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  1. Thru the Eyes of Ruby Appreciation Thread
  2. Is Jeff Doing It On Purpose?
  3. Happy Birthday James Iha
  4. post the absolute best all-time SP youtube covers
  5. When did Jimmy ever use wind chimes during the Machina tour?
  6. Listening to the Dublin 1996 show
  7. The End Times Tour - 2015
  8. Jimmy to rejoin Smashing Pumpkins
  9. Nirvana Reunion
  10. Bands that you would hypothetically like to see tour with SP
  11. pumpkins perform "drum + fife" on fallon
  12. My name is Billy Corgan and I'm the founder and destroyer of the Smashing Pumpkins
  13. BC & MM reddit thing
  14. A heavier/more aggressive setlist for Manson tour?
  15. This gives hope for the future
  16. TheFutureEmbrace - 10th Anniversary Retrospective
  17. found this cool website - tempo deviation graph
  18. Corgan art prints.
  20. Chrysanthemum - a wish unwished, a hope unhoped
  21. Thirty-Three unplugged cover
  22. Best rip of Machina II
  23. ITT post top notch moments of live banter
  24. Adore 2014 remaster
  25. zuzu's should have been a pancake and waffle house
  26. Remember the leeks?
  27. Is 'Tonight Tonight' the greatest song ever written?
  28. The B0llster shows up a few times in this.
  29. Smashing Pumpkins in Plainsong: An Acoustic-Electro Intimate Evening
  30. Eye demo tape artwork
  31. Zwan sound checks or rehearsals
  32. Billy Corgan joins TNA Wrestling
  33. William Patrick Corgan—Rock Icon
  34. What songs on MCIS and TAFH are actually demos?
  35. I'm going to write to the address on the Snake Train tape
  36. RED ALERT who's got a Something Awful account
  37. Billy on CNBC today.
  38. Is there a studio version of For Your Love?
  39. My name is not Billy
  40. Live on pulse basement jam, 1988
  41. Marilyn Manson & Billy Corgan AV club May 18 8:30pm EST
  42. Can anyone find me a video of a girl covering an SP song on drums?
  43. Goodbye David Letterman
  44. fan fiction: alt universe: what if zwan never broke up?
  45. bc playing at the memorial day parade in dc
  46. Where does Tasting Box Subscription fit within Teargarden and how will it sound?
  47. Was "Video Marked" ever released?
  48. I found this in a record store the other day
  49. The Pinnacle of the Pumkins Was...
  50. Books about Billy and the band
  51. Someone find me Billy's niece shreddin' it on Youtube
  52. Inerview - Vince Russo's The Swerve: Billy Corgan
  53. The Nadir of the Pumkins Was...
  54. Cool photo from the SD reissue booklet
  55. Teen Daze - Orange
  56. Soundchecks and other periscope live streams
  57. What's the best picture quality a pre-2000 show was recorded in?
  58. Best Live Performance of Mayonaise ???
  59. Other than the reissues, what's the most you've spent on a single SP item?
  60. 10 years ago today
  61. Billy playing with Roger Waters
  62. Jimmy Chamberlin Rejoins SP for Tour
  63. Meladori Magpie appreciation thread
  64. Billy is taking song suggestions for the tour
  65. ivory tower
  66. Cardinal Rule (new song)
  67. Pictures from 1988-1991
  68. Anyone remember this gem?
  69. I bought a bass guitar for some reason
  70. Billy's favorite recorded studio performance by JC
  71. What was the peak bass "performance" in SP 1
  72. The VIP experience
  73. Billy Corgi
  74. any netphorians going to Florida sp date, May 1?
