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  1. Haha. No.
  2. Think we have enough mods?
  3. Who are you voting for in this election?
  4. Does Karl Rove piss you off?
  5. For whom are you voting this election?
  6. What's the real influence of those war dead pics in America?
  7. Looking the other way...
  8. ITT, we discuss how much better the United States is than Canada
  9. Which of the Election Board Mods is Least Qualified for the Position
  10. A leaflet dropped on Fallujah today reads:
  11. I like the way this board is going.
  12. what's okay for the veep isn't okay for anyone else
  13. okay to start a war, but criminal to fight in one
  14. John Kerry: "I threw away my Vietnam Medals; wait, no I didn't"
  15. what you'll vote
  16. Great Britain not sending more troops?
  17. Was the A-bomb necessary?
  18. a more general politics thread.
  19. So, Bush testifying with Cheney...
  20. the economy
  21. Promoting democracy
  22. Iraquis Surveyed
  23. call me crazy
  24. Ok, everyone, let's get this Clinton thing straight so you can stop misusing it.
  25. Wow. George W. bought ad space on Netphoria!
  26. election 04 forum??
  27. Sen. Edwards will be on Imus in the Morning today
  28. Hey, look
  29. Kerry Begins Veep Background Checks
  30. Photos appear to show U.S. troops abusing Iraqi prisoners
  31. 2003 had the lowest number of international terrorist attacks since '69
  32. ..and in the end the US is still a bunch of greedy pricks.
  33. Bush defends 'major combat operations over' speech
  34. So we all know who you feel should win the election...
  35. april - highest U.S. casualties yet in the war on iraq
  36. Nightline's "The Fallen": Tribute or propaganda?
  37. another plan by Bush
  38. john mccain is an american hero
  39. iran says "pay up" for weapons aid
  40. had clinton won a 3rd term
  41. cuba v. osama
  42. Bush administration deleting and altering files on gender issues
  43. a memo from an official of the CPA
  44. Who would you rather vote for?
  45. Does it alarm any of you bush supporters how secretive this administration is?
  46. Bush Cabal Wants To Draft Women & Raise Age Limit To 34
  47. Bush Cabal Wants To Draft Women & Raise Age Limit To 34
  48. Does everyone agree that a draft would be bad?
  49. Perhaps if this War was fought like a War...
  50. Michael Moore's new film
  51. War editorial
  52. I really hate how George W. Bush is a "Texan" to the whole nation.
  53. Roy Moore still mulling run for presidency
  54. Context, outrage, and the War in Iraq (NSFW)
  55. Bush-Cheney 2004: This Time, We'll Win!
  56. ifamericansknew
  57. Poor Rummy might be on the way out
  58. Why do voters favor progressive positions but elect conservative leaders?
  59. George W. Bush - The Education President
  60. More bad economic news for Kerry
  61. Political fallout of an unpopular war.
  62. Iraq: One year later, how is it?
  63. Colin Powell and administrative decision-making
  64. The military's favorite excuse: "I was just following orders!"
  65. Those who vote Democrat are smarter and better informed
  66. Attn: Machina addict and other Canadians of interest...
  67. did anyone else find it offensive when...
  68. could this be rumsfelds end?
  69. ...and so the unprofessionalism of our US military strikes again.
  70. can we all agree on one thing?
  71. Mandela, in Farewell Speech, Slams Iraq War
  72. In a much better world...
  73. Manifest Destiny Rides Again
  74. is there any way the democrats could nominate someone besides John Kerry?
  75. Iraq torture photos, some claimed staged...
  76. The Best-Laid Plans Go Oft Astray
  77. If I read one more story cut and paste on this board ...
  78. Is this a State or Defense occupation?
  79. Instant runoff voting...(be careful?)
  80. Rumsfeld admits Iraq mission could fail
  81. so who said what happened in abu gharab...
