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  1. What's Billy's IQ?
  2. What's Billy's ICQ?
  3. If Billy got stuck in an elevator...?
  4. Billy Should Just Go Solo Again
  5. Best SP boot you discovered way late
  6. Thirty-Three music video discussion
  7. Smashing Pumpkins Appreciation Thread
  8. 'Zero' interactive multitrack
  9. Courtney Love
  10. What will be MTAE's first single
  11. Is down for anyone else?
  12. 10-14 only, Adore reissues on sale
  13. Adore deluxe box booklet scan large pictures.
  14. has anyone tried to reach out to mike byrne for an interview
  15. Any idea why SP weren't mentioned in Dave Grohls' Sonic Highways documentary?
  16. is Blank Page the best song Billy ever wrote?
  17. Should Billy have ever reformed the band after the split in 2000?
  18. Being Beige Streaming now
  19. MTAE: album megathread
  20. Monuments to an Elegy - PledgeMusic campaign
  21. Would anyone be interested in a listenalong?
  22. Should Billy Resurrect Zwan?
  23. Billy's best vocal performance?
  24. We can say it, but you better shut your mouth about our Billy
  25. Billy 's comments for each song of Adore track by track
  26. Jimmy just rocked out Jellybelly...
  27. This is on Ebay right now
  28. Mina Loy
  29. Amazing James story
  30. Corgan's Musical Influences
  31. Anderson Cooper Ridicules Corgan
  32. Jimmy Loves MTAE and is excited for SP's future...
  33. Announce something private or candid about yourself that is Pumpkins related
  34. "Machina 2" mentioned in book 150 Albums You'll Never Hear
  35. I prefer Raindrops and Sunshowers to Apples and Oranges
  36. In what year did you become a Pumpkin fan?
  37. Billy used to play in a band with Wayne Static?
  38. When the new album leaks, how am I going to find out?
  39. The Album Format Is Really Dead Now
  40. One and All premiering tomorrow
  41. Classic Corgan.
  42. Billy Corgan is trolling us because he hates hipsters
  43. MTAE Album Preview
  44. Can we talk about how fucked up Machina-era Billy was onstage
  45. why does MTAE suck so much?
  46. What's wrong with
  47. Post itt if you are done with the Pumpkins is MTAE and DFN Suck
  48. Tiberius
  49. MTAE B-sides
  50. Who's in the band? - London show 5th December
  51. Pumpkins songs you can't overplay
  52. Where'd the high resolution releases go?
  53. New interview with Jimmy
  54. TBK was awesome
  55. I really dig the lead guitar approach on One and All and Tiberius
  56. X.Y.U.
  57. Drum + Fife
  58. Was the 20th Anniversary Tour the height of Billy's dickishness?
  59. I made a music video for Astral Planes (effort thread)
  60. No wonder Jimmy eventually left
  61. To Wonder To Suffer appreciation thread
  62. What post reunion tracks do you think are shots at ex-members or fans?
  63. Don't give Corgan incentive / a reason to continue as the Pumpkins.
  64. Monuments (the song)
  65. The greatest band ever
  66. A new Monuments song every hour...
  67. Best Pumpkins lyrics to shout at the moment of sexual climax?
  68. Run2Me
  69. Anti-Hero
  70. original members
  71. Dorian
  72. BBC Maida Vale Session - December 5th
  73. Being Beige Performance tonight on German TV (PRO 7, 22.15, Ciircus Halligalli)
  74. Zero with a bass solo
  75. Monuments to an Elegy drinking game
  76. Pitchfork MTAE score prediction thread
  77. what the hell is billy even singing about these days?
