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  1. Which era/album did you first see the Pumpkins?
  2. James is more Circle than Pumpkin now
  3. Has their been any updates regarding SP lately?
  4. Tour Celebrating Summer 1997 Tour
  5. Byrne and Or Nicole should come out and dish the dirt on Billy
  6. What's Your Favorite Tour?
  7. It’s crazy listening back to Arising shows
  8. The Oceania Arena Tour debacle thread
  9. Jimmy Chamberlin: Interview with WGN Radio 2017/06/27
  10. is there a photo archive somewhere?
  11. Everything we know is a lie
  12. Interview with Brad Wood
  13. MTAE was released almost 3 years ago
  14. 30 Seconds to Mars may have beat Billy to the punch re: America.
  15. The Passion of the Bolly
  16. ITT Punpkins arrangements you wish were slightly different
  17. new show uploaded 10/1/96
  19. Apparently it's the tenth anniversary of Zeitgeist today
  20. Pumpkins were supposed to film an MTV Unplugged set in July 1996
  21. Bobo's selling all his old shit.
  22. Autographed Poster Help
  23. I recently bought Adore on mono vinyl and did a side-by-side comparison
  24. Heroin on the MCIS tour
  25. Morphine on the MCIS tour
  26. Dope on the MCIS tour
  27. D'arcy's horse dies
  28. Cabbage is selling all his Pumpkins stuff
  29. ITT post badass Billy screams
  30. Imagine if MTAE was the first album after the Pumps reunion
  31. Best Iha moves
  32. MCIS tour Silverfuck is the best thing ever.
  33. Real Love appreciation thread
  34. Madison Square Garden - 1996
  35. Monte - "Smashing Pumpkins seem to be recentering themselves"
  36. When Old Bill gives you new feels.
  37. SP Reunion Show: Your Setlist
  38. SD era studio footage
  39. Super rare Mellon Collie acoustic footage
  40. Bill kills the SP nexus, posts classic logo
  41. Next Year's Tour
  42. Pastoral Zwan appreciation
  43. Pumpkin Comedy
  44. SPLRA appreciation thread //// How do I make an account on
  45. Billy Corgan's Signature Acoustic Yamaha
  46. 1998-08-06
  47. ETHNIC research on SMASHING PUMPKINS members!
  48. Mapping the tempo of Jellybelly throughout the MCIS tour
  49. WtTfF is Ogilala?
  50. Searching eBay and found this...
  51. So whens Billy's crappy, pretentious acoustic album coming out?
  52. Has listening to the Pumpkins changed your life?
  53. ITT we discuss 1994-04-17
  54. what's the MCIS show where the keyboards are incredibly out of tune
  55. New single "Aeronaut" on BBC 6 now
  56. stupid album title, stupid album cover, stupid artist name
  57. Billy Went Full "Revenant" On His Single Cover
  58. Aeronaut is about the end of the Pumpkins
  59. WPC/John Lennon comparison.
  60. Early '94 pre-Silverfuck jam appreciation thread
  61. Post videos where Billy was REALLY into it
  62. Worst Tracks of the Week 08.27.17
  63. An interesting theory I read on Reddit
  64. if MCIS & TAFH were reversed
  65. Forget Billy's Voice...
  66. Hitler reacts to the state of the Pumpkins
  67. Can William Get His Groove Back?
  68. Billy's livejournal confessions appreciation thread
  69. WPC (aka Billy Corgan) performs LIVE from Madame Zuzu's
  70. New song "I Fall" is almost Adore-worthy
  71. Interesting interview from Feb 1992
  72. this version of mayonaise makes me sad but not in the way mayonaise is supposed to
  73. Why do you think it's called Jellybelly?
  74. Pillbox
  75. ITT post awesome Iha leads
  76. James Iha plays on Ogilala
  77. JIMMY CHAMBERLIN-Interview at TODDCast Podcast, 2017-09-01
  78. would you cry if billy died?
