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  1. question for broken social scene fans.
  2. The Decemberists
  3. Kill Hannah's new album has leaked
  4. All-purpose metal discussion thread
  5. the guy from the black lips seems like a huge asshole
  6. Thom Yorke to form a band with Flea
  7. mike gordon (phish) - 15 step
  8. yo la tengo - popular songs
  9. the first songs you can remember really liking
  10. Can you please tell me what do you think of this song?
  11. califone - 'all my friends are funeral singers'
  12. the mountain goats are on colbert report tonight
  13. Vampire Weekend - "Horchata"
  14. Air - Love 2
  15. my mix of The Beach Boys' SMiLE
  16. New Fall of Troy album out...
  17. I'm about 2/3 done with compiling every Johnny Cash song ever.
  18. Any Langhorne Slim fans here?
  19. What bands that are often highly regarded can't you get into?
  20. anyone familiar with autolux??
  21. i am all gay for conor oberst again
  22. songs of pain
  23. new lcd soundsystem
  24. Summer albums
  25. Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail.
  26. Man, you guys weren't kidding about The Field Mice
  27. felt
  28. Wilderness
  29. Mozart's Musical Joke - How many of you find this funny?
  30. songs you feel gay for liking
  31. what is the best european music festival
  32. really good bands from the 60's?
  33. why do british people
  34. dang failure are pretty awesome
  35. ultimate Yo La Tengo mix
  36. Once again, i'm posting the new song I made with a friend...
  37. That HORSE the band song with Jamie Stewart from Xiu XIu?
  38. new albums by The Roots / Editors
  39. dang the avett brothers are pretty awesome
  40. oh i-i oh oh i'm still alive heyey i-i oh-oh i'm still alive heyey i-i oh-oh i'm sti
  41. YACHT
  42. this new lil wayne mixtape
  43. Our Dubstep labels first digital release is available
  44. What do you think of Kid Cudi?
  45. hall of fame gig w/ bruce springsteen
  46. New song by The Daughters of Lot - Metamorphosis
  47. So what kind of music do you like?
  48. are oceansize any good
  49. seriously how awesome is spiderland
  50. you better call up tyrone
  51. larry levan
  52. Odelay vs. Midnite Vultures
  53. New song by The Daughters of Lot - Desiring Machines, after philosofer Deleuze
  54. I'm obsessed with The Pink Spiders.
  55. aerosmith break up hopefully
  56. Come And Buy My Toys/Don't Tell Me
  57. rip jerry fuchs (maserati)
  58. Post some of your favourite band interviews...
  59. Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg
  60. lol Morrissey is a prissy little bitch
  61. itt we post enjoyable mashups
  62. A dubstep mix I did for our label (free download)
  63. Looking for new pickups for my SG
  64. We should talk about the Blues
  65. miles davis seems pretty good
  66. what bands that are often highly retarded can you get in to?
  67. The Beatles Never Broke Up
  68. When you guys download remastered albums...
  69. world domination
  70. animal collective - fall be kind
  71. have you guys heard the new beach house
  72. i can't decide if i like the wedding present
  73. npr is out of control
  74. weezer snuggie
  75. Buckethead
  76. Wooden Wand [A Thread Dedicated to Matt Hardcore]
  77. Tides of Man
  78. D. - do you know about Elijah Blue and the Trapezoids?
  79. Does anyone here make a living out of music?
  80. The Fame MOnster
  81. RIP Technics turntables
  82. My favourite largely unknown NZ artist is doing a Radiohead
  83. the verve ep
  84. This video reminds me of why i love Neutral Milk Hotel
  85. New song by The Daughters of Lot - Masquerade
  86. eminem
  87. it's official: fleet foxes aren't cool to like anymore
  88. the best metal band byron has encounter in quite some time
  89. Yet another new song by The Daughters of Lot - Circus of Plunder
  90. The Bravery - Stir The Blood
  91. smoking popes
  92. "Count Count" mix tape
  93. The Killers - Tidal Wave
  94. New Portishead track- Chase The Tear
  95. Cap'n Jazz reunion
  96. are these the pups billy used?
  97. new brian jonestown massacre
  98. random music thoughts and discussion
  99. Do any of your faggot bands want to tour south africa?
  100. New Wave mix cd
  101. Does anyone care that John Frusciante left RHCP?
  102. Courtney is no longer Frances Bean's mommy
  104. A Phil Collins Fan Admits: I am currently listening to Gabriel-era Genesis
  105. Let's talk about Yo La Tengo
  106. muse, anyone?
  107. Black Metal - any of it any good?
  108. Let's talk about Guided By Voices
  109. the Flaming Lips' Dark Side of the Moon
  110. Vic Chesnutt is in a coma after attempting suicide
  111. RIP The Rev
  112. end of year lists
  113. Our diaries - New song by Daughters of Lot (appreciation asked)
  114. New Years Party mixes
  115. so i guess soundgarden is back together
  116. end of year lizst
  117. American bands that sound British
  118. Req : demonoid invite
  119. Should I be ashamed of liking Snow Patrol?
  120. Buglette
  121. Joanna Newsom Lines Up U.S. Dates
  122. the next Gorillaz album will have Lou Reed, Mos Def and Snoop Dogg
  123. swans reunion
  124. heglioland - massive attack
  125. new joanna newsom official
  127. The new and improved "recommend me hip hop" thread
  128. does anyone here like marnie stern?
