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  1. greatest song of all is clearly
  2. josephine foster - this coming gladness
  3. Top 10 favourite debut albums
  4. eddie vedder
  5. The band on the MLBB All-Star ad sounds like the Pumpkins!
  6. Anyone see the new radiohead video?
  7. 88Boadrum
  8. new lastfm
  9. Sigur Ros Tix?
  10. Jason Webley, anyone??
  11. Bon Iver, Toronto, Lee's Palace, July 22nd
  12. john frusciante interview from 1994
  13. Songs\Song Parts that are similair
  14. Chris Cornell (Feat. Timbaland) - "Long Gone"
  15. Do Mono do encores?
  16. best hendrix covers
  17. a thread about Elton John
  18. wow SYR 8 is sonic youth + merzbow + some avant saxophone guy
  19. Native Korean Rock (Karen O side project)
  20. Couple of new songs
  21. post your fucking muxtape
  22. so, courtney love is able to form coherrent thought?
  23. lollapalooza roll call
  24. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  25. fuck dudes im seeing sun kil moon tonight
  26. Ripping .wma files to mp3
  27. Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal
  28. Another Gear Wank Thread
  29. The InSound 20
  30. im looking for a picture of will oldham
  31. song
  32. Good albums / songs to work out to?
  33. good vinyl-ripping software?
  35. broken social scene US tour
  36. i cant imagine the chick from ATR being anything less than the greatest fuck in the w
  37. Angels and airwaves
  38. Lights in the Sky 2008 Tour!
  39. two records
  40. What the hell happened to this guy
  41. Nirvana - 'Bleach'
  42. so after digesting that billy howerdel solo album for a while
  43. boarding from the Russian Circles/Secret Machines/Coheed and Cambria show
  44. death magnetic anyone?
  45. :wow: non-shitty new Trivium!
  46. omg omg i'm listening to mastodon again
  47. rc wer've gotta get to the bottom of why we both like rem so much
  48. Album of the day so far.
  49. recommend stuff like the lost in translation soundtrack
  50. Opinions?
  51. Recommend me some metal...
  52. recommend me some metal
  53. The Notwist
  54. The Early Fade-Out
  55. welcome my sonnnn
  56. radiohead in indy tonight
  57. Swans
  58. PA system help
  59. So, here's that video of my band.
  60. Anyone like Kings of Leons new song?
  61. Fender Performer 650 amp
  62. Should I pay $20 to see Built to Spill / Meat Puppets?
  63. new Of Montreal single: Id Engager
  64. Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
  65. Conor Oberst
  66. six organs of admittance / chris corsano - home
  67. so i finally put on a Supersilent album again
  68. relistening to mr. bungle
  69. Virgin Mobile Festival: Aug 9 & 10, Baltimore MD
  70. hey
  71. Sigur Ros at MOMA
  72. too radiohead?
  73. unwound - leaves turn inside you
  74. Wilco last night.
  75. Anyone following the Amanda Palmer video series?
  76. Radiohead - Aug. 12 Camden NJ
  77. i'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence i have
  78. talk talk - 'spirit of eden'
  79. Buckethead
  80. pentagram - livin' in a ram's head
  81. now who else wanna fuck with hollywood cole?
  82. Boutros Bubba - National Anthems
  83. music torrrent invites???
  84. AH-NAH! Chinese Democracy to be retail exclusive?!
  85. Best band of the 00's so far...?
  86. my morning jacket Louisville, KY
  87. So, are you all ready for another mix exchange yet?
  88. <3
  89. i wish i could play (insert instrument) like (insert musician)
  90. U2 four song leak
  91. css - 'donkey'
  92. pavement recommendations?
  93. sax player from dave matthews dead
  94. What band/group/artist has the worst fans?
  95. help. my bloody valentine or butthole surfrers?
  96. nin tonight
  97. 'Death Magnetic' by Metallica
  98. mount eerie - black wooden ceiling opening / dawn / lost wisdom
  99. sonovabitch, joanna newsom is playing with the chicago symphony orchestra tonight
  100. Is the new Walkmen album any good?
  101. vid of my roomates band i shot
  102. has anyone seen The Beatles' Let It Be movie?