  75. captain corgan
  76. New (unsurfaced?) MCIS shows on youtube
  77. anyone have the Iha "Damn you Billy" MTV promo 90s
  78. Zwan - looking for Hideout 09-09-2002
  79. New Orleans Ticket (for TONIGHT,) $65, great seat
  80. Best live performances of TBK era songs
  81. show time? (Atlanta 7/25)
  82. David Pajo joins Billy Corgan
  83. New Billy interview with Entertainment Weekly
  84. Psalm 131
  85. Corgan at Disneyland (Please caption this image)
  86. Geek USA Drums in Rock Band
  87. Happy 70th Birthday Mike Garson
  88. Custom-made SP in Rock Band
  89. TEITBITE remixes DAT tape
  90. Billy Corgan is a Human
  91. Sequence IV
  92. new collector - ISO:
  93. Going to Toronto VIP
  94. Billy Corgan on Charlie Rose 1998
  95. Free Ticket to DTE Show
  96. Free Ticket to DTE Show
  97. So this is what is left of Billy's career
  99. ISO - Storytellers Soundboard?
  100. Lost Copperpot shows
  101. MTAE question
  102. Thru The Eyes Of Ruby
  104. Billy + Jeff new guitar ad
  105. Porcelina
  106. 2015 Complete Shows in Audio or Video
  107. Brief Billy Corgan reference in Rick and Morty
  108. Songs you've come around on
  109. Do you still actively listen to SP studio material?
  110. Billy supporting Nancy Rotering
  111. whatever happened to By Starlight photo archive?
  112. WTF
  113. Riviera '95 & Del Mar Fairgrounds Broadcasts (Remastered)
  114. BWBW vs. SLTS
  115. Anyone else really enjoy the 2007 shows?
  116. COL
  117. I listened to MCIS all the way through today
  118. Billy Corgan on Donald Trump
  119. Anyone here that drive a white RAV four with an sp heart on the back?
  120. Happy birthday machina two
  121. 12 minutes in the studio during the making of Siamese Dream
  122. Tear - With Jim on drums
  123. Why can I buy SD on vinyl for ~$35 but MCIS costs ~$250?
  124. Pisces, side A vs side B
  125. Improve a band by adding an SP member to their lineup
  126. Make The Smashing Pumpkins Even Worse by Adding a Member from Another Band
  127. Old interviews
  128. Jeff Schroeder Poem Megathread
  129. Jack white is Billy's zero shirt in human form
  130. Matt Sweeney on WTF Podcast
  131. Carina Round - Go to Go [2000 Years BC Remix] Feat. Billy Corgan
  132. WPC - People & Their Cars
  133. Pre-FM copy of SP Live - 1998-07-19 - Toronto, ON
  134. Sounds like acoustic rhythm guitar is mixed into Today / Zero album cuts
  135. 1979
  136. Best Aero CD
  137. Favorite Guitar Histrionics
  138. billy deliberately switching from his regular voice into "the voice"
  139. Best Collie side
  140. What was the first show with "I love my Mom" written on that yellow Strat?
  141. New 1994 videos: 3rd Performance of Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings + Tristesa from 4/10/94
  142. Lets start a rock band! Sp style verses with MM style Chorus'
  143. Video of 1994/08/06 Randall's Island Lollapalooza?
  144. 94-04-10 New video source
  145. Moments in SP songs where the instruments sounded ideal
  146. When is Jimmy Coming back?
  147. "I see her face in passing cars / I see her face in burnt out stars"
  148. Sweet Sweet acapella
  149. The Future of the World Championship Revealed!
  150. July 27th 2007 original footage
  151. Masterpiece Reviews: MCIS part 1
  152. in this thread we post sp remixe's, covers, "etc."