  82. Who is hotter?
  83. ATTN: mods
  84. Castro leads huge anti-American march in Cuba
  85. The Daily Mirror faked Iraqi abuse pictures.
  86. Beheading might have been staged by coilition?
  87. So, Rumsfeld approved operations that led to the prisoner abuse
  88. Rimshot!: CIA Wrong on Iraq 'Mobile Labs,' Powell Says
  89. If you want to read about Iraq from somebody actually there...
  90. the irony. it burns. economy.
  91. how John Kerry is more stupid than George Bush...
  92. Ahmad Chalabi's house gets raided
  93. is this race boring to you?
  94. WMD, anyone?
  95. From a liberal's perspective.
  96. President of the U.S. too drunk to stay on bicycle, falls over and pukes.
  97. so do you think bush really has a chance this time?
  98. Wow, our military leaders suck!!!
  99. How many people from the Bush administration does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  100. So, did anyone watch the speech?
  101. What do you get when you combine a lying politician and a dishonest lawyer?
  102. Summer terrorist attack planned?
  103. do you think you could get away with forming a Repulbican or Demorcat party?
  104. has anyone heard of/experienced this first hand?
  105. when has an incumbent not run for re-election?
  106. late night shows comments on prisoner absue scandal
  107. Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005
  108. The same people who...
  109. Another reason why John Kerry won't win the election
  110. Kerry + McCain would regulate all of your buttocks
  111. hey politico peeps!
  112. Dennis Miller is a tool
  113. experts on the electoral process: enlighten me
  114. Polish soldiers accused of the prison abuse
  115. It's funny how the right continues to bitch about the liberal media.
  116. remember that drudge report about the kerry intern?
  117. Back From Iraq...
  118. Bush compares Iraq, terror wars to World War II
  119. tell me about george soros.
  120. So, George Tenet resigns...
  121. Economy adds another 248,000 jobs in May
  122. Question about taxes and the military
  123. since i have no political knowledge i will recommend political funneh
  124. Rand Beers Leaves To Protest Admin.
  125. this election period is BOR-RING
  126. U.S. Congressional race fundraising controversy
  127. Congressman moving to put Reagan on $10
  128. Ashcroft refusing to give up docurments pertaining to torture...
  129. Canadians: What do you feel about a most likely Conservative government?
  130. EU Parliament elections
  131. How misleading and deceptive is this quote?
  132. UK Elections
  133. UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after
  134. Affirmative action.
  135. A joke from the Democratic Divas meeting
  136. It's as though Bush doesnt really want to win...
  137. hey, so how is arnold doing in his first term then?
  138. Global Economic Power, the U.S. Economy, and Iraq
  139. I love how Bush "waffles" more than Kerry, but won't admit it.
  140. so is everyone a bleeding heart liberal here?
  141. Hate Crimes
  142. Do you think there will be a lot of riots if Bush wins?
  143. commission report
  144. Whelp, they beheaded another guy
  145. What a big day: Brussels agrees on EU constitution
  146. MTV's Choose or Lose: Ask the President anything
  147. Campaign strategy
  148. son ron lambasts the w campaign
  149. Clinton interview video
  150. looney jihadists behead south korean, americans bomb parking lot
  151. fahreinheit 9/11 rated for over 17 years old only
  152. article post: msnbc "CIA insider says U.S. fighting wrong war"
  153. swearing on the floors of congress
  154. moores film in a theater near you
  155. Green Party Snubs Nader
  156. Welcome to our new sovereign nation, Iraq!
  157. Propoganda posters
  158. do you read literature from both the right and left?