  78. Monuments is better than Zeitgeist or Oceania
  79. December 2nd 2014 : Radio show taping in Paris, France (information & video)
  80. What will Billy do after realizing M2AE/DFN didn't make him popular again?
  81. Billy, Courtney, Manson hanging out today
  82. Tommy Lee
  83. Lover You're Strange
  84. Billy's most under appreciated lyrics
  85. "He and I were the top two scribes, and everybody else was a distant third"
  86. Lisa Harriton nominated for a Grammy
  87. MTAE Poll
  88. Ava Adore feat. Marilyn Manson, London, December 5th
  89. Energetic Performances Thread (a new better one
  90. so lets clarify the 44 song teargarden catastrophe
  91. Billy's doing an AMA on reddit Tues Dec 9, 2:30 PM EST
  92. 93XRT: Billy Corgan Tells Us His David Bowie Stories
  93. Radio play/sales of MTAE
  94. NYC Smashing Pumpkins Pop-Up Store Today (Dec 8)
  95. Anyone plan to record this... London XFM Acoustic...
  96. Star Apps: James Iha
  97. Pumpkins on Stern Today
  98. Webster Hall last night
  99. Siamese Dream Reissue Question
  100. Having trouble seeing the lion on MTAE
  101. Pumpkins will be on Kimmel tonight
  102. MTAE is amazons "album of the week."
  103. Anyone not like MTAE but after listening to actual album now like it?
  104. Darcy and James' sex appeal was a big selling point for the band
  105. Do you think Jeff makes a good living?
  106. I've had enough. Jeff is the problem. Monuments is embarrassing. 'Shred of doubt...
  107. What happened to Billy on the way to becoming a mature artist?
  108. New Order\Billy Corgan - 2001 Fuji Rock Festival
  109. Billy Corgan: We Are Past The Tipping Point • new interview • Alex Jones
  110. Do you expect to ever like a new Pumpkins release again?
  111. Why - the Catherine Wheel asks himself questions thread
  112. Interview with Stoermer
  113. Gish and Day for Night link?
  114. Corgan is at it again on ESPN Le Batard
  115. Billy on Loveline tonight
  116. Build the perfect SP album using songs from 2007-present
  117. • Gigwise Interview •
  118. LA Times Interview: "I think we're in a culture war"
  119. Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano – Live at Various
  120. Smashing Pumpkins Zacoustics
  121. what's this song?
  122. Interview in The Guardian
  123. Unknown Gish era song from 92' acoustic gig
  124. Billboard Interview: 'I'm a Rock Star Because I'm a Great F---ing Musician'
  125. Make a Pumpkin compilation
  126. The things Billy has been complaining about - What does it all mean?
  127. Christmas Cheer with Billy Corgan
  128. i'm doing the best i can
  129. the new silvercrank metal jam
  130. SP live at Tower Theater ProShot Video
  131. SP 2014 year in review
  132. Was Billy using amphetamines 2007-2008?
  133. Billy C quotes on Tool?
  134. An album between Siamese Dream and MCIS with the Gravity songs would've been amazing.
  135. ITT the worst things Billy has done in the studio to a song
  136. 2015 tour
  137. question about zwan songwriting credits
  138. Most real pumpkins videos on vevo app are missing
  139. How is it that Manson has more fans in 2014 than Billy / new album
  140. Jimmy on the shortlist for AC/DC if Rudd can't tour
  141. Corgan on Ask Anything Chat
  142. Billy Corgan: ‘The Smashing Pumpkins shouldn’t be an arty band anymore’
  143. New Complex Music This Year
  144. New complex music this year
  145. Who’s Career Would Billy Like To Have Had?
  146. Billy should team up with a hot-shit
  147. First post of 2015
  148. A sneak peak at the future of SP
  149. is Hippy Bob dead?
