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  1. lisa marie presley.
  2. Hey Jesse Miller, look at what I bought
  3. Afghan Whigs' "Gentleman"
  4. Cds/DVDs I bought today
  5. CAT POWER @ Opera House 04/13/03
  6. In the span of two weeks...
  7. How are Sloan?
  8. that new sigur ros soundtrack thing
  9. Field Day Festivil
  10. The Swirlies
  11. Hey TimRoss, look at what I bought
  12. pedro the lion as 'paperback'
  13. hey eyesbomb, look
  14. anyone heard of jack johnson?
  15. Leaves Turn Inside You appreciation post
  16. anyone think weiland singing with ex-GNR crew would be cool?
  17. White Stripes album is the best so far this year
  18. Pick A Music Festival You'd Go To Above All
  19. holy moly! (Yes another Hail to the Thief thread)
  20. what happened to the new pete yorn is $5.99 topic?
  21. mogwai tour dates
  22. The Flaming Lips in Athens, 4/15/03
  23. albums that prove drug use can be productive
  24. wtf? Cardigans new album?
  25. Anyone hear anything about Radiohead at Beacon Theater?
  26. soulseek
  27. CDs I got this week, cos I haven't done this for a while(04/17)
  29. Modest Mouse Interviews
  30. Jeevas
  31. 'Happy Music For Happy People' Opinions
  32. New........Deftones - Minerva
  33. Ryan Adams info
  34. Guess who my old drummer has been touring around with
  35. placebo, new album????????
  36. Field Day
  37. hail to the theif album cover
  38. Well now that we've had some time to digest it...Where do you rank Hail to the Thief?
  39. Anthrax (new album): We've come for you all
  40. Uncle Tupelo Re-Releases
  41. Jerry Cantrell/AIC fans?
  42. beck touring with dashboard confessional
  43. the hidden cameras reviewed at pitchfork- 8.1
  44. I just saw the Flaming Lips last night
  45. Quite the week: two excellent shows in a row
  46. death cab
  47. You know you're just so scared to lose
  48. Modest Mouse new album update, some stuff on Jeremy
  49. The Jayhawks- Rainy Day Music
  50. i'm catching up with whatever you guys like. i think.
  51. the new american analog set disc is unreal
  52. United States of Whatever
  53. Loudermilk/Cyclefly/Scheer appreciation thread
  54. Will I see any of you on the 29th in Columbus?
  55. why o why (BRMC)
  56. recommend scores from movies please.
  57. appetite for destruction vs nothings shocking
  58. i'm seeing bjork
  59. Obligatory Semi-Weekly R.E.M. Thread: "Up"
  60. Ex-Girl + Hanin Elias
  61. what is this song?
  62. the Black Eyes
  63. Chinese Democracy Leaked!
  64. Of Montreal - Aldhils Arboretum
  65. guitar setup question
  66. Nina Simone died
  67. Your favorite songs about Courtney Love
  68. New Standard Topic: now downloading?
  69. Song of the Day??
  70. Offspring to release Chinese Democracy
  71. "her majesty" - yay or nay?
  72. hey people who bought Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  73. some slow song suggestions please!
  74. September: Fantômas "Shaq Owns You"
  75. my paranoid android cover
  76. Your current favorite song from Hail To The Theif?
  77. "Flaming Lips - Fight Test" Single
  78. Your Favorite Album Covers
  79. Scott Stapp sued for drunken Creed concert
  80. Who is Finch?
  81. Madonna site hacked- serves that bitch right!!!
  82. I spent $93.96 today
  83. do some work: recommend me music
  84. once again, I ask what upcoming shows are you going to?
  85. Wilco pictures - Dekalb 4/21
  86. Silver Jews appreciation
  87. White Stripes on Conan
  88. The Troggs Tape
  89. Weird Al- Poodle Hat
  90. cat power
  91. OT:Time for a musicians forum?
  92. New Jane's Addiction Album
  93. king crimson
  94. jason mraz - the remedy (i wont worry)
  95. how come no one ever told me how good the pixies are?
  96. rem/wilco
  97. i almost hate to say it but "is this it" is the first classic album of 21st century
  98. Moby - My Weakness
  99. recommend me some funky shit
  100. Sinead O'Connor To Retire From Music
  101. has paz officially left apc or is she gonna moonlight?
  102. so what's the new Set Fire To Flames like
  103. Musicians: post a link to your band's website
  104. Fever to Tell is gonna be as big as Nevermind
  105. New SFA album leaked...
  106. need help with naming 2 songs
  107. The Albums that Suck!
  108. Discuss: Reckoning is better than Murmur
  109. Listen
  110. What song did the White Stripes play on Conan last night?
  111. sigur rós + radiohead
  112. I like that Ataris song (so sue me)
  113. is that netphoria ftp still around?
  114. recommend some indie shit thats actually good!
  115. What is the gayest Belle and Sebastian song?
  116. yeah yeah yeahs
  117. a few of the discs I bought in the past week (04/27)
  118. The Dears
  119. Qotsa @ coachella
  120. aarktica - pure tone audiometry
  121. Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks
  122. Is this old news?
  123. who wants a copy of my folk album?
