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  1. if you were forced to masturbate to one SP member, who would you pick?
  2. The Starchildren set is so good.
  3. Ruby
  4. Black Zwan
  5. Billy's Singing, Change in Singing effected Post-Adore work?/Production Rant
  6. Somebody fill me in...
  7. Someone fill me in...
  8. Somebody fill my end...
  9. The Marked unknown tape
  10. Billy is suing his wrestling company and filed a restraining order
  11. Glass House 2001 appreciation thread
  12. Bill is suing Impact Wrestling
  13. Bonky Porkking sueing IMpact Wrasling
  14. Guitar Center Facebook Live Q&A with Jeff - 10/13/2016
  15. Does anyone have the Black Wings Over America artwork?
  16. Corgan solo-album titled 'The Land of Maybe'
  17. Jimmy Chamberlin and School of Rock Elmhurst House Band
  18. check it out
  19. Jimmy C drum clinic 10/22/16
  20. ISO: mp3 of 1979 from American Music Awards
  21. What Happened to Perfect SNL Performance on Vimeo?
  22. Melissa's bass sounded like a wet nut sack hitting thighs
  23. Look at the wee man go!
  24. Happy Halloween
  25. Billy Corgan--Anti-Cubs celebrity
  26. If you needed further proof that Annie Dog is about a BJ
  27. 3 Guitars
  28. ITT post golden era songs that had better arrangements live than in the studio
  29. Anyone have the Smashing Pumpkins Screen Raver Floppy Disc?
  30. AOL Sessions?
  31. What's the hold-up on the Zwan releases?
  32. transformer
  33. ISO: Solo/Side Projects
  34. Who Did Billy Vote For
  35. Who did Monte vote for?
  36. Smashing Pumpkins - We Are Here to Fuck You-NiNCOMPOOP [Pre-FM]
  37. Should B0lly join Donald Trump's cabinet?
  38. ISO: Peel Sessions front cover font
  39. Smashing Pumpkins - We Are Here to Fuck You, Again !FULL VERSION!-NiNCOMPOOP [Pre-FM]
  40. Smashing Pumpkins - Ein Abend In Wien -NiNCOMPOOP [SBD]
  41. Classic SP sell outs?
  42. WPC Solo shows at Zuzu's, etc.
  43. 5X LP Siddartha release
  44. Billy's Ex Tula Tequila an alt right Nazi (literally) what does this say about Billy?
  45. How can we get Billy psychological help?
  46. wasting time (arms edition)
  47. Zwan - Pinkpop 2003 / Director's Cut [VIDEO]
  48. this picture rules
  49. Post your best Billy screams
  50. Guitar effect demo's with Pumpkin songs:
  51. Billy covers gig @ Zuzu's
  52. Does Gerard Way Look Like Billy Corgan?
  53. Sometimes it takes more than 17 seconds
  54. Does Billy Corgan look like Billy Corgan?
  55. Zwan Live @ the Glass House AUD/VID sync
  56. Billy Corgan is a woman
  57. Billy singing with Cyndi Lauper
  58. New Battlefield 1 Commercial
  59. Amazing HD performance of Bullet from 1995
  60. A New Poetry
  61. Never Too Young (BC solo tour for TheFutureEmbrace)
  62. Just noticed Bill Burr looks like Billy Corgan
  63. We ALL look like Billy Corgan
  64. Recordings of this year's LA show?
  65. Some friends of mine were hanging with Billy at the football game and took a pic:
  66. Do you think Monte is mad at Billy?
  68. dear billy corgan
  69. Things we would buy instead of Siddhartha
  70. If the next Corgan album is any good I will:
  71. what James song does Billy play dulcimer on? (double door pic question)
