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  1. Brian Eno's brother Roger Eno
  2. Ten Stories by Mewithoutyou (best rock album of 2012 possibility)
  3. So I just found out I might get to see 2 of my idolic musical legends that I never
  4. Should I see the Dandy Warhols in late May?
  5. successful remasters
  6. Stream the new Santigold album here...
  7. One of the guys from Das Racist just released the best rap album of the year
  8. Beast Boys album Licensed to Ill
  9. Burial - Ashtray wasp
  10. For people that like the Weeknd: Jamie Woon
  11. sampling vocals only?
  12. SIlversun Pickups - Neck of the woods (streaming)
  13. I am seeing Civil Twilight tomorrow
  14. Headphones Nerd Discussion
  15. ABBA.
  16. The new Passion Pit single is pretty damn good
  17. Album closers
  18. I'm stuck in a musical rut, desperately need recommendations
  19. Opeth
  20. albums that look like what they sound like
  21. lyrics that hit
  22. We Are Augustines
  23. Why haven't the Magnetic Fields made a solid album since 1995?
  24. music inspired by the pumpkins
  25. Jay-Z's Made In America Festival in Philly
  26. is kill for love the best album this year
  27. japandroids - celebration rock
  28. slunken request
  29. Been watching a lot of acoustic Kills videos on youtube lately
  30. When bands that you like start to mature with age
  31. New Sun Kil Moon – Among the Leaves
  32. When bands that you like don't mature with age
  33. A Place to Bury Strangers - Worship (2012)
  34. Vinyl Folks - god fucking dammit
  35. Shiner reunion
  36. Crocodiles - Endless Flowers (2012)
  37. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Americana
  38. I wasn't prepared for how awesome the video for Frank Ocean's "Swim Good" would be
  39. ITT: the most unique artist you can think of
  40. new two gallants record, september 4, 2012
  41. best rock vocalist since punk rock is
  42. Metric's new album has leaked
  43. meat is murder is the best smiths album
  44. local bands you think others should check out:
  45. thread to discuss trip-hop
  46. 200,000 disappointed people
  47. Tim Dog to release a greastest hits box set
  48. slunken this one's for you
  49. Ok so they are calling Twin Shadow the "black Morrissey"
  50. DIIV - Oshin
  51. the idler wheel...
  52. built to spill
  53. on a scale of 10 to 11 w/ 10 being wrong and 11 being correct how awesome is Refused?
  54. Paz Lenchantin's group The Entrance Band is pretty good.
  55. this is HOT shit
  56. is boutros bubba breaking up?
  57. Concerts You Regret NOT Going To?
  58. suede - suede
  59. Low
  60. David Bowie - Low
  61. outkast
  62. The best thing to come out of an artist selling out
  63. whenever i'm drunk i realize pixies are the best band ever
  64. this here live recording of gang of fours natural's not in it
  65. Spinoff: general drumming thread
  66. i do not own this
  67. example of dealing w/ a critical fan gracefully
  68. just got back into Secret Machines
  69. Soul
  70. my friend got the me neutral milk hotel vinyl box set
  71. question about daniel johnston cassettes
  72. this frank ocean album
  73. The Kills cover Fleetwood Mac
  74. Turntable related questions...
  75. joy electric and dancehouse children
  76. Channel Orange
  77. Regina Spektor – What We Saw From the Cheap Seats
  78. I just found this really great korean band
  79. New Swans "The Seer" August 28
  80. question for D. (mebbe)
  81. I just found this really great Japanese band.
  82. So I just bought a ticket for this...
  83. yamantaka // sonic titan
  84. yo la tengo
  85. here's a mixtape i made
  86. can we talk about how much fleetwood mac fucking own
  87. lower dens
  88. the Odd Future related group the Internet?
  89. Beach Boys Smile Sessions Boxset
  90. David Bowie / David Byrne / David Sylvian
  91. Things You Would Change About Specific Songs You Like
  92. yuck, for fans of pavement, smashing pumpkins and dinosaur jr
  93. If you like Cloud Nothings and noise-y hooks...
  94. Circa Survive - Violent Waves
  95. Kill For Love 2xLP is out
  96. i made another mix
  97. tamaryn
  98. Made In America was amazing.
  99. Ume
  100. so this genre called Witch House....
  101. itt: first-class music videos
  102. have you heard of hardcore
  103. good albums to fall asleep to
  104. Lilys
  105. Atoms for Peace - new single
  106. can we have a thread about traditional / folk / 'world' music?
  107. Just got tickets for Amon Tobin in Miami
  109. 28 minute album opener
  110. guys can we have a thread about meshuggah
  111. the new bob dylan album sucks and the album cover is terrible too
  112. Kreayshawn cracks me the fuck up.
  113. Courtney Love and Hugo Chavez
  114. Lets talk about this Amanda Palmer thing
  115. Jewel writes and performs song for Wal-Mart
  116. I have a crush on Santigold.
  117. Let's Talk About Yellow and Green
  118. i hate those days when nothing sounds good
  119. difficult band names
  120. farm aid ep 1985 (Neil Young)
  121. Until The Quiet Comes
  122. Is Grizzly Bear too lame for you guys?
  123. Muse - The Second Law?
  124. When you buy a record where do you go?
  125. how baller is this
  126. Afghan Whigs
  127. any Wye Oak fans?
