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  1. nick cave is pretty great
  2. The Airborne Toxic Event is about to play on Letterman
  3. jon hassell
  4. The new Depeche Mode has leaked and it's awesome.
  5. new sigur ros
  6. new Strokes album is awesome
  7. What are everyones thoughts on Tame Impala?
  8. What, no My Chemical Romance breaking up thread?
  9. Vampire Weekend - Step
  10. Any Rush fans here?
  11. New Yeah Yeah Yeahs song
  12. stream of new Cold War Kids album
  13. new boards of canada album is coming
  14. Albums with the highest difference in quality between cover and content
  15. omar s - thank you for letting me be myself
  16. What do you think of this band?
  17. Chi Cheng is dead
  18. Deerhunter - Monomania
  19. Placebo - Black Market Blood
  20. New MGTM single "Alien Days"
  21. those people that excitedly yell out the band names of common records while flipping
  22. Mac MP3 players?
  23. new Mark Kozelek - Perils from the Sea
  24. Do you ever feel like
  25. Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest
  26. Neutral Milk Hotel reuniting and touring
  27. Dandy Warhols playing 13 Tales in its entirety in concert
  28. ITT: talk about how Tamaryn "Tender New Signs" is the best shoegaze since Souvlaki
  29. Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey
  30. guys, d/l this. some of the best soul/r&b i've ever heard.
  31. M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
  32. New Dillinger Escape Plan leaked
  33. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
  34. Fall Out Boy: Stupid lyrics or the stupidest lyrics?
  35. Who is the worst band right now
  36. Kanye West
  37. Gotye
  38. Why isn't there a thread for the leak of ... Like Clockwork on the front page?
  39. Savages - Silence Yourself
  40. Did ya'll know about this "Live on KEXP" studio performance?
  41. Tim Minchin's Matilda
  42. The new Deafheaven album is balls out amazing
  43. rockabilly
  44. Linkin Park singer is now the singer for Stone Temple Pilots; the band sues Weiland
  45. Editors' singer says new album was influenced by REM and Arcade Fire
  46. TV On The Radioi debut new song 'Mercy'
  47. New NIN album is finished and "frankly fucking great"
  48. Liam Gallagher's band Beady Eye
  49. new qotsa
  50. So even U2 at their dullest are still better than the Police?
  51. promising ideas
  52. Siouxsie And the Banshees
  53. Kim Deal leaves The Pixies
  54. new band that sounds like Talking Heads
  55. new post-punk: White Lies - Getting Even
  56. Anyone ever see Tame Impala live?
  57. Songs About Time - songs skipping?
  58. Black Sabbath 13
  59. animal collective thread
  60. So is Kanye's Yeezus a game changer like Kid A?
  61. Which active band right now has the best consistently good/great discography?
  62. The band Yuck as we know it is over. Daniel Blumberg has left the group.
  63. Joy Formidable-Wolf's Law: 20 years after Siamese Dream
  64. PIXIES: Bagboy
  65. Great interview with producer Rick Rubin
  66. 2013 so far
  67. So Jay-Z's new album drops tomorrow...
  68. Post some free jazz/noise improv here
  69. Kanye West selling $120.00 t-shirts
  70. The Weeknd samples Portishead on new song "Belong To The World"
  71. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  72. i just learned that semi-charmed life is about methamphetamine
  73. Love the Brady Bunch dress...
  74. Johnny Hates Jazz / Spandau Ballet
  75. the human league
  76. Can anyone transfer a cassette tape to digital file for me?
  77. Yung Lean (recommended for Graveflower)
  78. itt: Some fucking energy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  79. MY Vitriol to release second album in 1999
  80. ex-wu-lyf frontman's new thing
  81. Urgent News from Natn'l Enquirer: Johnny Rzeznik dead at 39
  82. boss music
  83. I could make a great EP out Reggatta De Blanc / Ghost in the Machine
  84. whats your favorite new order song
  85. ITT the best lyricists
  86. Kanye & Beatles mashup album
  87. 2 High 2 Die Tour
  88. Lady Gaga - Artpop (all haters banned from thread)
  89. Kitchens of Distinction to release new album in September
  90. the germs
  91. Anyone with Apple TV?
  92. punk documentary
  93. new neko case
  94. Drumgasm (Matt Cameron, Zach Hill & Janet Weiss)
  95. Easily the coolest music related find I've had in a really long time. (Elliot Smith)
  96. deap vally
  97. what are some songs with sick drum breaks like this
  98. this guy that I know on Soulseek
  99. new wave mix cds I made recently
  100. For me album of the year looks to be a three way tie
  101. Elvis Costello and the Roots recorded an album together
  102. new Arcade Fire Reflektor
  103. MGMT - MGMT. The new album is out.
  104. new Mazzy Star / Yuck
  105. boysetsfire - After the Eulogy
  106. video of Damon Albarn performing in Africa
  107. majical cloudZ
  108. itt post songs you like by artists you don't
  109. Anyone here ever see Deerhunter live?
  110. fans of The Verve: a band called Exit Calm
  111. Raffi's top listeners on
  112. I need drinking songs
  113. lighting up a bowl and laying down the latest black slab of dead c (armed courage)
  114. Greatest opening lyrics to songs
  115. 2013 In Utero Mixes
  116. superchill
  117. Awwwwww yeah, got myself some floor seats to Kanye's Yeezus tour
  118. Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music
  119. please recommend me some slow loud guitar music
  120. In Utero reissue and Albinis proposal letter
  121. Anyone like contemporary country music?
  122. Drake - Connect
  123. Janelle Monae
  124. "I'm dying" "is it blissful?" "It's like a dream"
  125. New songs from Lauryn Hill
  126. anyone down for another mix exchange?
