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  1. Facebook Live Videos: NEW ALBUM/DOCUMENTARY INFO
  2. Billy Corgan Announces Renaming from the Pumpkins to 'Billy Corgan and the Americas'
  3. Zeitgeist missing from Spotify
  4. Reckless Records show upgrade?
  5. Smashing Pumpkins T-shirts
  6. Happy Fucking Valentines
  7. What the heck happened here
  8. video evidence wrestlers love SP
  9. most underrated sp songs
  10. The deli tray incident
  11. Recently surfaced video...
  12. Remember when SP was an edgy rock band
  13. freebies - SP and various
  14. Jeff Schroeder: Yamaha THR100 Jam Session and Interview in Chicago
  15. Alternate history
  16. Jupiter's Lament
  17. Does anyone just...
  18. Best Crescendos
  19. the bands unique appeal
  20. Instrumental/Vocal Only Tracks
  21. Recent MCIS demo leaks (one and two, the tracer)
  22. How much of James Iha's success is because he's Asian?
  23. Billy Corgan and Asians
  24. SmoothSailing
  25. SP - 'The Sleeping Giants' poll & discussion thread
  26. Poll: Your favorite Machina Outtake track?
  27. Born: March 17, 1967, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States
  28. The Rite of Spring
  29. Acoustic Demos (2007-present)
  30. Billy Corgan Rules Out 'Classic Album' Smashing Pumpkins Shows
  31. What's in a name?
  32. FS: 4 Orchestra Tickets for LA Night 2
  33. Teargarden tracks
  34. Threads deleted again.
  35. Mashed Potatoes
  36. Seeking tickets for 4/14 Chicago show!
  37. Seeking tickets for 4/14 Chicago show!
  38. "Tonight, Tonight" on Top of the Pops in 1996?
  39. Sell Tix [40%off Price] 4/1 Detroit, 4/2 Columbus
  40. If Teargarden was one album
  41. Who's going to the Masonic tomorrow night?
  42. "No spoilers" tour posts.
  43. 2016-03-23
  44. New 4/8/94 full show video....
  45. 2004-04-19 Metro Show
  46. Everyone look at jimmy chamberlin's twitter
  47. Photos of James Iha's reunion with Smashing Pumpkins
  48. 2016-03-22
  50. The new songs
  51. VIP Experience?
  52. Who's digging on the live version of Whir?
  53. How many old timers we go here?
  54. Last Week's Best Show (sp related)
  55. first new SP songs with JC behind the kit in 8 years...
  56. The Smashing Pumpkins - 1991-09-01 Ein Abend in Wien Fest De Doelen Rotterdam (FM)
  57. SP stuff on
  58. Smashing Pumpkins - 1993-10-19 Warfield Theater San Francisco (Upgrade - Complete)
  59. When/where is this picture of Billy playing live in a t-shirt from?
  60. questions for everyone that wants to hear remastered machina II tracks
  61. Why doesn't Corgan ever let it rip on the guitar anymore?
  62. only pick 10 SP songs, go, now, your favorite songs rn
  63. why doesn't Corgan ever let it rip anymore?