  159. Vote Conservative tonight and kill a kitten
  160. i love how the right shot down this speech without actually arguing any of its points
  161. Here's some good news.
  162. Anybody see or hear the Bush interview last week with the aggressive irish reporter?
  163. Republican National Convention Schedule
  164. this is probably ancient
  165. David Hager.
  166. Top secret Dem VP report
  167. vote jjb '04
  168. NSFW - The rules. (This thread IS safe for work)
  169. Staff Assistant gets fired for having sex with Bush appointee for money and...
  170. reading the bill clinton book
  171. I wish I worked for Haliburton.
  172. Kerry picks his Veep tomorrow (Tuesday)
  173. Foriegn Policy vs. Domestic Policy
  174. Edwards is just another scumbag lawyer.
  175. Get your free Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker here
  176. Remove Your Bush for Kerry
  177. People voting for Kerry
  178. Bush asked to dump Cheney
  179. High terror risk before election
  180. Note about the U.S. Supreme Court justices...
  181. in a nutshell, this is why i support kerry/edwards
  182. Film - Orwell Rolls in His Grave
  183. former thread... call me crazy
  184. Pentagon: Bush Military Records Destroyed
  185. Senate report on Iraq intelligence failure
  186. would you work for a govt. intelligence agency?
  187. http://www.johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway.c om/
  188. Is the gay marriage issue going to be a factor in your voting in this election?
  189. How We Got Into This Imperial Pickle: A PNAC Primer
  190. How about Bush give a speech NOT about the "madman, evil-doers and WMDs"
  191. Doctor accidentally aborts a fetus- not charged.
  192. On postponing elections due to terrorist attacks... Germany did that once...
  193. Well, Bush just lost the black vote...
  194. Bush didn't lie about WMD
  195. Iraq/Al Queda - isthe media misleading you?
  196. Dave Chappelle on the Election & America
  197. I'm going to make a prediction:
  198. 9 questions
  199. "Freedom is coming to get you."
  200. stupid political correctness can suck nuts
  201. Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:
  202. John Kerry: Blue-collar everyman!
  203. funny non-partisan flash animation
  204. Bush authorizes arms sale to Iraq
  205. Pro-War Activists Threaten to Behead Filipinos
  206. Bush v. Kerry: Electoral College scenarios
  207. 2004 Electoral Vote Predictor
  208. A question for those of you residing in the swing states...
  209. we live in an oligarchy...
  210. Terror in the skies, again?
  211. Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
  212. Ever stop to think how much we spend on the pres/VP (strange story from my mom)
  213. Who do you think has the inside track this week?
  214. well, i finally saw "Farenheit 9/11"
  215. Barack Obama
  216. Man, polls are weird.
  217. Ugh, Ann Coulter.
  218. I thought Clinton bodyslammed George Bush last night with his DNC speech.
  219. regarding Kerry's wife
  220. What up. Another Al Gore Speech.
  221. Sean Hannity at the DNC
  222. Michael Moore on Bill O'Reilly tonight
  223. I've given up on being civil.
  224. I fucking hate goddamn flip floppers.
  225. I don't understand how anyone can be against stem cell research
  226. I'm really sick of Ted Kennedy
  227. Al Sharpton is THE man.
  228. Mo Rocca's commentary
  229. I'm jumping in the political ring
  230. Five reasons to fear the Democratic party
  231. Cate, Elizabeth, and John Edwards last night
  232. Do you really think Kerry's speech tonight will make or break him....
  233. Chris Nowinski (former WWF wrestler) on the DNC
  234. "We will double our armed forces to conduct terrorist operations."
  235. Go balloons! Go balloons!
  236. My name is John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty.
  237. How did kerry do
  238. Will the oil companies and the general American elite allow Bush to lose in November?
  239. Michael Moore sued by paper for using fake headline in F/911
  240. John Kerry, you are my president
  241. George, you tire me.
  242. Barack Obama is the anti-christ
  243. Voters: What party are you registered under?
  244. FoxNews
  245. Bands Against Bush
  246. does anybody see the unbelievable irony in this?
  247. 11,000 dead since May 2003
  248. Anyone played/heard of Frontrunner?
  249. Help: Liberal needs news channel
  250. Assault Weapons Ban expires this year. good or bad?