  79. Neat SP Winamp skins
  80. Rolling Stone: Billy Corgan Talks Solo LP, Making Peace With Original SP
  81. Pumpkins tshirts
  82. So what the fuck is going on with Day For Night?
  83. Billy Corgan formed SP after being inspired by watching RHCP perform in Chicago
  84. i don't really have a title just click on the thread
  85. "a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's? yeah, I often pick up rolled around bones"
  86. I think I will buy the red car, or I will lease the blue one.
  87. thread where Ram27 posts his smashing pumpkins drum covers
  88. New WPC single "The Spaniards"
  89. who came across like an old metalhead on the prowl for freaky chicks
  90. Tune in, Sunday, October 1st at 7PM CET to see WPC perform at Berlin Live.
  91. Isn't Billy a vegetarian?
  92. Tapers for WPC shows
  93. NPR First Listen: William Patrick Corgan - Ogilala
  94. "It was the only project I ever walked away from"
  95. Pillbox London / Channel 4 News Interview
  96. ITT moments when Corgan talked about netphoria
  97. I've got the remedy for your Ogilala blues
  98. One and all- Best BC Alt-Rock song since MACHINA
  99. Autodidact lyrics
  100. Poll: Which song should have been the lead single of Ogilala ?
  101. Jimmy vs James
  102. Clean Sheets and Fresh Flowers: Anne-Dog, Revisited
  103. Archer lyrics
  104. I truly believe Billy needs mental help!
  105. Reminder that Zwan was the best thing Billy's done since 2000
  106. Mike Byrne
  107. 1996/02/29
  108. Iha's slide guitar tab
  109. Bill says he can slip into his old voice
  110. SPIN-Interview 2017: "William Patrick Corgan Is Living the Dream"
  111. Billy Corgan in comments
  112. But I will say to the world, be careful what you wish for, because if we do come back
  113. Billy on Jimmy Fallon: Aeronaut
  114. has billy's guitar playing gotten worse?
  115. Read this Interview
  116. The fulcrum to the Tarantula video
  117. Let's all watch this again
  118. Pumpkins songs you skip the most
  119. Billy's changing the second set every night
  120. OGILALA Tour 2017
  121. WPC on Stern today
  122. looking for an anecdote about iha
  123. WTH is this Billy?
  124. Is there a definitive compilation of all Zwan songs ever?
  125. New JCC record coming 11/17
  126. Two Songs I wish Corgan would official release
  127. The last few weeks in our little fandom has been so beautiful
  128. New WPC Interview with Reddit submitted questions
  129. I guess there's no tour board anymore...
  130. Forbes Interview: William Patrick Corgan On Being 'The Auteur Of All This Madness'
  131. Gossamer Acoustic
  132. The hell did the setlists for all these new '89 shows on SPFC come from?
  133. Billy is friends with a Shape-shifting Changeling.
  134. Ogilala official lyrics
  135. Jellie Blossom's SP Story
  136. Best recordings/performances of "A New Poetry"
  137. Jeff Schroeder appreciation thread
  138. Columbus
  139. Oligaga Pitchfork Review
  140. Fans of OGILALA
  141. Billy Corgan - Wrecking Ball
  142. newly uploaded 1993 short video of the band rehearsing
  143. WPC/Billy on CBS THIS MORNING,2017/10/21
  144. "I love the work he did, it’s so cool."
  145. Where are the full Brixton tapes Billy
  146. Billy tripping his ass off in Amsterdam appreciation thread
  147. what is this 2014 performance?
  148. "We’re talking about maybe recording next year with the Pumpkins "