  72. Imagine if Billy put even half the effort into Siddartha as he did in releasing the
  73. Billy Crogan genie-joke
  74. Zeitgeist Has Actually Aged Pretty Well
  75. Spot a WPC Hat Challenge
  76. Someone post the Christmastime Flash movie
  77. The Smashing Pumpkins - Storytelling of Thirty-three
  78. Billy Corgan freudian slip.
  79. Nine Inch Nails Mock SP on Newest Release
  80. Merry Christmas Netphoria!
  81. Merry Christmas Netphoria!
  82. JT Leroy movie
  83. dynamic range of various SP albums
  84. Will there be a new album in 2017?
  85. 'Perfect' Should've Been an Acoustic Track
  86. Let's discuss Pitchfork reviews of Pumpkins albums
  87. Billy Corgan / Smashing Pumpkins acoustic guitar gear
  88. the last song on the zwan album had foretelling lyrics
  89. i am made of shamrocks
  90. 1997 GM Palace Anniversary
  91. 1996-01-11 interview about the origin of june
  92. The Groover appreciation thread
  93. The Billy Corgan Appreciation Thread
  94. singles soundtrack deluxe edition
  95. New announcements
  96. Billy's #ThirtyDays
  97. Billy Corgan: "Expect Original Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Soon!"
  98. For you Monuments superfans: Tommy Lee's studio.
  99. Billy's #BC50x50 project
  100. Shitpost
  101. Billy has confirmed the band will get back together.
  102. "Sex, Drums, Rock n' Roll" by Kenny Aronoff
  103. Who Opened for the Pumpkins...
  104. The Spaniards
  105. Question about abandoned Soma tracks
  106. Has another artist/band replaced BC/SP in your heart?
  107. hey motherfuckers
  108. 2000 Jimmy Absolutely Crushing Ruby Appreciation Thread
  109. Best Starla and Drown live performances?
  110. Bullet With Butterfly Wings cover by Jack Colwell
  111. On the lead vocal, kickin that dope ass rock
  112. So who do we assume in the band now?
  113. wasn't there news of a "99% DONE SOLO RECORD" like a year ago?
  114. Identify Live in San Francisco
  115. favorite vocal performance?
  116. Mayonaise isn't my favorite song.
  117. Marilyn Manson & SP
  118. funny coincidence
  119. Stumbeline appreciation thread
  120. Anyone else's christian parents have a problem w/sp?
  121. We Only Come Out at Night appreciation thread
  122. New interview (Jazz) with Jimmy + performance
  123. Melkweg, December, 1995
  124. If you could fuck one member of the Pumpkins in the ass who would it be
  125. If you could tuck one member of the Pumpkins into bed at night who would it be
  126. Thank you Matt Walker
  127. What if Billy Released Machina I and II
  128. Jimmy is set to sell over 200 items from his personal collection
  129. Billy is set to sell over 200 copies of his next album
  130. "Despite all my rage... Tag a friend in comments who can finish this lyric. "
  131. Unreleased Teargarden songs
  132. Katie Cole - covers
  133. My cover of Muzzle
  134. Pajo trashes big Bill. Compares him to Trump
  135. Pumpkins related dreams
  136. Drummers Resource Podcast: Jimmy Chamberlin - "Rock, Revelry and Redemption"
  137. New billy podcast
  138. Reverb interview with Jimmy
  139. Reunion Setlist
  140. Reunion Setlist
  141. Reunion Setlist
  142. Reunion set list
  143. Reunion set list
  144. Reunion Setlist
  145. Reunion setlist
  146. What if Billy Released Siamese Dream
  147. How many "lovers" will be on the new solo record?
  148. ...Said Sadly appreciation thread
  149. Appreciation thread for the few strums of mellow chords post-Porcelina @ Brixton
  150. Zwan's cancelled summer European tour
  151. Billy's butt crack
  152. There Not There
  153. Pretty sure Pakula is dead
  154. #ThereNotThere - Billy Corgan's celebrating his 50th Birthday with a train journey
  155. Machina II Copies Selling Again
  156. Bleeding The Orchid is top-tier SP.
  157. Happy Birthday, Billy Corgan!
  158. You're leading a focus group on Billy's image
  159. James Iha was at Billys party
  160. Billy Corgan on Family Guy
  161. Nirvana + SP - Crisco Twister
  162. Lame guitar question
  163. Billy Crogan bar-joke
  164. Question about the treasure I seek
  165. How to do you feel about Monuments?
  166. Happy birthday james
  167. wasn't something supposed to be out by now?
