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  1. new weezer Pork And Beans
  2. I'm a little bitch who just posts YouTube videos
  3. Eric Avery to Reunite with Jane's Addiction
  4. sister > daydream nation
  5. let's talk about B.O.B.
  6. Spiritualized
  7. Mayhem Festival
  8. Rank the songs on Strawberry Jam
  9. lol @ new atmosphere album
  10. amp question
  11. Record Store Day
  12. subterranean homesick blues - chopped and screwed
  13. Mark Kozelek What's Next To The Moon
  14. I got to dance with Saul Williams
  15. is weird now.
  16. beer
  17. Rivers Cuomo - Let's Write A Sawng
  18. tool fans
  19. my morning jacket - evil urges
  20. the new no age album
  21. Favorite Song right now: "Suture Up Your Future"
  22. this is why people buy records a.k.a. my experience with pw elverum and sun
  23. A guide to Metal
  24. Coachella
  25. Rock the Bells
  26. I am about to see Lou Reed
  27. Conor Oberst Solo Album Due August 5th
  28. probably the best 3-4 minute song of the 21st century so far
  29. Jakob / The Austerity Programm / Isis
  30. ATP -NY
  31. Shoegaze
  32. Mogwai this saturday
  33. guitarists - loop pedal recommendations?
  34. holy shit, possibly another NIN album in 2 weeks?!?!
  35. say what you will about Can's later albums...
  36. New Ladytron album rules
  37. The new Frightened Rabbit...
  38. Goo is pretty awesome
  39. tv on the radio
  40. Would you trade in your cds? If so which ones?
  41. Johnny Rzeznik was a truly remarkable frontman.
  42. Rival Schools reunite
  43. good songs/bands that its not cool to like
  44. Radiohead go green for live show
  45. Can I get a invite?
  46. brainbombs
  47. Prince covering Creep
  48. Opeth - Watershed
  49. are all these animal collective videos on youtube made by the band?
  50. foobar2k configs
  51. you know what's a good song
  52. Anybody want to buy my REM fanclub tix for their Chicago show?
  53. make my champagne bottle cork go pop
  54. Please look at this douche's music myspace and have a laugh...... "Charlie Nusance".
  55. muse anyone
  56. I am going to see Yes this summer
  57. wolf parade at mount zoomer
  58. Good song intros
  59. people into cool msuc (i'm hardcore celluoid love) check out my band
  60. r. kelly - sex planet
  61. video of entire Portishead performance at Coachella
  62. Teenage Jesus & the Jerks NYC show
  63. "i hate music"
  64. serj tanka-whatever is on leno and he's such a fucking joke
  65. good songs about drinking/alcohol
  66. Nick Cave US Tour
  67. R.E.M. marathon
  68. audience no. 2 (hey davin)
  69. so how about that piano in Secret Girls?
  70. is it ok to like operator please
  71. school house rock! rocks
  72. I have 3.18GB of Frank Sinatra songs...
  73. nen decent NIN song released via Spacebook
  74. bonnaroo superjam (holy hell)
  75. Computer game music
  76. For the resident Smiths/Morrissey Fans...
  77. What's the first CD you ever owned?
  78. mbv north american tour!!
  79. New Beck Album in 4-6 Weeks
  80. New in-studio jam song
  81. indietorrents is back
  82. CD-Text
  83. The Red Album leaks...mostly
  84. new in-living-room noise jams
  85. glow pt 2 reissue
  86. have we talked about the new deathcab yet?
  87. $4.99 CD sale...
  88. Can I get a Waffles invite?
  89. Recommend me great instrumental music
  90. Justice Stress music video
  91. man this new cure single is pretty bad
  92. scarlett johansson single & video
  93. this joanna newsom pic....
  94. madonna playing pantera riffs = worst thing ever
  95. i don't ggive a shit about the cure, pantera, madonna, nin, scarlett johansson, beck,
  96. the who
  97. speaking of mbv
  98. speaking of REM
  99. speaking of david bowie
  100. new birchville cat motel
  102. stars of the lid
  103. Speaking of youtube
  104. my mind's fucked u p off chocolate thai
  105. Are MySpace MP3s (SNOCAP) DRM-Free?
  106. has anybody heard about this mojo thing
  107. New Bonnie Prince Billy - Lie Down in the Light
  108. coldplay - parachutes
  109. What.CD FLAC freeleach - taking requests
  110. Earth To The Dandy Warhols
  111. if hey there delilah is the worst song of 2007
  112. Listen to my band online this evening
  113. Black Light Burns
  114. Sebadoh is so bad.
  115. Blind Mellon Collie
  116. Acrassicauda - Iraq's Only Heavy Metal Band
  117. RHCP disband (there is a god)
  118. Emo dickheads strike again
  119. drumcorps cave in remix/cover
  120. prince
  121. Book Of Days (BJM DVD?)
  122. Slow moving trains fucks with my mind
  123. recommend me some itrunes exclusives
  124. changed my mind about Hail To The Thief
  125. i got duped into listening to a GREEN DAY SIDE PROJECT
  126. Meš suš ķ eyrum viš spilum endalaust (new sigur ros album june 23)
  127. ive made hip threads before
  128. ive made hip threads before
  129. Tom Waits' Glitter and Doom Tour
  130. sweetest song ever?
