fall" is almost Adore-worthy
  75. Interesting interview from Feb 1992
  76. this version of mayonaise makes me sad but not in the way mayonaise is supposed to
  77. Why do you think it's called Jellybelly?
  78. Pillbox
  79. ITT post awesome Iha leads
  80. James Iha plays on Ogilala
  81. JIMMY CHAMBERLIN-Interview at TODDCast Podcast, 2017-09-01
  82. would you cry if billy died?
  83. Neat SP Winamp skins
  84. Rolling Stone: Billy Corgan Talks Solo LP, Making Peace With Original SP