  168. What a sad little sub forum
  169. What a sad little sub forum
  170. Songs that reference other songs
  171. What a sad little sub forum
  172. Jimmy and some School of Rock kids
  173. Lyrics that make you feel ways about stuff
  174. What happened to all the live bootlegs?
  175. Lyrics that make you feel nothing about anything
  176. New Jimmy C interview
  177. Lyrics that make nothing feel
  178. 2008-11-16 Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT
  179. Kurt Cobain died 23 years ago today
  180. Are you embarrassed to post on here?
  181. Fruit Bat Salad
  182. SP shoutout at Rock HOF
  183. Jimmy Chamberlin appreciation thread
  184. Tilt appreciation thread
  185. Smashing pumpkins invited to your wedding 💍👰🏾🤵🏽🌈
  186. My Favorite Jimmy Moment
  187. Jimmy
  188. I want the full Brixton tapes goddammit
  189. I could really go for an announcement of announcement right about now
  190. Age Of Innocence
  191. Who's better? Rivers Cuomo or Billy Corgan?
  192. The "Ugly" guitar tone
  193. Now and Then solo acoustic live, radio interview...
  194. blank page
  195. ...And the title of the New BC solo album is...
  196. More Wrestling News
  197. Happy Birthday, D'ARCY!
  198. Who's got the Chicago Songs from 2004?
  199. Playing with Billy
  200. "Legal reasons" stopping the archive/re-releases - no news in 3 years?
  201. If "Being Beige" was covered by any artist, who would be improvement?
  202. Behind the Music that Sucks: SMASHING PUMPKINS
  203. Zwan Rock am Ring 2003 video?
  204. If you could see one song performed live, which would it be?
  205. How could The Smashing Pumpkins even redeem themselves?
  206. It's weird that Corgans wifes dad is the same age as him
  207. The guitarist in SP who isn't James
  208. Why didn't Corgan or Melvoin ever play MCIS live to open shows?
  209. Turn My Way
  210. No Summer Tour?
  211. Any artists with a more stunning fall?
  212. Which are the most Bowie-inspired Pumpkins songs?
  213. James Iha from the Smashing "Punkins" talks guitar
  214. Is this Jimmy-centric view of 1994 Pinkpop old news?
  215. A reminder for Billy
  216. Michael Jackson - The King of Pop's daughter is a Smashing Pumpkins fan
  217. MCIS era "70's sounding" song
  218. Nice Zero Remix (by Aunty Donna)
  219. Machina has aged so well...
  220. 1996.01.06 Video?
  221. 'Perfect' appreciation
  222. Valerie June: "I loved Smashing Pumpkins. I don't know how cool it is to say that now
  223. Starchildren - War Jam quote
  224. Anyone else think Towers of Rabble was meant to be an electric song
  225. 5 / 23
  226. Will one of you losers leak the Machina reissue already?
  227. Did Queens of the Stone Age fill the 2000s Smashing Pumpkins void?
  228. The general public's view of the Pumpkins' genre
  229. Does spfc not get updated anymore? Missing equipment items
  230. Remember how cool and then terrible this commercial was?
  231. where do the Pumpkins stand in 2017?
  232. If you listen to just the first 0:25 of Doomsday Clock it's super kickass
  233. Best Reissue Moment
  234. what happened to the trading forum?
  235. Will one of you leakers lose the Machine reissue already?
  236. Best 2016 Plainsong Song
  237. Kerry Brown on the Blackout-podcast 2017/06/02. With much Smashing Pumpkins-memories.
  238. Since Pak-man caved to the Bolls lawyers
  239. FutureEmbrace "extra tracks" - definitive versions
  240. Malibu & 1979 similarities
  241. Catalano / Chamberlin live albums
  242. Plume appreciation
  243. God doesn't care how you do it. Just do it.
  244. Silence in 2017?
  245. Does Monte think BC's solo record is going to be released?
  246. Iha's solo record appreciation thread
  247. Flood and 1979
  248. ITT: Post what you believe to the last good song by BillCo Saggins
  249. Super cool version of Fuck You from MCIS era
  250. Chamberlin playing To Forgive