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  1. Mechanical Animals
  2. Korn III: Remember Who You Are
  3. the new sun kil moon
  4. Arnold Layne [Pink FLoyd] - The Daughters of Lot
  5. Why the hell is Korn playing in a cornfield with no audience on DirecTV?
  6. new Walkmen and Interpol in September
  7. titus andronicus
  8. meshuggah
  9. Jimmy Gnecco: The Heart
  10. A song I'm working on
  11. The Best and Worst (Shows You've Seen)
  12. best kozelek song?
  13. Would be interested in you guys opinion on new Culprate tune (IDM)
  14. 42 year old virgin man sues Rush
  15. The Black Keys - Brothers
  16. New Arcade Fire
  17. Has there ever been a more worthless band after their first great album than:
  18. Polvo
  19. New Dubstep mix for those interested
  20. new Weezer!
  21. does anybody here at least tolerate Third Eye Blind?
  22. the Gin Blossoms
  23. I want to see Joanna Newsom at Carnegie Hall in November but I have no one to go with
  24. new sufjan
  25. Castevet
  26. KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit
  27. neil youngs le noise
  28. adam haworth stephens - we live on cliffs (sep 28)
  29. Jenny and Johnny
  30. Worst Album of the Year?
  31. Are Incubus and Deftones the only good nu metal bands?
  32. Scott Weiland Sucks Cock, Awful Tabs Website Suggests
  33. you guys seem to know a lot about late 80's to early 90's rap music
  34. Gear Thread
  35. Gwar Thread
  36. im in love with this song.
  37. Any Chromeo fans?
  38. Good site for album leaks?
  39. do you like Pavement?
  40. The Brandon Flowers solo album is awful
  41. What album cover is this?
  42. Luke of Spa's album
  43. New Helmet
  44. Albums with an Adore vibe
  45. Swanlights
  46. new fucking SWANS
  47. new Minus The Bear
  48. best krautrock band?
  49. And suddenly...a new Tallest man EP
  50. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
  51. Best Albums of 2010
  52. best cock rock band?
  53. The Social Network Soundtrack by Trent Reznor
  54. Guitarists: Phasers
  55. new Soundgarden song
  56. new Killing Joke album
  57. Station to Station Deluxe
  58. Trent Reznor - Social Network OST
  59. Question about Aerosmith?
  60. gun club
  61. Anybody else like the band Failure?
  62. First I Drink. Then I Smoke.
  63. Red Hot Chilli Peppers Flame Board
  64. Just won STP tickets
  65. t videos of shit you just listened to
  66. I made a new instrumental mix cd
  67. what do you faggots think about this? (chilled out beats inside)
  68. Fundraising Campagin to Make Weezer Split Up
  69. Do YouLike This Dude's Drumming?
  70. Vampire Weekend backlash and Talking Heads
  71. Puh Puh Post Yer Favorite NON ENGLISH song
  72. free program that will find high quality album art for itunes and auto install?
  73. david gilmour & the orb
  74. John Lennon's birthday
  75. Let's talk about guitar strings
  76. songs that make you all melty
  77. the best post-punk albums of all time?
  78. Dominique
  79. the extra lens - undercard
  80. What have been your favourite albums in 2010?
  81. Turn out Reno Dakota only likes dark meat.
  82. What band is the most overrated?
  83. Julian Lynch
  84. sufjan stevens - age of adz
  85. Kylesa - Spiral Shadow
  86. check this out
  87. looking for a invite
  88. Film School
  89. Opinions on new Matt & Kim? Anyone else a fan?
  90. Jane Doe
  91. Radiohead's new single
  92. Pulp Reunion 2011
  93. is Pleased To Meet Me by The Replacments one of the greatest things ever?
  94. If you were to be taken to a remote island and had only three albums be taken with yo
  95. 2 First Ever Recordings by MM & Spooky Kids leaked
  96. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Remastered
  97. The new Jamiroquai is actually good.
  98. Prediction: People will fap all over Kanye's new album
  100. New Dubstep/Funky House/Etc Project (2.5 hours)
  101. 2005 was a good year for music
  102. Get some mixtapes in ya
  103. wanker thread #105902319301: First 15 songs on your ipod
  104. Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour 2011 (feat Neutral Milk Hotel??)
  105. Let's discuss the first five Black Sabbath records
  106. can't remember the name of a band someone posted here once
  107. Who was the best band from the past decade?
  109. People actually listen to this shit
  110. so how come lots of you hate mumford & sons and the black keys
  111. top 10 tracks of 2010 (w download)
  112. French Kicks
  113. Best Albums of 2011
  114. DJ gear
  115. Can anyone tell me where I can download a certain Demo by Elijah and the Trapezoids?
  116. A song or songs that mean a lot to you...
  117. great day for lols in dubstep
  118. For All the Fucked Up Children of This World We Give You...
  119. Broadcast singer Trish Keenan dies of pneumonia
  120. The Ex and the Wire
  121. 50 Cent: Penny stock Pump....
  122. 50 Cent: Penny stock Pump....
  123. Gentlemen, I need more fuzz.
  124. Dear Pitchfork
  125. Dream pop groups with female singers
  126. Even wolves hate Creed
  127. Toronto SP tribute tomorrow night
  128. Does anyone remember the band Cold?
  129. Anyone know when the Bonnaroo lineup comes out?
  130. Aphex Twin [stone in focus]
  131. Drive-By Truckers, fuck the haters
  132. Amyone know a good live Sonic Youth download?
  133. your favorite Peter Gabriel album?