  131. Sonic Boom Six
  132. R.E.M. is touring.
  133. The Melvins - Nude In Boots
  134. new Zutons
  135. Fucking Chickenfoot. i thought we were done with shitty fusion supergroups
  136. The Breeders Last Night
  137. animal collective - 'water curses'
  138. RIP Bo Diddley
  139. when you listen to an old album that you've never listened to and it is good
  140. joke: what is prince's favorite vegetable
  141. Aimee Mann - @#%&*! Smilers
  142. broken social scene presents brendan canning
  143. Muxtapes
  144. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
  145. the carter 3
  146. records that are nostalgic for you
  147. Caribou
  148. Aussies... Talk to me about Catcall
  149. how does the post-70s bowie shape up?
  150. Camera Obscura
  151. It finally happened
  152. So how about radiohead's new "Greatest Hits" cd?
  153. hey what are some good Isis albums
  154. hey what are some good Isle demos?
  155. Swervedriver - 99th Dream
  156. The Cure last night
  157. at daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn
  158. good albums that are too long
  159. new songs from my band
  160. Amy W. is a racist drug lord
  161. Does anyone know anything about xylophones or glockenspiels?
  162. So my roommate and I got a brand-new Moog theremin
  163. Post your ambient/free style music here
  164. dudes check out my band
  165. does osmeone have black eyed peas - weekend?
  166. infinite sustain (not a spinal tap thread)
  167. Trent Reznor Planning NIN Year Zero TV Series
  168. Rap/Hip Hop Suggestions Needed, Re: Lupe Fiasco
  169. new wold, yo
  170. burning star core - challenger
  171. iron & wine, 6/12, iowa city, ia
  172. proshot videos of 3 NEW MASTODON SONGS!
  173. eyehategod
  174. lollapalooza schedule is up
  175. Ratatat LP3
  176. My Bloody Valentine just played their first gig in 16 years if anyone cares
  177. so I guess I went to Bonnaroo
  178. tom waits show tampa bay area?
  179. it's that time again, gig photos
  180. Atom Heart Mother- June 15, 2008
  181. AH-NAH!!!
  182. any fans of b b king here?
  183. is there anything better than those synths on New Order's "Age of Consent"
  184. smog - a river ain't too much to love
  185. recommend me a record player
  186. girl talk - feed the animals
  187. robert pollard tour
  188. Archie Bronson Outfit
  189. estelle- american boy
  190. Sound Tribe Sector 9
  191. the self-titled portishead record
  192. i would find...a way
  193. usher- love in this club
  194. i listened to the smiths for the first time in a while the other day
  195. camera obscura
  196. Amon Duul II
  197. Non shit songs to play at a wedding
  198. Unwed Sailor, High Dependency Unit, Glissade, Followed By Ghosts, etc.
  199. The Verve's next album to be released in August
  200. Just got back from Radiohead at Victoria Park
  201. muse anyone?
  202. your favourite song of '08
  203. Sigur Ros/Bjork live webcast on Saturday
  204. Can
  205. man this band is fucking awful
  206. Single Greatest Moment of my Life
  207. Sigur Ros in Chicago (need ride from Iowa)
  208. best band name i've heard in a while
  209. PLEASE tell me this pic is photoshopped
  210. Radiohead
  211. your favourite-produced albums
  212. vhs or beta
  213. no age - 'nouns'
  214. the new grouper is really really good
  215. He came at me with some fist cuisine
  216. i need some new music
  217. Jeffrey Lewis vs Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  218. Is it me or does this year suck for new music?
  219. mogwai show last night
  220. has anyone heard Travis' first album
  221. Which eras do you skip over?
  222. This just in: Dragonforce top the cover art and album name for "Inhuman Rampage"
  223. by the end of september, my eardums will have burst
  224. those actors with bands
  225. a GOOD new cure song
  226. iTunes - anything worth getting on there?
  227. Joy Division singer’s grave stone stolen
  228. is anyone awesome like me and got a beta test thing?
  229. I've just been sick
  230. Don't you think Thom Yorke enjoys being Thom Yorke at least 10% more than he lets on?
  231. listening to zeppelin II
  232. let's do top 5s of the year so far
  233. post your favorite song of the moment:
  234. big bands/artists you don't get
  235. YSI: Wilco 5/15/08 in St. Louis, MO
  236. 2008 osheaga music & arts festival, montreal
  237. best closing tracks
  238. so how come nobody here mentioned the fucking boris tour
  239. today i realized
  240. surreal
  241. Annual Motorpsycho thread
  242. critique this guitar solo
  243. dragonforce/studioforce
  244. who's listening to some jazz?
  245. deerhunter
  246. who's listening to some nas?
  247. oxbow
  248. hey who lives in downstate illinois good music festival
  249. The best album ever made
  250. greatest song of all time