  103. Anyone ever been exposed to Sheep on Drugs?
  104. RATM: planning something controversial
  105. The Hawk is Howling
  106. Just got a DimarzioCorgan pickup cheap.
  107. heavy metal
  108. i'm listening to de loused in the comatorium
  109. the new AC/DC single Rock'n'Roll Train
  110. So there's a live webcast of Radiohead playing in Santa Barbara going on right now.
  111. Pig Destroyer
  112. Husker Du Appreciation Thread
  113. Really bad bands.
  114. Kittens - Tiger Comet
  115. Your thoughts on the new Verve album
  116. So I need some advice on recording equipment
  117. if his mind was blank then why did he need time to think
  118. Does anyone listen to ska or brass or such? Like Cat Empire etc?
  119. Albums to listen to whilist having sex.
  120. Is there an age ...
  121. NIN presale
  122. movie released about The Germs
  123. The Daysleepers
  124. somebody explain Why? to me
  125. Everybodyfields
  126. Ben Folds Five Reunites For One Show; Ben w/ New Album
  127. The Joshua Tree
  128. Old Gospel Music
  129. Milk by Gus Van Sant
  130. LOL fuck buttons
  131. Butch Vig
  132. Nirvana
  133. Whatever happened to the Shirley Manson solo record?
  134. Stop A Train With Your Face
  135. Oasis Noel Gallagher assaulted on stage in Toronto at Virgin Fest - 2008-9-7
  136. breakfast at sulimays
  137. Baroque/Classical/Romantic era music
  138. thread for techie guitar questions
  139. Swell - 41
  140. Any TV On The Radio fans here? New album just leaked
  141. underwater. does it matter?
  142. Peter Buck's Rickenbacker was stolen
  144. dude
  145. voice controversial musical opinions in here
  146. Pink Floyd founder Richard Wright dead
  147. According to this article, Year Zero part II is still in the works
  148. Help: "Sexy Songs"
  149. fuck radio
  150. Built to Spill/Meat Puppets/Drones 9/16 Lancaster PA
  151. The Kinks really made some stunning albums
  152. Out Of Time vs. Automatic For The People
  153. mike jones in a forest (or: mashup thread)
  154. Jack White/Alicia Keys- Another Way To Die
  155. The Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You
  156. Your mission ...
  157. the stage collapsed at dan deacon tonight
  158. Product placement in song lyrics
  159. Hum are playing in Chicago on NYE
  160. freeleech
  161. Recommend me Bob Dylan
  162. Question
  163. blink 182 drummer critically burned in plane crash
  164. Slint - Spiderland
  165. What the ****, Billy? Are you going to just sit there and let this happen??
  166. need suggestions for a ghetto playlist
  167. Best album of the last few years that...
  168. Mogwai cancel all remaining tour dates
  169. pattern is movement
  170. Just got back from Underoath!
  171. Favourite Queens of the Stone Age album.
  172. womanizer drops tomorrow, bitches!
  173. Do any of you own acoustics electrics in which the battery is very hard to replace?
  174. Is this the most unique performance of Siva ever?
  175. So did none of you see MBV this week?
  176. i liked this gnarls performance on abbey road
  177. Andy Summers
  178. False story in UK Sun says Led Zeppelin to tour, but is a total lie.
  179. Dido
  180. Caribou collects Polaris Music Prize
  181. Alice in Wonderland Remix
  182. Dresden Dolls break up
  183. the clash - s/t
  184. hey guise phish are officially back together
  186. Jay-Z free show on Saturday in Detroit. Should I try to pick up tickets?
  187. drum + bass
  188. the new deerhoof album
  189. Any Smashing Pumpkin-y sounding albums released this year?
  190. fuck you autolux
  191. so what do you guys think about these:
  192. / invites are currently open
  193. Travis - J.Smith
  194. I made a trip-hop mix cd
  195. keri hilson: energy
  196. This sweet local band- starfucker
  197. what's this song?
  198. early Peter Gabriel
  199. Waffles AND both down at the same time?!
  200. itt we recommend me stoner metal
  201. Depeche Mode 2009 world tour
  202. Margot & the Nuclear So & So's (Not Animal)
  203. ticket stub collections (or: redbull has too much time on his hands)
  204. Ben Gibbard - Lost weight and the glasses
  205. Butch Vig to produce next Green Day album
  206. Gregor Samsa
  207. Chinese Democracy to be released November 23
  208. Should I be a fan of Cansei De Ser Sexy
  209. What do you guys think some of the best produced albums are?
  210. Sia is pretty coll
  211. Recommend me albums
  212. Take On Me
  213. Brian Eno's Bloom
  214. Who likes the sex pistols?
  215. The Stills - Oceans Will Rise
  216. stupid guitar gear question #593749582
  217. Eric's Trip
  218. Who here rips vinyl using their computer?
  219. i really like supertramp
  220. songs to bang to
  221. Songs you like to get drunk and sing along to
  222. Willie Nelson. do I go see him?
  223. Anybody wanna contribute to a music blog?
  224. trying to sound like the end of the world
  225. Tremelo arms on electric guitars:
  226. Well I'm just a young, single father
  227. Acoustica - Alarm Will Sound/Aphex Twin
  228. 5 years since mr smith died
  229. whoa the new animal collective album cover
  230. jackies strength by tori amos
  231. Top 5 artists of the 20th century
  232. attn: guitarists
  233. the ipod shuffle survey
  234. Songwriters
  235. Scott Weiland has a new solo album coming out
  236. Chromeo
  237. I need to know who's singing this song
  238. Demo advice
  239. Favourite Music DVD's?
  240. Opinions on this track?
  241. Who are you listening to most right now?
  242. musicians: Your best cover song
  243. Halloween Party music?
  244. SlingeroGuitaro
  245. music reviewers
  247. sepultura
  248. classical music
  249. Can you please help me to identify this Michael Jackson song?
  250. I'm really digging the new The Cure album