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  1. Bands with one awesomely great album...
  2. have we talked about wu lyf yet?
  3. those of you that write music, harmony help?
  4. Fleming and John
  5. Can we get a thread for rap? This will be the thread for rap.
  6. Who are the best vocalists in rock?
  7. My band's first radio appearance (also our first gig) video!
  8. Worst pitchfork bands
  9. A lot of post-rock overlaps with shoegaze
  10. have any of you listened to the new bjork song?
  11. Working for a Nuclear Free City
  12. Elton John used to be the shit
  13. Good Android app for streaming music?
  14. Video from my first gig in nearly a decade
  15. Q101 Chicago will nolonger play "alternative" rock
  16. My Library's free music Service
  17. Lifes Rich Pageant Vinyl...will sell out this month
  18. You all do realize that the new RHCP single is dropping in only a matter of days?
  19. Where do I begin listening to Donovan?
  20. Anybody using Spotify
  21. Culprate- Flatline (Glitch/Dubstep) Free Track Download and album pre-order
  22. Pitchfork is streaming their festival live for free right now
  23. Pitchfork Webcast
  24. Where should one start with Can?
  25. new Tyler the Creator single and video
  26. Can we get a...what what..!
  27. Nirvana - Nevermind 20th Anniversary 4CD boxset
  28. ST 3014:favourite Metal song.
  29. Hot damn this Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX looks fucking great
  30. roland micro cube
  32. Ze Wilde Beastse
  33. indietorrents
  34. suuns
  35. What is this shit?
  36. Trent's score for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"
  37. So, I really like the Bloodhound Gang.
  38. Tyler the Creator / OFWGKTA
  39. Spacemen 3 - Perfect Perscription
  40. Mastodon - The Hunter
  41. Post your soundclouds here
  42. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks new album Mirror Traffic has leaked
  43. So....Jay-Z & Kanye West's Watch the Throne
  44. Lets talk about the Velvet Underground
  45. New Tom Waits album on the way...
  46. Primus - Green Naugahyde
  48. the cranberries
  49. Carter IV has leaked
  50. ramones live > ramones on record
  51. hey D, go to this show
  52. Neutral Milk Hotel
  53. Fact: Chad Smith tears the shit out of the new RHCP album
  54. Fact: Lol Tolhurst tears the shit out of early cure albums
  56. Every Breath You Take vs. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  57. new Olivia Tremor Control
  58. What band have you seen live more than any other, and how many times?
  59. Album A that gave you appreciation for Album B
  60. the cure at bestival
  61. Jack White & ICP work together on a song
  62. jazz fans: Andrew Hill or Vince Guaraldi?
  63. Luke de Spa
  64. New Wave mix cds
  65. the replacements appreciation thread
  66. New Order to reform for two charity gigs.
  67. 55-year-old casino executive's rap video
  68. why is band of gypsys better than anything you are currently listening to?
  69. Sebadoh cassettes?
  70. Sometimes I think the Police were better than the Beatles.
  71. Is Cage the Elephant really that good
  72. So, Wire is fucking amazing amirite?
  73. What do you consider the best Radiohead song?
  74. Sometimes I think Beethoven was better than the Beatles.
  75. St. Vincent
  76. Drive OST
  77. So - R.E.M. is done...
  78. Six-hour Flaming Lips song?!?!
  79. Wild Beasts / Das Racist
  80. thread for bisle to help us differentiate high and low alternative
  81. So how 'bout the new Machine Head?
  82. feist - metals
  83. Some Manson leet shit has leaked
  84. Wilco – The Whole Love
  85. Who here loves True Widow?
  86. so the LA zoo has this african lion
  87. new stuff by the Rapture and Chino Moreno
  88. you know what's awesome? Biophilia
  89. Pink Floyd Remasters + Roger Waters/Foo Fighters
  90. Have A Nice Life - Deathconciousness
  91. Jesus Christ Superstar
  92. Emo's Austin closing
  93. Courtney Love writing tell-all memoir
  94. Young Nigga drops his first track “Come Threw Looking Clean”
  95. short little nigga wants to get into the action, 1995
  96. if listening to sting is wrong
  97. Favorite covers.
  98. So are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ever going to make a new album?
  99. Bert Jansch FUCKING DEAD
  100. Neil Young - any suggestions?
  101. Mikey Welsh FUCKING DEAD
  102. The Black Keys- El Camino
  103. The Pre & Post tKoL-Era Radiohead EP
  104. Jane's Addiction - The Great Escape Artist (streaming on iTunes right now)
  105. jane's addiction
  106. Justin Bieber
  107. Scott Weiland’s new Christmas album Most Wonderful Time of Year
  108. Mazzy Star set to release new album!
  109. Audiophile Technical Question...
  110. Gary Numan - Dead Son Rising
  111. lulu
  112. APP MANIA
  113. Humble Wolf
  114. Hey my band put out this new album...
  115. NIN cover of U2's Zoo Station
  116. Doves and Elbow are definitely better than Coldplay
  117. Smile Sessions
  118. Listening to Gil Scott-Heron for the first time
  119. pm me shaunna leighs numb
  120. Do you think trip hop will ever be looked at in the same way as jazz?
  121. Funf unf un fest
  122. Turntable Mats
  123. The Rolling Stones in their prime (mid 60's-early 70's) > or at least = The Beatles
  124. Joy Formidable to be on Twilight Breaking Dawn soundtrack
  125. So, Black Sabbath are back
  126. songs that you (frustatingly) only love part of and could give a fuck about the rest
  127. Bradford Cox is totally this generation's Billy Corgan
  128. There are certain songs that definse a decade...this is that song for this decade
  129. Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
  130. been listening to so much Can lately...