  150. Live Compilation - JC Playing Adore
  151. Has Billy ever worn a better coat than this?
  152. lol this article
  153. Is anyone else already bored with Monuments?
  154. This is the sound I've been singing my whole (fife) life
  155. Great Soundcheck recordings
  156. Suggestions to Billy for cover songs?
  157. Billy meets D'arcy - whats the deal here. Dan Reed Network or John Busher Access
  158. Remember this?
  159. Day for Night: album thread
  160. New BC Interview with DiS: "Show me in this culture where I've ever been celebrated"
  161. Here's to the Atom Bomb in 666 Video
  162. When I listen to Blank Page I can't help but hear the old pedophile from Family Guy
  163. MTAE Lyrics?
  164. Does anyone else feel like they've listened to so much SP it doesn't even sound....
  165. Gems Of Zwan, Djali, True Poets Of
  166. Putting Billy Corgan's career in context...
  167. Highlights from the Mike/Nicole era
  168. Being Beige Music Video
  169. James Iha - Speed Of Love V. SP's Being Beige
  170. billy sums up his entire MO
  171. Best SP Love Songs
  172. Daydream Appreciation Thread
  173. ohhhh, Annie-Dog is about BDSM
  174. To Sheila - Live
  175. Say Billy writes a song as good as 1979 again
  176. You have to listen to 1 SP album the rest of your life, you pick?
  177. What's the more egregious problem in this video?
  178. Billy needs to re-record Starz
  179. Can you name your favorite song of all time?
  180. Kick A piano cover of Cherub Rock
  181. Why can't you post the word '*******'
  182. I'd really like it if James Iha recorded a studio version of "Mayonaise "
  183. Ohhh, the whole band is a performance piece about dealing with child abuse
  184. ST #420510485430985
  185. No watchmojo, I do NOT agree with your list...
  186. Getting SPLRA back up
  187. Manson Esquire Interview: Courtney Love and Supposed Fallout w/Corgan Elaborated
  188. ITT we post the best spacey Pumpkins songs
  189. MCIS 8-bit
  190. Kim Gordon: "Billy Corgan, whom nobody liked because he was such a crybaby"
  191. Did any of you go to the Creativity Class?
  192. Alternate Versions of Songs
  193. Anyone catch 'Today' featured in the new Chloe Grace Moretz movie
  194. Luna
  195. Spot the odd one out
  196. New Jimmy interview in 'The Drummer's Journal'
  197. (Alternate) Adore
  198. Official live bootlegs of original band? Will it ever happen?
  199. Do you think SP's music is idealistic?
  200. Koko and Trabando Dec 2014
  201. serious question for new (post-2007) fans
  202. Earphoria Questions
  203. Billy Corgan eats too many hot dogs
  204. Tales of a Scorched Earth Clean Vocals Version?
  205. Drum + Fife (next video single)
  206. David Pajo suicide note
  207. Landslide
  208. if TAFH really was a 7" vinyl box set
  209. Gravity Demos Appreciation Thread
  210. What do other folks think of SP?
  211. Billy is a Rock Icon
  212. Wut...
  213. Smashing Pumpkins Lollapalooza 1994 in Philly
  214. examples of billy playing the heel
  215. most touching moments 1988-2000
  216. This is the best Billy has sounded on 1979 since... a long time.
  217. post pumpkin gifs you made
  218. List of pumpkins-related sayings
  219. James Iha Remixes
  220. slow dawn appreciation thread
  221. "We are, always have been, and always will be the Smashing Pumpkins."
  222. Memorabilia - Nothing Earth Shattering, Trade for Rare Boots
  223. Andrew, when are we going to get a front page update on what's happening with SP?
  224. Nicole talks about her departure it was not mutual by any means
  225. Post band members fucking up live
  226. bets on the machina reissue street date
  227. Are the Pumpkins the best thing to listen to while high/drunk?
  228. Billy and Bowie
  229. Tonight's performance on Seth Meyers
  230. Post band members fucking up their lives
  231. Show me where in this culture Billy Corgan has celebrated someone else.
  232. Any old Listessa members here? lol!
  233. Major issue with the live archive
  234. Wigs
  235. Sometimes I'm reminded of why I used to like this band so much
  236. Billy: The future of the Smashing Pumpkins is kinda murky
  237. unleashing fury
  238. Just heard the new album
  239. semi-interesting trivia concerning run shaker life and david pajo
  240. silverfuck.exe
  241. Plausibly remake the GH album for 2015 - limited to 18 tracks
  242. Pre gish material
  243. new(?) video of 1992-09-06
  244. SP1 live backing vocals
  245. Peace + Love
  246. Make a track-listing for the worst ever SP songs compilation
  247. what lines from MCIS are ripped off from Elie Wiesel?
  248. Thru the Eyes of Ruby Appreciation Thread
  249. Is Jeff Doing It On Purpose?
  250. Happy Birthday James Iha