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  1. Whats it gonna be. Are you real to me. Or are you
  2. the tuss (aphex twin)
  3. so it's november 2008
  4. fake coachella lineup
  5. spec bebop
  6. The last step... mastering
  7. Adam Stephens (Two Gallants) solo songs
  8. So anyone listen to David Bowie at all?
  9. Chi of deftones in a coma
  10. What are bands going to write about to be "edgy" now?
  11. Even though it's been overplayed to the point of cliche
  12. so really what's the big deal about music
  13. who's your fav locals
  14. Greatness in Singing
  15. hypothetical situation- which show do you go to
  16. figure 8 is a happy album
  17. Jimmy Eat World Clarity x 10 tour
  18. would it be in really bad taste, if you were a good/respectable artist
  19. just a souvenir
  20. make a rising - infinite ellipse and head with open fontanel
  21. mitch mitchell died
  22. avett brothers thread
  23. Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion
  24. Manic Street Preachers
  25. Guns N' Roses - "Chinese Democracy"
  26. new NIN drummer named
  27. Christmas Music - Help!!!
  28. Random Question: How long have been CD-Rs been around/affordably available?
  29. Merriweather Post Pavilion
  30. Do you like Kenny Rogers?
  31. jucifer
  32. 1967 was an extraordinarily fantastic year for music
  33. So how about that new Kanye West album?
  34. Fleet Foxes
  35. Move Your Fett - Junior Senior
  36. suggest 1 song for me to download...
  37. tom waits
  38. microphone shopping
  39. Best Music Videos 2008
  40. The Empyrean - Jan 20th
  41. I don't know why it took me this long to get into Neon Bible
  42. Acid Mothers Temple live
  43. Fennesz - 'Black Sea' (2008)
  44. Making a mix tape for a 15 year old boy.
  46. Paul Mccartney's The Fireman project
  47. i need more music
  48. yesterday i saw mastodon as a three piece
  49. do you guys like Day & Age? (killers)
  50. Do you guys like Niggaz...
  51. Jellybelly guitar effects
  52. circus!
  53. 51st Grammy Nominations announced
  54. post some bad music for me to not listen to
  55. What are the best Devotchka albums???
  56. what do you think "makes" a cool song or video
  57. the fall
  58. tortoise
  59. thee oh sees
  60. polmo polpo / sandro perri
  61. wire
  62. dead meadow
  63. NIN record label?
  64. mhm, no thread on the blur reunion?
  65. david bazan/pedro the lion
  66. stupid guitar gear question #593749583
  67. would you recommend going to a gogol bordello show?
  68. adam stephens - Vile Affections: Two Gallants singer solo project
  69. FUCK hum are awesome
  70. Naked 'Nirvana baby' still chasing dollars
  71. Joe Satriani vs. Coldplay
  72. All the Young Dudes
  73. support my friend's band.
  74. best albums of 2009
  75. 2nd hand guitar pedals
  76. What 5 albums are you currently listening to?
  77. philip glass
  78. Kill Hannah - Los Angeles
  79. when the fuck is the second avalanches album coming out
  80. Top 10 concerts you attended
  81. 10 worst concerts you've attended
  82. Pitchfork say Fleet Foxes is #1 album of 08
  83. Anyone Else Know This Song?
  84. The Decemberists
  85. help identifying song
  86. best Incubus album?
  87. Guilty pleasure songs of 2008
  88. Flaming Lips - Christmas On Mars (Link Inside)
  89. Bright Eyes
  90. So i got the A place to bury strangers record..
  91. Post your music, if you dare
  92. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion (real link, stolen from HPN)
  93. Pitchfork 500
  94. i got a $15 itunes card thing
  95. what's with ?
  96. Rolling "Post A Song" Thread
  97. what are your opinions of this band
  98. Should I be excited about The Sea and Cake on NYE?
  99. Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving
  100. Is Bon Iver any good
  101. The reason why i listen to this damn music.
  102. Cog
  103. Has the new Neko Case leaked yet????
  104. can we talk about this rick ross thing?
  105. Best Talking Heads album
  106. Best genre tags in your choice of music player?
  107. Guess The Cropped Album Cover Game
  108. anyone know a sound recorder program you dont have to install?
  109. Andrew Birds new album
  110. Stooges Guitarist Ron Asheton R.I.P.
  111. some of my music if you're bored
  112. Deerhunter
  113. new NIN album coming REALLY soon?
  114. Stereolab Live?
  115. Best workout song
  116. Okkervil River gay up Letterman
  117. Boris w/ Merzbow - Rock Dream
  118. For those of you who have burned CDs of your own music before, a question
  119. The Lonely Island - Incredibad
  120. my favourite albums of 2008
  121. Anticipated albums of 2009
  122. this seems worth going to
  123. Saosins 'The Grey' EP
  124. kelly clarkson: my life would suck without you
  125. Another great song spoiled by a commercial
  126. Neil Young - Dead Man Soundtrack
  127. also some of my music if you're bored
  128. Fennesz - Endless Summer
  129. SXSW 2009 Initial Band List
  130. Fever Ray - Fever Ray
  132. tonight franz ferdinand
  133. New U2 Single: "Get On Your Boots"
  134. Could somebody please hook me up with a torrents community?
  135. Mix Exchange III: 2009 Inaugural Edition
  136. also some of my music if...