  64. Why Corgan Let It Rip Any More (Does Not)?
  65. Hello Kitty Kat Appreciation
  66. billy exposes true feelings under guise of david bowie legacy
  67. The Rattler
  68. Who's going to the Chicago show this Thursday?
  69. D'arcy
  70. appreciation thread
  71. blinking with polls and poles: the horseshit thread collection
  72. beyondtheblackhole covers
  73. Try, Try, Try
  74. Machina remixes
  75. I'm almost glad the band sucks now
  76. Lookalike
  77. Anyone going to the Austin show tomorrow?
  78. New WPC Solo Album?
  79. Let's talk about that time Billy awkwardly ranted about Courtney's journal in XYU
  80. Billy on INFOWARS again today
  81. my uncle, his fat wife, and their teenage daughter did karaoke at my wedding
  82. Billy Corgan covers prince
  83. Man... Did the VH1 Storytellers really tell the demise of the band
  84. Hey Hey Yaa
  85. In Plainsong 2016 Audio Recordings...
  86. The sweet sounds of Porcelina as you've never heard them before.
  87. The Spaniards is the worse song that B.C has ever written
  88. Untitled
  89. New Orleans Show 04-22-2016
  90. New Orleans Show 4-22-2016
  91. D'arcy says she'd consider rejoining The Pumpkins under the right circumstances
  92. D'arcy says she'd consider rejoining The Pumpkins under the right circumcisions
  93. Mellon Collie and the Infinite....
  94. D'arcy says she'd consider rejoining The Pumpkins under the right circumcised
  95. D'arcy says she'd consider rejoining The Pumpkins under the right circumference
  96. D'arcy plays she'd forbid her adjoining The Pumpkins below the "correct" euphemisms
  97. D'arcy says she'd consider rejoining The Pumpkins under the right jizzum
  98. Billy Coragan is a hipster
  99. Billy Coragan is a hipster
  100. EXCLUSIVE: "Courtney Love dumped Billy Corgan after he refused to pay for her flight"
  101. Who is monte?
  102. The Wizard RIP
  103. what should billy do to improve modern SP
  104. Nicole Fiorentino Confirms She Was Dismissed From The Smashing Pumpkins
  105. Corgan's Biggest Blunder
  106. Smashing Pumpkins Camp/Drag videos?
  107. Grimes - "MCIS songs sounds like Lorde"
  108. Sinead O'Connor living with Matt Walker in Chicago
  109. james iha filmscore "mother, may i sleep with danger?"
  110. Billy's voice (as good as ever)
  111. Radiohead ripping off SP again.
  112. Muzzle
  113. Shaman Durek featuring Jimmy Chamberlin
  114. Updated Streaming Site Profiles
  115. Glynis
  116. So, what's your fave SP...
  117. Wale is more similar to Corgan than Kanye West
  118. Learn How To Play Mayonnaise on Guitar
  119. Live At Cabaret Metro 10-5-88 CD
  120. G.L.O.W.
  121. Jennifer Ever
  122. 'Monuments' sound better acoustic?