  129. rediscovering trip-hop
  130. Demonoid for Invite
  131. The Coachella lineup is a fucking mess
  132. fuuuuck heavy fuccck
  133. This is mesmerising
  134. Best Free Flac Converter?
  135. Appreciation Thread - Sisters' Dialogue by The Daughters of Lot
  136. roxy music s/t or for your pleasure?
  137. let's hear it for excellent songwriting
  138. cap'n jazz are playing a show in chicago tonight
  139. The Rentals
  140. Music like the Pumpkins' "Dreaming" cover?
  141. eddy current supression ring
  142. Depeche Mode and Silversun Pickups got Grammy nominations
  144. In case anyone gives a shit, new Korn
  145. 90s New York hip hop
  146. Your favourite female artist/all female group/mostly all female group
  147. spinoff: riot grrrl thread
  148. BT: These Hopeful Machines
  149. Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
  150. Bonnaroo 2010 thread
  151. fogelsong and others - Hum show in May
  152. Need help finding lame techno song (impossible to answer)
  153. Pitchfork '10
  154. Neil Young - Trans
  155. Beyonce
  156. MF Doom
  157. Kristin Hersh (throwing muses) Gives you free music
  158. muxtape invite?
  159. Questions and/or Answer You want to know but probably will know
  160. you should all listen to this album
  161. Sneaker Pimps - Splinter
  162. the god machine
  163. Cocaine in the Brain!
  164. Pajo's EVILA
  165. So how do you feel about this being the new Hole?
  166. haha, regrets: dave matthews band
  167. hey PK
  168. New Deftones Song - "Rocket Skates"
  169. Tracklisting for new Stone Temple Pilots album revealed
  170. What music blogs are still active?
  171. I think 2010 is a bad year so far
  172. Ramones appreciation thread
  173. New Tallest man on earth album leaked
  174. My newly made Zaireeka stereo mix (includes the fifth bonus disc!)
  175. New Gorillaz album - "Plastic Beach"
  176. Feeding the Beat
  177. albums you didn't listen to today
  178. Brian Jonestown Massacre
  179. SYnth effects
  180. new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  181. albums you recently revisited
  182. limited edition cassettes
  183. D:Bridge's Rinse show
  184. Top 5 "person tragically involved in a car crash" music videos
  185. Verbena
  186. Genesis (and a bunch of other lesser bands) inducted into R&R Hall of Fame tonight!
  187. Neon Trees - "Habits"
  188. joanna newsom message board?
  189. RIP Alex Chilton
  190. Kings Of Leon's Fashion Line
  191. tanlines and silver pines
  192. Fat Mike's Cokie The Clown performance
  193. Narcisus - New Song by Daughter of Lot
  194. Free experimental/IDM 6-pack from our label
  195. Bandmates walk out on Scott Weiland at Stone Temple Pilots show
  196. Momus
  197. Andrew WK - The song which earned him a restraining order
  198. GYBE reunion
  199. Without Depeche Mode there would be no Nine Inch Nails
  200. Berri Txarrak
  201. lcd soundsystem - this is happening
  202. Kid 17
  203. any of you shitfucks going to see roger waters perform the wall?
  204. Alice Cooper
  205. Discussion for upcoming Netphorian mix exchange
  206. Peter Steele of Type O Negative is dead at 48
  207. i know i'm probably just asking for it, but...
  208. Jesus Christ! (pose)
  209. NYC - Concerts August 17th - 22nd
  210. Jónsi - Go
  211. 42nd Annual Netphorian Mix Exchange: Mix #11 POSTED
  212. My music.
  213. Who are worse? Oasis or Nickelback?
  214. Looks like Trent Finally found that female lead singer he has been talking about
  215. Slash was almost the guitar player for Poison
  216. Sea of Cowards is streaming all day today
  217. anybody else listen to Kurt Vile?
  218. M.I.A. - Born Free
  219. Yo La Tengo tapers/traders?
  220. The Line Up HAs Been Announced!
  221. Pinback
  222. The new Hold Steady!
  223. new post-punk: The National / White Lies
  224. Dubstep Folks: Update on Dubsaw
  225. iamamiwhoami
  227. New Arcade Fire clips
  228. Harvey Milk - A Small Turn of Human Kindness
  229. New Politics
  230. Carlos D is no longer in Interpol
  231. H I P H O P
  232. Hum headlines on May 31 at Millennium Park as part of Downtown Sound: New Music
  233. so isis are breaking up
  234. Yeah so Crystal lost?
  235. Sleigh Bells - Treats
  236. GWAR!!
  237. Circulatory System - Signal Morning
  238. NEW Rick Astley Single - Lights Out
  239. hix in stix luv pix tix
  240. My labels newest record is out Dubsaw 003 12" Vinyl!
  241. Placebo
  242. what do you think of this?
  243. Passion Pit cover Tonight, Tonight
  244. Lil Boosie Indicted on Murder Charges
  245. Bush are reforming
  246. dgihms was the first xiu xiu album to have to grow on me
  247. I can die happy now
  248. looks like the hole reunion is going pretty well
  249. i have like 1.6GB of Phill collins-related songs.....................................
  250. Paper Tongues