  137. Band web hosting?
  138. falloutboy is on conan and i can't understand a goddamn word this fat asshole is sing
  139. minimalsynth/coldwave/synthwave/flexipop mix
  140. berman announces silver jews breakup & that his dad is a lobbyist demon
  141. I've got 15 border bucks
  142. sometimes i find things on my HD from a few years ago and i'm like huh
  143. your thoughts on this picture
  144. Best Beginner Guitar Books
  145. My band finished our record
  146. The Chameleon Soundscape
  147. So, the new Antony and the Johnsons record
  149. boutros bubba - national anthems
  150. here are some bands
  151. Describe Bands Obtusely
  152. let's start speculating the lolla lineup
  153. any of these bands you would strongly recommend checking out?
  154. hey the bonnaroo lineup might have partially leaked
  155. coachella
  156. nena - nur geträumt
  157. I'm going to see Bonnie "Prince" Billy in April...
  158. Broken Social Scene in Houston last night
  159. so that new john frusciante album
  160. My Chemical Romance covers "Desolation Row" for "Watchmen"
  161. SPF Red Threat Pedal
  162. lol Neil Young
  163. Does anyone here like Springtseen
  164. Bjork
  165. Good deal on today for Radiohead box set
  166. need help from depeche mode fans
  167. Blink 182 To Reunite and Record
  168. helms alee - night terror
  169. Magazine
  170. radiohead
  171. P J Harvey & John Parish confirm US live shows
  172. akron/family anticipation thread
  173. white stripes playing conan
  174. So I'm gonna see Merzbow live...
  175. has anyone listened to the new trail of dead album?
  176. I'm going to see Meshuggah tomorrow
  177. Uhm...U2 playing a week on Letterman.
  178. possible new Jane's Addiction album
  179. members of Orgy form new band
  180. new grass
  181. good elektro albums
  182. Modest Mouse is shit.
  183. Mike Rep & the Quotas
  184. NIN Break Up
  185. Pearl Jam - remixed Brother & Porch
  186. yeah yeah yeahs - zero
  187. the new mastodon has apparently leaked
  188. Shroom with Josh Freese. Only $75,000.
  189. it's blitz
  190. are Siouxsie and the Banshees worth getting into?
  191. let's talk about ska
  192. Beatles' Revolution (Take 20)
  193. The Mountain Goats in SF
  194. the bird and the bee
  195. Yelle's "ce jeu"
  196. dark was the night
  197. At NIN last night
  198. U2 just blew it on letterman.
  199. Grizzly Bear Veckatimest
  201. Songs stuck in your head; Repeatedly listening to at the moment
  202. Dear Reader
  203. sonic youth - the eternal prehear
  204. Someone hepl me get some WAVVES
  205. Ivy
  206. NEW SSPU's Song
  207. APTEKA
  208. a nice little song and video
  209. Le Sexoflex
  210. recommend me some really old country music
  211. did anyone check out Steven Wilson's new album?
  212. Have you guys heard the new SFA single?
  213. Any thoughts on the Dead Weather? (Jack White)
  214. Now this is a fucking supergroup - The Dead Weather
  215. MBV
  216. which is the best mahavishnu orchestra album?
  217. dan deacon - bromst
  218. Doves - Lost Souls: Is it any good?
  219. Skunk Anansie reunion
  220. the beauty shop
  221. MM - The High End of Low
  222. I'm gonna see The Dead AND Willie Nelson, you guys
  223. holy fuck, the fragile is amazing
  224. britney is tonite, you fucks
  225. recommend me some good techno for a workout mix
  226. that one shoegaze song on the last coldplay album
  227. people who'll only ever listen to single songs and never albums
  228. kate bush - wuthering heights appreciation thread
  229. Razorblade Suitcase
  230. So I'm gonna see Merzbow tonight
  231. I just discovered Yeasayer
  232. Korg MicroKorg synthesizer/vocoder question
  233. Shamelessly plugging my friends' band
  234. ISIS - Wavering Radiant
  235. my band's album is out there for all to listen to
  236. tadgarden
  237. Hazards of Love?
  238. Here We Go Magic
  239. these are some nice songs
  240. Dubstep Suggestions
  241. Who's going to Pelican at the Empty Bottle on Sunday?
  242. Osheaga Line-up
  243. Awesome youtube videos
  244. Billy Corgan wants broadcast radio to pay performers
  245. new NIN album available for download
  246. My own music (Adam Walsh)
  247. Condo Fucks (Yo La Tengo) Fuckbook = really fucking good
  248. i saw the mountain goats last night
  249. Simultaneous drukQs
  250. camera obscura's new album