  134. Jeff Mangum playing All Tomorrow's Parties
  135. for as awesome of a song as
  136. Elliott Smith
  137. The White Stripes are no more
  138. Stereo vs mono...
  139. Hey let's all forget about the White stripes and gander at my John Lennon print!
  140. hip hop albums that are really good but
  141. Is there seriously no thread about The People's Key
  142. Q: Should I upload every single Leadbelly song ever? A: Yes!
  143. post awesome 'positive' rock albums
  144. new radiohead album announced 'the king of limbs'
  145. So is this the moment when Arcade Fire begin to disappear up their own asses?
  146. Vote for my band in this contest thingy??
  147. the best new wave band?
  148. Someone Post Something Insightful About "In Rainbows"
  149. new Glassjaw!!
  150. why do we
  151. Odd Future
  152. Marty Robbins
  153. Recommend me a simple beat generator
  154. why does this suck
  155. What's your go-to 90s relic band to make fun of?
  156. What kind of band would Nirvana have developed into by 2011?
  157. Anyone else heard of these guys?
  158. do you guys like this bassline?
  159. Blur have awesome b-sides
  160. All Eternals Deck - new Mountain Goats album streaming on NPR
  161. Three new Boris albums!!!
  162. album cover help
  163. new Elbow and Lupe Fiasco
  164. What would Ian Curtis think of Paul Banks?
  165. Thoughts?
  166. Phil Collins retires due to health problems
  167. Jonny Greenwood: "We're recording at the moment, Radiohead."
  168. What would Kurt Cobain think of Janelle Monae?
  169. Everything released before January 1, 2001 is shit.
  170. What do you guys think of mighty joe moon?
  171. Macho Sportstalk Host Embarrasses Himself More by Weighing in on Music
  172. TV On The Radio release a new song from their upcoming album
  173. for any Oasis fans (if there are even any left...)
  174. I heard three great new records today
  175. Snippets of lyrics you like
  176. New Eddie Vedder album coming in June - Song from album released
  177. Gerard Smith, bassist for TV On The Radio, has lung cancer
  178. Jessie J
  179. Holy shit The Melvins
  180. Guano Apes - Bel Air
  181. what do u guys think about this?
  182. req: bright eyes - true blue
  183. Starfucker
  184. David Bowie - Toy
  185. who wants me to compile every scuzz punk GG Allin song ever?
  186. Check out my guitar noise duo
  187. new Strokes and Duran Duran
  188. My Bloody Valentine Rarities
  189. 2 new Radiohead songs dropping April 16th
  191. Do you guys wanna hear some classy SA underground stuff?
  192. Pat Smear is back with the Foo Fighters
  193. some excellent musicianship
  194. The Gun Club - Miami
  195. I saw TV On The Radio tonight in Philly
  196. Did we talk about the new R.E.M.?
  197. The new Boris album is fucking amazing
  198. What do people on here think of the band Garbage?
  199. Your top ten albums
  200. Atmosphere - Family Signs
  201. Rage isn't rap metal u guys
  202. Record Store Day is THIS Saturday!
  203. No The King of Limbs Sequel
  204. Korn and Skrillex.... sigh
  205. Recommend me some mp3 blogs
  206. new Incubus song
  207. ITT post videos of angry songs
  208. So how is your current rankings of the Radiohead albums looking like?
  209. fucked up Queen of Hearts
  210. Any y'all Austin fools gonna go see the Greenhornes tonight?
  211. underrated Nirvana songs
  212. Jesu - Ascension
  213. bands that never quite made it
  214. So what is this boards thoughts on the Smith Westerns?
  215. I got my newspaper album in the mail today
  216. gear help - bass cab speakers
  217. Record Labels Win $105M; Artists To See $0
  218. The Mountain Goats
  219. I made cds of all of the b-sides of Blur, the Verve, and Oasis
  220. Kot calls Cars concert cold?
  221. I'm looking for an early / mid 90s hip hop single with saxaphone on it
  222. This is why Rock sucks today!
  223. Explosions in the Sky announce fall 2011 tour
  224. AR Kane 69
  225. PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
  226. Help me raise some money for my band's album
  227. Danger Mouse's trip hop project
  228. French language bands?
  229. Lone
  230. What do you think of this?
  231. Joy Formidable back to North America
  232. you are all missing something in your life
  233. Anyone going to The Roots Picnic Tomorrow in Philly?
  234. My band's first music video. :)
  235. My Morning Jacket - Storytellers (Link Inside)
  236. It's that time again: Favourite Albums of 2011 So Far?
  237. Mr Gnome
  238. peter murphy - ninth
  239. Red Hot Chili Peppers new album title and tracklist revealed
  240. Gallhammer (no pussy music fans please)
  241. Elvis Costello tour
  242. Metallica and Lou Reed make an album together because why wouldn't they?
  243. School of Seven Bells
  244. Who here uses foobar2000? (help needed)
  245. Your favorite Stevie Wonder album and song
  246. Radiohead Staircase(new song) Live from the Basement
  247. Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra
  248. how gay and/or terrible is it to like death cab for cutie
  249. the byrds