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  1. The Fall Appreciation Post
  2. "Louie, Louie"
  3. What Made You Like Music?
  4. Tortoise live
  5. pj harvey + thom yorke- this mess we're in
  6. The Donnas Have Been Added to Lollapalooza
  7. Who here has the best taste in music?
  8. new Tomahawk record "MIT GAS" on May 6th
  9. Loudermilk tour dates!!
  10. what new cat power songs should i dl?
  11. Uk "pumpkin Fans!
  12. Blur's new album leak here
  13. Yeah - Audioslave play Kiwiland and Aussie!
  14. kraftwerk - computer world
  15. Brick is such a sad song.
  16. Cave In - anchor
  17. GODSIC(K)LE: Sat. Night, some dude's house
  18. blixa bargeld leaves the bad seeds
  19. Hey, Dire Straits are pretty cool.
  20. matthew good - avalanche
  21. For all 3 Manson fans here
  22. Soul Position - Unlimited EP OR An homage to Sean Casey
  23. Massive Attack - 100th Window
  24. Fifty Cent.
  25. Best Live Acts you've ever seen
  26. ok, quick recommend really mainstream stuff
  27. WORST live acts you've ever seen
  28. whoa
  29. Sex is natural sex is good not everybody does it but everybody should!
  30. i hate the english
  31. The Minus 5 - Down With Wilco
  32. Name some kickass Goth/Industrial Tunes
  33. Smog - Supper
  34. I used to think the words to "Motorcycle Emptiness" were...
  35. last cigarettes are all you can get...
  36. How many of us here still listen to the Pumpkins?
  37. Sigur Ros
  38. Beck and The Flaming Lips prepare to DIE!!!
  39. hey tell me what song this is
  40. this is definitely the best mix cd that i've ever made
  41. Why isn't everyone creaming themselves over news about the new Radiohead album?
  42. Marilyn Manson is a pillow-biter.
  43. records i got this week
  44. [been done before] List all the live acts you went to
  45. Keijo Haino - C'est Parfait
  46. toronto kids- see you at the bloor st united church saturday!
  47. Try this sometime...
  48. Mercury Rev - Boces
  49. Live acts you missed because you're a fucking loser
  50. I warn you ladies, I shoot from the hip... I was born with a stiff, STIFF UPPER LIP!
  51. What in the FUCK is with that new Nick Cave song?
  52. frank black is coming to orlando
  53. "your body is a wonderland" john mayer
  54. I'm on Kazza, give me songs to download
  55. recommend songs with interesting/unique percussion
  56. gwai update
  57. What's yer Soulseek name?
  58. Patti Smith - Pissing in a River
  59. Song The Foo Fighters Should Cover...
  60. Ted Leo Pitchfork Interview
  61. Cds. This week. Tell you(03/07)
  62. bands you haven't seen yet because they seldom tour or they don't come near you
  63. Pansy Division Appreciation Post!
  64. frank black last night
  65. lowcloudcover's new tracks!
  66. What i got in the mail today.
  67. "I would have loved to see ______ live but they are dead / broken up."
  68. bands who need b-sides albums
  69. Low - Trust
  70. The Postal Service
  71. The Fire Theft Tour Dates
  72. listen to my cover.... (please?)
  73. Palace
  74. For the US residents who want to see an interesting dutch act
  75. has anyone picked up Burn Piano Island, Burn yet?
  76. Songs about...
  77. okay, Name a Bad Ass song to close a concert with
  78. kraftwerk schmaftwerk
  79. Death Cab for Cutie - Slims 3/7
  80. Christian Death or Shipping News (live)
  81. Röyksopp
  82. The Power to belive - King Crimson's new album
  83. Is Death Cab for Cutie good live?
  84. I just bought The Music
  85. Ani Difranco - Evolve
  86. I just got back from witnessing a marathon Dirty Three set
  87. Even if you don't usually listen to me (!!!)
  88. musicians you have huge dorky crushes on
  89. Eels News!
  90. Where to buy vinyl online (US/EU)?
  91. recommend me old blues/r&b
  92. Drum and Bugle Corps, anybody?
  93. bes use of fender rhodes in songs?
  94. b&s fans:
  95. ATTN: vinyl does this mean
  96. recommend some icelandic prog-rock
  97. ignorant question-did any members of lush go on to do anything else?
  98. Songs: Ohia in Nashville
  99. bone thugs n' phil collinz
  100. holy shit, elvis costello is hosting david letterman
  101. NME writers top ten albums of all time...prepare to be moderately annoyed
  102. the jesus lizard
  103. Bullet the Blue Sky is the only good song on The Joshua Tree
  104. atom and his package
  105. Flaming Lips - Fight Test EP
  106. Name My Band!
  107. Jaga Jazzist
  108. What is your favourite Super Furry Animals Album?
  109. Yo La Tengo last night
  110. silverchair in toronto
  111. Godspeed You Black Emperor
  112. GYBE - Yanqui U.X.O.
  113. Europeans: Summer Festivals 2003
  114. Interpol
  115. New Fountains of Wayne due June 3
  116. Do any of you realize how beautiful Nightswimming by REM is?
  117. ST #43 - Your favorite R.E.M. album
  118. Toronto Area Netphorians
  119. Coolest fuckin' cover alive.
  120. cat power sucks.