  128. crystal castles III Nov. 5
  129. I recorded some music. wanna hear?
  131. 2012
  132. Texas Is The Reason
  133. so godspeed just put out an unannounced album last night
  134. Blut Aus Nord - Cosmosophy
  135. grateful dead
  136. Smells Like Teen Spirit almost had a good guitar solo
  137. List three albums for each year 2000-2012 that you think everyone should hear
  138. for fans of the beatles, big star and ok computer
  139. for fans of Mega Man and my bloody valentine
  140. New Joy Formidable single
  141. new tomahawk, with trevor dunn
  142. new Willy Mason single
  143. I just saw Godspeed
  144. Hanging out with SWANS
  145. How To Dress Well / JMSN: for fans of the Weeknd and Frank Ocean
  146. Let's have a thread about how Fugazi is the shit
  147. chelsea wolfe
  148. our last EP
  149. so it's been five years since in rainbows came out
  150. rolling "great songs" thread
  151. Been playing Hole songs...
  152. Give me 10 classic albums
  153. Lynyrd Skynard
  154. November: new Deftones, Soundgarden, Tyler the Creator and the Weeknd
  155. Fucking Silversun Pickups rip off Kill Hannah
  156. The new Paul Banks album is surprisingly good
  157. For Opera de Nuit
  158. New Jamie XX tune - Lion (Four Tet) remix
  159. this is pretty fresh
  160. Nine Inch Nails: Uncoiled - Lost remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs by Coil
  161. Young Marble Giants revisited
  162. chromatics kill for love outtakes posted
  163. feelings on the Wallflowers?
  164. Chet Baker sings Nick Drake
  165. Paper Thin
  166. good bands with terrible names
  167. Gear question (home recording guitar)
  168. What if The Beatles didn't break up?
  169. trip-hop version of "Suicide Is Painless"
  170. Trail of Dead - Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, D.C.
  171. "Beautiful Noise" shoegaze documentary on Kickstarter
  172. Gear Porn
  173. Koi No Yokan deserves its own thread
  174. Wu Lyfe call it quits.
  175. Grohl is back with Q.O.T.S.A.
  176. trent reznor introduced to keyboards in order to play along to the cars' hits
  177. post sad love songs
  178. 2112
  179. Nevermind 4 vinyl deluxe edition
  180. Susanne Sundfør
  181. animals as leaders
  182. Looking to purchase a stereo system
  183. hey opera de nuit
  184. rolling awesome songs thread
  185. Holy shit Jeff Buckley could sing
  186. Low - Plays Nice Places live EP
  187. dave brubeck died
  188. 1960s jazz thread
  189. U2 vs. Echo & the Bunnymen: first four albums
  190. Paul McCartney to replace Kurt Cobain in Nirvana
  191. Help! Music Recommendations
  192. Electronic Music Thread
  193. one of my favourite songs
  194. I'm usually not a fan of "death metal" per se
  195. Hey so.. the band GRIS
  196. black metal
  197. i'm totally late but
  198. Top 25 tours
  199. Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins facing six child sex offence charges
  200. Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse diagnosed with skin cancer
  201. opinions on the new Soft Moon album?
  202. Fav current song
  203. Dude from Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven writes response to victimless file-sharing
  204. Related: "Why 'Just Go On Tour' is an idiotic idea".
  205. Why is it ok for hispanic rappers to use the n word?
  206. The heaviest metal band ever
  207. new MF Doom project: JJ DOOM
  208. Tomahawk - Oddfellows
  209. on the beach is my favourite neil young album
  210. post a video/song that describes exactly how you've been feeling
  211. DJ Shadow's Infamous "too future" South Beach Set
  212. the mars volta break up
  213. is rock dead or is rock and roll here to stay?
  214. Why are tickets to the upcoming The xx shows $50?
  215. Interpol's Paul Banks releases rap mixtape featuring Talib Kweli
  216. Unreleased Jimi Hendrix album coming out March 5
  217. My Bloody Valentine
  218. new Ben Folds Five
  219. B.R.M.C. - Let The Day Begin
  220. ITEM: New Vampire Weekend LP, Modern Vampires of the City
  221. smashing pumpkins
  222. the new nick cave album leaked...
  223. Reznor's How To Destroy Angels project: new video, album tracklist, and cover art
  224. I know it's obvious but
  225. new Strokes single is awesome
  226. Depeche Mode - Heaven
  227. Are there *any* good Thir13en "remasters"?
  228. How do you tag your live boots?
  229. Down by the Seaside appreciation thread
  230. Sneaker Pimps non-album tracks
  231. Airs
  232. developing idea for music trivia game
  233. canterbury scene
  234. Atoms for Peace - Amok
  235. Bonnaroo 2013 thread
  236. Kanye West goes off on Jay-Z and coprorations.
  237. Unwound
  238. The National to release new album in May
  239. Trent Reznor Announces the Return of Nine Inch Nails: Extensive Touring for 2013-14
  240. no matter what you think about rock and roll, I think you have to keep a nice open
  241. slunken
  242. New Flaming Lips album - The Terror
  243. Pretty Girls Make Graves
  244. slint kinda started here
  245. New Steve Reich piece references Radiohead
  246. this loveless cover/tribute album is pretty coll
  247. most disappointing third albums
  248. It finally happened: I like a Muse song
  249. Ultra 2013 live stream
  250. new Suede album