  124. DJ Drank's Greatest Malt Liquor Hits
  125. Hey, you guys like CDs?
  126. Art-Rock bands.. .
  127. Tom Waits
  128. Saw Denali over the
  129. Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle
  130. The Mars Volta, yay/nay?
  131. Happy Birthday Kim Gordon 4/28/53
  132. Nas - "Get Down"
  133. the transplants - 'diamonds and guns'
  134. Cunninlynguists - southernunderground
  135. Raw power appreciation post
  136. Am I the only one in the whole goddamn world who dislikes Pearl Jam?
  137. Who is your one single favorite composer?
  138. White Stripes Warfield night one
  139. Polyphonic Spree on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!
  140. You're the only one I've ever told that I will rape this day
  141. R.E.M. - Document II "confirmed" by Peter Buck
  142. mew
  143. I saw the flaming lips last night
  144. howie day - the madrigals EP
  145. R.E.M. World Tour 2003: where?
  146. need help with a song (more info this time!)
  147. flogging molly
  148. Selling My Lake Butler Mitigator
  149. how do you get rid of your unwanted cds?
  150. Calling all Melissa Auf der Maur fans for a video project
  151. Ok then, who is Masha Qrella?
  152. your guitar/bass paint or sticker jobs?
  153. Awesome Songs Under 2 Minutes
  154. holy shit, listen to this alternate take of 'seven nation army'
  155. Becks Tour Band
  156. grandaddy's secrect album
  157. pete yorn at riviera last night
  158. Meshuggah's in town tonight
  159. Who will be at Zwan in Cinci tomorrow?
  160. Lightning Bolt
  161. fuck fuCK FUCK
  162. slow dawn playing?
  163. favourite faith no more album?
  164. rank the songs on Revolver
  165. What other Music Message Boards do you go too?
  166. recommend me some good funk
  167. life and how to live it > pretty persuasion
  168. recommend me some jazz
  169. Does anyone here actually read sawdust restraunt's posts?
  170. recomend some songs from the following:
  171. Pearl Jam 5.3.03
  172. Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
  173. Dirty Three - 05/03/03 - Vancouver
  174. New Blinker the Star
  175. Ataris / Juliana Theory
  176. The Virgins????
  177. Vibracathedral orchestra
  178. I saw the Blood Brothers yesterday
  179. Anyone know the name of this classic rock song?
  180. Your 5 Favorite Radiohead Songs
  181. Cds for me this week
  182. surprise, surprise (Blur vs. Radiohead!??!!)
  183. Avril Lavigne's Success Has Opened the Door for Female Rockers
  184. my university newspaper printed my first ever cd review! read it here
  185. Hail To The Thief Customer Service Hotline
  186. Live concerts: ticket prices going crazy
  187. the war on errorism
  188. new music west 2003
  189. courtney love's new band
  190. Instant Live?
  191. Interesting: Stankonia is apparently the best-reviewed album of the 2000s
  192. Supersilent
  193. And just when you think all the retrorock couldn't get anymore retro....
  194. Tell me the address to a record store where...
  195. anyone else like Zykos?
  196. Anyone heard of AM Radio?
  197. To guitar-equipment savvy people willing to help
  198. Pearl Jam Tour DVD!
  199. Everything Eminem touches becomes overexposed
  200. Weird Al's "Poodle Hat" Tracklisting
  201. umm... there is something very wrong with my copy of Think Tank
  202. Avril Lavigne's Success Has Made People Realize that Women Don't Belong in Music
  203. (this song is just) six words long
  204. Fountains of Wayne news
  205. ATTN: Music News and Discussion board readers
  206. broadcast just kicked my ass
  207. ok seriously, what are your three favorite pearl jam songs
  208. Mogwai's Happy Songs for Happy People - Best album of the year so far?
  209. Who's going to an upcoming Pearl Jam concert?
  210. Hey Bjork fans!
  211. QOTSA Start Recording In Fall
  212. Evanescence
  213. 'doolittle' and 'surfer rosa' fit on one CD
  214. I think I like The Bends better than OKC or Kid A
  215. blood brothers live
  216. cave in is gonna be on 2nd stage of lollapalooza
  217. Sinead O'Connor to teach religion
  218. The Eagles of Death Metal
  219. I like PH better than TB, OKC, KA, or A.
  220. Ben Folds Five appreciation thread
  221. my vitriol are in the studio
  222. dean wareham + britta phillips
  223. radiohead "there there" video
  224. Funniest electronic music
  225. Album of the year.Katatonia-viva emptiness.
  226. What is the buzz with the new Zwan video?
  227. chicago - does anybody really know what time it is?
  228. my new songs!
  229. Help me find some new bands
  230. sigur ros almost made my friend cry
  231. the hidden cameras invade europe.
  232. Fuck, tthis hasn't happened to me since i first heard blank page back in 98...
  233. Who here likes country music?
  234. recommend me some stuff by the pastels
  235. If I like the Adore techno type sound...
  236. Bands that have dropped out of art school?
  237. Petition in support of Neko Case in Playboy
  238. when's the final fucking radiohead going to leak? :(
  239. I bought over 120 records today.
  240. st# 456986.1 - Latest Mix CD
  241. Largest Beatle's concert ever..
  242. what should i download?
  243. New Deftones album review in RS
  244. Songs best played on drugs!
  245. New Jeff Buckley Release
  246. Lenny Kravitz- Dig In
  247. new spiritualized album now on soulseek
  248. Cage - Agent Orange
  249. m83
  250. New White Stripes Album