  127. The Drums - Portamento
  128. ITT: albums which will be met with skepticism but which you think others should try
  129. so i'm going to see neutral milk hotel tomorrow
  130. so i'm going to see television
  131. Luscious Jackson are back together
  132. netphoria mix xchange 2013 official thread and signups!
  133. The Weeknd performing on Letterman
  134. I'm looking for bands/artists that sound like this
  135. When did Vampire Weekend turn into a soft rock/AOR band?
  136. Vinyl Question
  137. John Legend is the new Lionel Richie
  138. I don't even care if it's early november i'm going to start a best of 2013 thread
  139. "If you like _____ then you'll probably like _____" thread
  140. Odd Future's female member
  141. What are your favorite Catherine Wheel songs?
  142. New Stephen Malkmus single "Lariat".
  143. emotional hardcore thread
  144. Is pitchfork still relevant?
  145. Simon Le Bon says Robin Thicke made a mistake with Blurred Lines video
  146. groups like Chvrches and Purity Ring being embraced by indie music fans
  147. Chet Baker
  148. hey.
  149. Your Top 15 Albums of 2013? The time has arrived.
  150. OFFICIAL: Your Top 15 Albums of 2013
  151. Is it too early in the decade for a best Generation Y band thread?
  152. i'm starting to think that everything Bert Jansch put out is good
  153. you know that saying that goes "you're either a stone or a beatle"
  154. The Killers - Shot At The Night
  155. The Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You
  156. ITT post your favorite voices
  157. Nat King Cole vs. Ray Charles
  158. Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines & School of Seven Bells dead of cancer.
  159. Best song titles you encountered in 2013
  160. Pixies EP 2 is out, and it SUCKS
  161. BEYONCE
  162. BIG STAR
  163. OUTKAST playing Coachella
  164. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Wig Out at Jagbags
  165. How come Scout Niblett never gets any love?
  166. music and excitement
  167. Does anyone here have any expierence with Fruity Loops?
  169. We Are Scientists / Hot Hot Heat
  170. Crockett and Tubbs riding a speedboat mix cd
  171. Since Kanye West has already established himself as the greatest hip hop artist ever,
  172. bonnaroo 2014
  173. Skinny Puppy bills DoJ for using its Music as a Torture Device
  174. did you guys know that the song "sanctified" by nin is about smoking crack
  175. Here's some spam, against my better judgement...
  176. Soulsavers
  177. new Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots
  178. This one's for you audio engineers out there - Alan Moulder on Loveless
  179. Scott Weiland reminds me so much of Jim Morrison
  180. I'm into lounge music now.
  181. Elijah Blue Allman auditioned for Nine Inch Nails as guitarist
  182. Chino Moreno's new band Crosses
  183. i really like titus andronicus
  184. Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" remixed by the Weeknd
  185. Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - Enter the Slasher House
  186. Kanye, Drake, and Kid Cudi
  187. Beck - Morning Phase
  188. Men At Work - Cargo / The English Beat - Special Beat Service
  189. new Elbow album, new Coldplay single
  190. How big would MGMT be right now if they didn't make the conscious decision to not
  191. hey guys remember this
  192. kerrang top 100 "of today"
  193. One of my favorite songs/videos from an underrated Canadian artist
  194. Tame Impala cover Michael Jackson's song "Stranger In Moscow"
  195. Comsat Angels - Land
  196. Sun Kil Moon - Benji
  197. so this is kinda bullshit right?
  198. Brian Molko had a lot of issues with Without You I'm Nothing
  199. "Edge is one of the best guitarists ever,pity he's had to work with Bono for so long"
  200. Shitty emo bands who have a good song or 2
  201. dear slunken
  203. Paul Banks interview
  204. Live Nation announced Kanye postponing Australian tour to finish new album.
  205. One for Nirvana/Hole Fans
  206. Millencolin
  207. Peter Gabriel inducted into Rock Hall of Fame by Chris Martin
  208. Can someone explain Aerosmith's success in the 90s?
  209. The Cure - Standing on a Beach - DL code up for grabs!
  210. Favourite "classical" pieces/composers
  211. I've hit middle age as far as my taste in music
  212. Record Store Day 2014
  213. new Michael Jackson album "Xscape" has leaked
  214. Anybody have any live Jeff Tweedy?
  215. What did you think of Outkast at coachella?
  216. There are 6 metal bands by the name of Incubus
  217. D.M.: Exciter vs. Delta Machine
  218. Gandharvas: Awesome 90's Canadian Alt Rock
  219. the way Synchronicity should have been
  220. found some rap i can ride for - chicago based
  221. weird Deftones interview from years ago
  222. Musicians whose deaths effected you?
  223. iggy azalea vs. skrewdriver
  224. Opener for Sonic Youth 2001-2003?
  225. Stewart Copeland's feelings about blues and jazz
  226. I like Arctic Monkeys
  227. anybody up for tg24
  228. Coldplay - Sky Full Of Stars
  229. I could listen to "Sister Ray" 24/7
  232. GHOST DAD
  233. Some guys try to pick up girls and get.called assholes
  234. the delta mirror
  235. Phantom Planet's 2004 self titled album
  236. To Be Kind
  237. i really have to share this
  238. dudes its time to crawl out of the basement
  239. Your favorite band that no one ever talks about/knows about
  240. Swedish band that sounds a lot like the Cure
  241. new Pains of Being Pure At Heart album: Days of Abandon
  242. jangle jangle