  123. Ruby live outro tabs
  124. MCIS Demos I
  125. Best lyrics interpretation
  126. Madame Zuzu
  127. Given the recent happenings: Any chance NOW of a full fledged reunion?
  128. What happened to Airplane Mode and the baby?
  129. New song "Double R" and old new song "Bless Me/Red Dirt"
  130. Jesus, I/Mary Star of the Sea Acoustic
  131. The Rockview Interviews - The Infinite Conversation (!!!).
  132. Has anyone here been a fan long enough to remember the shaving of the head?
  133. Jimmy performs with Eddie Vedder in Chicago
  134. New 1992 interview
  135. B0lly's True Parentage?
  136. I was talking with my mom about something and I told her that love is strange
  137. Jeff's Pinky Finger Bothers Me
  138. Anyone here attend the Zwan shows at the intersection and emerson?
  139. Antoine Dufour - 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins) - Acoustic Guitar
  140. Jimmy Chamberlin and Frank Catalano - WGNChicago Midday Fix - 07/05/2016
  141. Remember that youtube clip of Corgan playing with a native-american looking guy?
  142. With Every Light appreciation thread
  143. Twenty years ago today, the band peaked.
  144. List of James' songs in SP
  145. Is Billy recording a new solo album?
  146. Rarities & B-sides
  147. Billy to speak at RNC
  148. WPC
  149. FS: rare "G.L.O.W." radio promo CD
  150. Simpsons writers' remarks on the Pumpkins
  151. HQ Audio from 2 show's with James
  152. Scans of a pre-Gish mailer
  153. Pale Scales
  155. 1996: Corgan ditches girlfriend to buy 7", signs MCIS lp
  156. Solo record is done
  157. Corgan Shopping Reunion, apparently
  158. Dave Asselin
  159. Country Pumpkins // Iha's slide guitar
  160. HQ 4/26/16 Audio
  161. Corgan Chopping Onions, apparently
  162. Where's
  163. Everett True's Siamese Dream review
  164. Previously unseen 1994 full show videos on youtube: 4/9/94 & 4/10/94
  165. Corgan Popping Champagne, apparently
  166. Montmeister?
  167. Billy back on Twitter
  168. The Bat-Strat mystery
  169. Database
  170. Billy becomes president of TNA wrestling
  171. Reunion + Machina Possibilities
  172. billy talks SP reunion/wrestling on facebook
  173. The Reunion Is Official Now.
  174. 1998-06-04 Paris rooftop video
  175. Jeff reinvents himself as EDM DJ
  176. How long is b0lly's penis?
  177. I'm gonna smash YOUR pumpkin
  178. What if James had sung Try, Try, Try?
  179. Remembering a Night With Billy Corgan and Uli Jon Roth
  180. What if James had hung Dry, Dry, Dry wall?
  181. Someday we'll wave hello and wish we'd never waved goodbye
  182. Come on lets Go
  183. Guys...
  184. Girls...
  185. D'arcy and Filter's Richard Patrick
  186. ITT we discuss this image and its relation to the Pumpkins
  187. Billy genuinely lost his damn mind
  188. Thrice cover 1979
  189. Making Zwan & SP fans happy at same time
  190. Mashed Potatoes Appreciation
  191. Best shows to listen to if I want the full Zwan experience?
  192. Best shows to listen to if I want the full Zwan experience?
  193. The Spiritual Memoir
  194. Every Smashing Pumpkins Song, Ranked
  195. True/False: Glastonbury 1997 is the band's best show.
  196. Corgan's blue jacket appreciation thread
  197. Djali Zwan Compilations
  198. Billy Kicks Fan Off Stage
  199. Remember when Monte offered us sips of tea leading up to the MCIS reissue?
  200. Sierra Swan covers Soot and Stars
  201. 7 Shades of Black is almost unlistenable.
  202. list of billy's girlfriends, partners, wives, etc
  203. Another Facebook broadcast from Billco B0lly WPC Cocktease Corgan
  204. Found Boff being mean to Kenny at his first show.
  205. Corgan on Stern in 1998
  206. Honest Question about the Zero shirt
  207. Billy Corgan working on a new song with Donald Trump?
  208. Best MCIS era epic
  209. Best MCIS era epic
  210. The 40's
  211. Peals - “Punk Migration” Featuring James Iha
  212. The philosophy of Glass
  213. Backwards Clock Society
  214. Billy's best songs about family members.
  215. Backwards Cock Society
  216. How much drugs was Big Willie on when he wrote the Machina Mystery?
  217. biggest weed bill smoke?
  218. Billy Corgan at the Nantucket Project
  219. gossamer
  220. I wish Adore was just an album of sad acoustic and/or piano songs
  221. I wish Adore was just an album of upbeat techno songs
  222. how many willies was big bill sucking on when he played gossamer: definitive edition
  223. New BC remix featured in J. Mendel fashion video
  224. You fuckers see the TapeOp SP feature?
  225. The drums on Oceania don't sound real and it's awful.
  226. Corgan’s failed/abandoned/unreleased projects
  227. Pictures of the band's gear during the MCIS tour
  228. Pre Gish reissue
  229. Billy Corgan doing an inerview with Casey Neistat
  230. your SP holy grail
  231. Death of the Nexus?
  232. Glass' Theme influences/origin?
  233. ITT post beautiful Pumpkins lyrics
  234. What was SP's managment thinking with the Oceania tour?
  235. Jimmy Chamberlin: Music is a constant soundtrack and that makes us value it less
  236. SOON!
  237. Soundboard Galore
  238. Remember in 2007 when everyone here loved Zeitgeist
  239. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Megaland (Pinkpop) on 1994-05-23 (Single Cam)
  240. Did Billy get the intro for "An Ode to No One" from this?
  241. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Megaland (Pinkpop Festival) on 1998-06-01 [PROSHOT]
  242. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Megaland (Pinkpop) 94/98 [Official Thread Links Thread]
  243. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Megaland(Pinkpop) 94/98 [Official Thread Links Thread Link]
  244. Tokyo Police Club – Melon Collie and The Infinite Radness
  245. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Megaland (Pinkpop) on 1994-05-23 (Single Cam)
  246. Free bootlegs on SP website in 2007
  247. Smashing_Pumpkins_Live_at_Megaland_Pinkpop_-1994_05_23-(Single_Cam)-NiNCOMPOOP(DVD-R)
  248. Things you didn't know about the Metro
  249. like old Job
  250. Meladori Magpie