  121. "Clocks" = "Cinnamon Girl"
  122. ...Trail of Dead
  123. Ok all you doyans of music, your recommendations please!
  124. Ryan Adams' new album to sound like "Disintegration"
  125. New Beastie Boys song (link inside)
  126. possible think tank cover art
  127. god damn it. When is Rufus Wainwright going to tour or come anywhere near me
  128. séxé songs: reccommend some
  129. matt good - avalanche
  130. I bought CDs because I got a paycheck.
  131. My new band...
  132. I Just Want Someone To Say To Me... No Oh Oh Ohh
  133. What's the last album you bought...
  134. YOUR top albums of ALL TIME
  135. favourite cure album?
  136. good web radio stations?
  137. BIG MUFF(electro Harmonix)
  138. What member of U2 are you?
  139. Jeff Buckley
  140. wow, any other Wedding Present fans?
  141. Jurass Finish First: A J5 Appreciation Thread
  142. Netphorian studio outtakes?
  143. I Gotta Big Weed Stash....
  144. its easy to forget how funny, bright and to-the-point noel can be...
  145. perfect circle's mer de nom
  146. stone roses debut topping nme top ten
  147. new compact audio(03/14)
  148. This board is a shadow of itself without Julio.
  149. Is there a "Netphoria-alike" site for Radiohead?
  150. Brian Wilson/ Beatles/ Melody related ramble
  151. yes, i like hot hot heat
  152. i am the world trade center/soviet
  153. ST #23423: Netphorians, post your music here
  154. Lost Beatles Tapes on NPR right now
  155. WFMU hosts annual Yo La Tengo covers-fest
  156. deerhoof - my pal foot foot
  157. this board needs more topics. here's one about soulseek.
  158. download suggestions for the following bands
  159. hub addresses
  161. Queens of the Stone Age Worship Post
  162. scott walker
  163. Uncle Tupelo Re-Releases
  164. Califone - Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
  165. how cool are the slits?
  166. the new moloko album
  167. Elijah Wood @ Mudhoney
  168. Landslide
  169. julio
  170. Music downloaded this week
  171. music bought recently
  172. radiohead tickets going for obscene prices on ebay
  173. SXSW Recap
  175. Upon Seeing Wolf Eyes
  176. I'm gonna see Cheap Trick
  177. Favorite prog songs
  178. saw Juliana Theory last night
  179. "KORN Frontman Blames Piracy For Last Album's Disappointing Sales"
  180. Records for 03/16
  181. blow the herb smoke through my nose
  182. The Dirtbombs
  183. Senses Fail - 187
  184. Spending my paycheck again
  185. Bon Jovi
  186. the "thievery corporation" appreciation post
  187. dookie
  188. Jesse's Modern Rock Radio Mix, circa 1994-1996
  189. Brian Wilson - SMiLE Tour 2004
  190. death cab for cutie last night
  191. Bin Laden's Niece: The Next Madonna?
  192. Jeff Buckley - Morning Theft
  193. Jeff Buckely- Jewel Box
  194. the new sum41 video
  195. Smog - Supper
  196. Lollapalooza Dates announced.
  197. ST#5432435 bands/artists you've met.
  198. Inspired by Eyesbomb: Rock Werchter
  199. Place bets in here as to whether the Linkin Park single will be good or not.
  200. Good Summer-ish songs
  201. Wilco playing Dekalb - 4/21
  202. "there, there" is radiohead´s next single
  203. Now War is Declared, and battle comes down...
  204. cat power is coming here tonight
  205. Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks
  206. just cos we need another thread - upcoming shows you are seeing!
  207. Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon
  208. Leaked Albums
  209. I'm going to see Pearl Jam!!
  210. Neil Finn, anyone?
  211. i have a new love, her name is "Goldfrapp"
  212. pick ONE song that everyone has to download
  213. Queens of the Stone Age - Go With The Flow
  214. sigur ros
  215. Califone
  216. Voyager One - Monster Zero
  217. Local H Appreciation Post
  218. Question for Radiohead fans
  219. Help me name this song :(
  220. unconventional chord progressions/melodies?
  221. Pavement - at&t
  222. what your verdict on sigur ros' ( ) ?
  223. ok, i just figured out a song by ear
  224. Music videos so ridiculous, they're funny
  225. look at the shit I got this week
  226. Zach de la Rocha and DJ Shadow
  227. Aereogramme
  228. the netphorian with the best taste in music is:
  229. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - fever to tell???
  230. Kill Hannah Concert In Illinois
  231. Well I'll be goddamned, Talk Show Host is the best song of all time
  232. Year of the Rabbit - Tour Dates!!
  233. i FINALLY bought animal magic
  234. The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Behind The Music
  235. mariah carey
  236. Members of Sum41 was arrested..
  237. What a disappointment...the new Grandaddy
  238. mogwai - hunted by a freak
  239. so I FINALLY bought Rufus Wainright's album today
  240. Sylvain Chaveau - Un Autre Decembre
  241. QOTSA's 'go with the flow' video
  242. Metallica and Megadeth reccomendations
  243. recommend an amp please...
  244. "otherside" by pearl jam
  245. all you people with your crazy album reviews of bands i dont know.
  246. Whatever happened to.... Team Sleep?
  247. pitchfork-related sites
  248. Downtempo suggestions
  249. Marquee Moon
  250. feeder "high" yes/no/maybe?