  131. Lets make lists of best ofs since the dawn of punk rock
  132. buy our motherfucking new album!
  133. Mastodon at Terminal 5
  134. The Olivia Tremor Control
  135. Mother fucking Doomtree
  136. None Of The Above/Tony Mason
  137. The Killers - Sam's Town: A High Alternative Classick?
  138. Rolling Stone's NEW 100 Greatest Guitarists list
  139. QUILT
  140. aphex twin
  141. KoRn's dubstep album
  142. 3 hours of new Trent stuff
  143. The Roots new album Undun has leaked
  144. Under the milky way tonight ~ <3
  145. The gerogerigegege - boys don't cry (the cure cover.)
  146. So every time I'm at the gym
  147. Diary a la Screw
  148. mindblowingly awesome/awful tony kiedis lyrics
  149. ATP: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  151. We're nearing that time: Your top albums of 2011
  152. question: importing audio files from a CD
  153. best shows of 2011
  154. Graham Coxon is pretty awesome you guys
  155. J Mascis, bitches
  156. best songs of 2k11
  157. Hi! you want to listen to this song i made it's only a minute!
  158. There are certain songs that make me sad.
  159. Gucci Vump - Nvthin Bvt A Gvxxi Thang
  160. Sebadoh's 'Weed Forestin' to be reissued early next year.
  161. Some of my stuff
  162. the db's - co-jangling with r.e.m
  163. Stone Temple Pilots - Core
  164. stone temple pilots
  165. mudhoney
  166. korn made a dumbstep album and you posted about it
  167. rotten ugly sings old christmas standards
  168. Bearcubbin'!
  169. Out of Silversun Pickups, The Joy Formidable and Yuck.....
  170. Another terrible half finished song
  171. holy crow Maudes theme
  172. Patrick Carney, "Nickelback is shit"
  173. 45 Party Mixtape
  174. Wu lyf on Letterman in 2 min
  175. Chuggo, "The People Are Shit"
  176. Broder Daniel
  177. Placebo <3
  178. Polaris or Miracle Legion - Pete and Pete theme song
  179. Big Star
  180. The Becah Boys' Random Heroes and Villains Generator!!!
  182. neil young bootleg recommendations
  183. Serbian turbo-folk music
  184. The Joy formidable 2012 Tour
  185. Wire and Radiohead: A Catherine Wheel Thread
  186. Bush is opening up for Nicelback
  187. one baby to another says i'm lucky to have met you
  188. elektroclash
  189. the marked download?
  190. I Fink U Freeky
  191. hey new zealand auckland wellington dunedin
  192. Henry Cow
  193. hey trots
  194. Sad albums?
  195. Soundgarden - Live on the I-5
  196. Neil Young: Piracy is the new radio
  197. Luke de spa
  198. Any of you hear Gonjasufi - A Sufi and a Killier?
  199. A walk down memory lane (current output of bands you liked a decade ago)
  200. Is David Bowie - Let's Dance as good as Avalon by Roxy Music?
  201. Lana Del Rey
  202. Van Halen
  203. discogs for sale list
  204. So what do we all think of the South African rap group Die Antwoord?
  205. new chromatics single/neil young cover
  206. Joy Formidable finishing a new album
  207. Bonnaroo 2012 Line-up
  208. Recording Equipment?
  209. amateur youtube cover songs you love for multiple reasons
  210. a nice my bloody valentine ripoff
  211. latest twilight sad album
  212. Is it still cool to like Ryan Adams
  213. Fiona Apple tour dates
  214. Tripping Daisy
  215. Grand Duchy
  216. new Cranberies!
  217. new beautiful blur ballad
  218. the naked and famous
  219. Maryland Death Fest 2012
  220. - Post links to awesome / favorite shit
  221. Fink
  222. musicians, please stop exclusively releasing your music on cassette tape.
  223. instrumental mix cds
  224. The rawest raper alive has just dropped his latest mixtape
  225. when did Hall&Oates become the hipster Journey?
  226. Kurt Weill fans?
  227. What's your go-to 90s relic band to listen to?
  228. some new music (2012!?) that i like to my surprise
  229. The new Shins new album is the best new release in 2012 by someone not named Lil B.
  230. New Meshuggah leaked
  231. Question
  232. My Bloody Valentine to release IA and Loveless remasters, and an EP compilation
  233. thread for Rdio and Spotify names
  234. New Sigur Rós
  235. new Beach House and Silversun Pickups song
  236. anyone here have the means to convert cassettes to mp3/digital?
  237. new albums from the beach boys and neil young & crazy horse out in june
  238. The Walkmen / Cold War Kids
  239. thread for new Marilyn Manson album, will post here when it leaks
  240. New Lil B Mix Tape drops - The Basedprint 2
  241. Weird Al Yankovic.
  242. Air fans
  243. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory
  245. (My Catherine Wheel thread) Paranoid Android is our generation's Bohemian Rhapsody
  246. let's talk about cool music for a change
  247. Discogs - discuss
  248. Holy shit, MASSIVE BLUR BOX
  249. Should I see Buckethead live?
  250. New Rush song