  149. New Jimmy Interview
  150. What's the best produced proshot show?
  151. imagine an SP pinball game
  152. Billy fears he contributed to Cornell's unhappiness
  153. Billy wants to release an acoustic based record every 18 months
  154. Cool old interviews updated to Youtube
  155. Billy's greatest shredding moments thread....
  156. Dross appreciation thread
  157. Jellybelly live in gent 1996 on TAFH
  158. William Patrick Corgan - Aeronaut (music video)
  159. What the fuck is this?
  160. plead for a rerecording of the marked - devotion
  161. Machina To Zwan: The universal moment fans realized BC's lost the magic?
  162. Wresphoria: Ten Pounds o' Gold.
  163. How do you play Iha's lead on Soma after 'so let the sadness come again'
  164. The Smashing Pumpkins 999 /// The Machina Cycle in 3 Acts
  165. What is the song that was later used as part of Tarantula?
  166. LIVESTREAM: Joe Rogan Experience #1038 - Billy Corgan
  167. Billy Corgan & Wings
  168. Original line up recording in 2018
  169. Why Billy Corgan is embracing William Patrick Corgan
  170. The band requested that audience members not record this show due to plans
  171. Where does one go to download Pumpkins shows if they're not on or ZOMB?
  172. Where does this rich creep get off charging $45 for a fucking T-shirt?
  173. Back to Billy?
  174. RAMPAGE trailer
  175. Billy Corgan's MCIS rig and guitar tech stories
  176. Corgan feature in the latest issue of Guitar World
  177. Help a brother out?
  178. New(ish) vinyl bootlegs
  179. Considering Smashing Pumpkins place amongst the greats
  180. what is bill's best solo?
  181. Billy Corgan: Tiny Desk
  182. Fuck You @ Metro 2000 appreciation thread
  183. what the fuck is this
  184. The Future Embrace [revisited]
  185. Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Wikipedia
  186. William Patrick BILLY CORGAN’s third SOLO ALBUM „666“(Working Title!)
  187. There is video of the last Landover gig on youtube
  188. watch Matt Walker dance
  189. There’s something oddly satisfying about blaring Cupid de Locke at dusk
  190. ‘Neath the Darkest Eves’
  191. If Billy were a wrestler...
  192. Best Corgan guitar swings
  193. Corgan takes a look at the new Big Muff
  195. for those who were around, was the breakup announcement in May 2000 shocking?
  196. Billy's new Instagram channel
  197. Is there any other footage of SP smashing their gear besides this London gig?
  198. What was Billy's Siamese Dream?
  199. Be honest: Do you think SD and MCIS are a little overrated around the fan community?
  200. Tales of a Scorched Earth or XYU?
  201. the silverfuck joke
  203. the Aeroplane Flies High double mystery
  204. Single disc MCIS
  206. Billy Corgan & hats
  207. Billy Corgan & cats
  208. Billy Corgan & bats
  209. Billy Corgan & rats
  210. what is the distortion on MCIS
  211. Billy Corgan & dats
  212. Christmastime: Special Edition
  213. Billy Corgan & Tats
  214. ITT post clips of Billy being a dick to James onstage
  215. New old 20+ minute BC interview video from 93
  216. The reunion is still up in the air apparently
  217. Three Disc Machina
  218. That Spirits in the Sky Tour
  219. in the Arms of Sleep mystery
  220. Democorgan
  221. Do you listen to studio tracks or live boots more?
  222. The return of the Smashing Pumpkins Recording Sessions
  223. What's happening in Los Angeles?
  224. Any Pre-Gish compilations?
  225. Imagine if Oceania had been recorded with original members?
  226. “Remnant of a distant Siamese Dream past”
  227. Live Compilation (Video)
  228. regarding not having lyrics written until the last minute when recording
  229. Hummer - Machester, UK - 09/15/1993
  230. Industrial Tribute
  231. I OF THE MOURNING chords
  232. 666 Tapes
  233. just listening to the lull ep
  234. A question about the Gish vinyl
  235. James/Billy/Jimmy in recording studio
  236. hideous corgan song title anagram game
  237. When's billy gonna give up
  238. G.L.O.W. the netflix show
  239. Holy shit. Mike Byrne in studio
  240. VH1 Storytellers (Full)
  241. D’arcy is out
  242. what did you think about James Iha's toy laser gun shtick?
  243. Who should play bass on reunion tour?
  244. D'arcy Sex tape leaked NSFW
  245. It's a travesty Corgan never recorded and released Chrysanthemum
  246. Soundboard/video sync of the last Silverfuck in Landover
  247. Top 5 Post-2007 Songs?
  248. New Jimmy interview (MACHINA his favorite Pumpkins record?)
  249. In My Body is 7 Minutes Long
  250. William Hattrick Corgan