  153. mellon collie and the infinite sadness turns 20 this week
  154. Run2Me Video
  155. Why does/do Bill/His fans hate Animal Collective so much?
  156. I'm making my friend a playlist - What are the best Smashing Pumpkins live jams
  157. WTB: Aeroplane Flies High 2 CD bootleg/promo
  158. John Oliver was a Pumpkins fan.
  159. Is Billy going Broke?
  160. Spin Counts Down "Every" Pumpkins Song. What Are They Missing?
  161. Songs written/produced by BC, but not performed.
  162. Billy is your daddy
  163. VHS Bootleg giveaway
  164. has the kanye/billy kindered spirits thing ever been addressed
  165. and your words grow stale / and the dog won't sit
  166. classic MonteIT* thread
  167. For trade: Zero promo 7"
  168. Best Smashing Pumpkins cover bands
  169. I'll burn my eyes out YEAH
  170. Live Compilations
  171. Biggest waste of Pumpkins-related money.
  172. Christmas with SP
  173. September 8, 1993 - Bataclan
  174. The Stompland video, where Billy showcases his pedal collection
  175. Alright goddammit, how did a song as bad as G.L.O.W. get a major release?
  176. announcement of an announcement
  177. 1979 seems to be the only SP song crossing over to classic rock radio
  178. Fav Sm Pump Song?
  179. Smashing Pumpkins (1987-2000) songs you dislike/skip
  180. Entrepreneurs Unite! Smashing Pumpkins CD Bootleg Collection for sale!
  181. Drake
  182. Judas O appreciation thread
  183. LMAO @ new Pumpkins merch
  184. Cool Fan Made Videos
  185. Wasn't the lead single for Day for Night supposed to be out by now?
  186. LF Audio Rips of These Broadcasts
  187. George Wallace Civic Center bootleg? (4/19/94)
  188. ISO 1992-09-XX No Nirvana - The Late Show BBC Four Rebroadcast
  189. BREAKING NEWS: New Order steals Billy's name Day for Night
  190. finally some details about deerhunter being kicked off the 6/30/07 show
  191. New details of Corgan's altercation with Bradford Cox during 2007 tour
  192. Can "Teargarden by Kaleidyscope" ever rank as a decent SP album?
  193. WPC + JC to play together early next year
  194. Does anyone still have the 1996-12-16 ALD Recording?
  195. Ages of Innocence
  196. Billy Corgan on rap music
  197. Hi-res pics of Mellon Collie symbols?
  198. I think we have a new "photoshop this" kind of thread
  199. I put together a band to perform Siamese Dream live
  200. Corgans fall from grace is simple: The reason why is:
  201. Worst song titles
  202. It's all Jeff's fault
  203. Augustus Juppiter
  204. LMA: In Plainsong 2015-06-25 @ Pantages Theatre Minneapolis, MN (MK41)
  205. TSP 2015 resume
  206. 2008 Soundboard recordings ranking
  207. 20 years ago today: the first MCIS pajama show
  208. what songs are about baby AJ?
  209. "Roustabout" new instrumental track
  210. Billy Corgan desires to “find peace” with former Smashing Pumpkins bandmates
  211. itt: we discuss bass
  212. New Gish-era shows uploaded
  213. Cool behind the scenes pictures from the SD tour
  214. Why Billy Quit Twitter - Warning: Contains the phrase 'Social Justice Warriors'
  215. Vinyl Rips
  216. RIP David Bowie
  217. RIP Dewey Cox
  218. New JC record coming up
  219. Was a multiple album cover gimic in place again for Monuments?
  220. SD era samples appreciation thread
  221. Therapy.
  222. New Corgan signature guitar
  223. What the hell is this and why
  224. lyrics you never once got what the fuck were supposed to mean
  225. Garson on joining SP etc
  226. NEW Billy Corgan signature guitar
  227. Corgan signature guitar
  228. Concert Commercials
  229. Corgan Signature Guitar
  230. so sick of waiting for people and their cars updates
  231. What are some other bands that actually sound like smashing pumpkins?
  232. Pumpkins songs in the key of C & F?
  233. Taking applications
  234. Favorite Jimmy haircut
  235. Billy Corgan, SJW
  236. Brings me back to my original Rock Band days.
  237. The bassline from a Stevie Wonder song that BC used for Gish
  238. Pumpkins songs in the key of life?
  239. Billy & modular synths.
  240. All the bald guys on the Adore tour
  241. B. Corgan/B. Wilson connection
  242. Vieuphoria DVD Promo
  243. New Jimmy C interview
  244. In Plainsong Tour 2016
  245. 2016 NA tour dates - In Plainsong
  246. JIMMY IS OFFICIALLY BACK/another Zeitgeist thread
  247. Smashing Pumpkins Festival Booking Rate
  248. Torrent: 1996-10-01 Bradley Center; Milwaukee, WI, US
  249. Billy Corgan got a fat ass
  250. Billy Plans to Couch Surf with Fans While Making Documentary Called "America"