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  1. the Deprecation Guild
  2. Radiohead hip hop remixes
  3. Imogen Heap
  4. soulja boy is not very smart
  5. MV & EE with The Golden Road - Gettin' Gone
  6. From The Petrified Forest...
  7. it's mother's day
  8. Piss-take R.E.M. cover we recorded
  9. Dead Meadow - 'Old Growth'
  10. Slow things down (SlowDanceMix)
  11. TVT Records to file Chapter 11
  12. For all the elephant 6 diehards
  13. check out our rewrites of pavements summer babe
  14. new Phantom Planet album in April
  15. Steal My Body Home (Beck)
  16. will someone please upload Jukebox for me
  17. KING BROTHERS April West Coast Tour
  18. Roger Waters/Nick Mason to play free pub gig 2/23
  19. country music
  20. albums you've recently rediscovered
  21. 10 Favorite Songs Over 10 Minutes
  22. maybe i should do my drunk posting in here
  23. this sis such a good song
  24. Radiohead to headline first 2 days of All Points West Festival
  25. 10 Favorite Songs Under 2 Minutes
  26. Alan W. Pollack analyzes Beatles' songs
  27. current dream gig?
  28. Steely Dan
  29. compilations
  30. 10KL Festival and Rothbury Festival initial lineups
  31. Bom Bom Diggy (Tricky)
  32. attn: Shapan
  33. The Beatles od The Velvet Underground?
  34. Advice on best device to record gigs on & audio editing?
  35. Amplive in Rainbows remixes (Chali2na, Del tha Funkee Homosapien)
  36. Music to ________ to: _____
  37. holy shit i never realized chavez were so awesome
  38. i spend most of my time listening to bob dylan
  39. Howlin' Rain - Magnificent Fiend
  40. Flaming Lips - 'Its Summertime'
  41. i got an mp3 of a vinyl rip at the wrong speed
  42. Spacemen 3
  43. hey community , i need some help.
  44. New Breeders album is great!
  45. "new" VU bootleg
  46. Boris lyrics are strange
  47. new devotchka album
  48. Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians
  49. mayfuck
  50. the niiiiiiiiiiiight they drove old dixie down
  51. susumu yokota
  52. Sasquatch Festival Lineup announced
  53. Dethklok: Dethalbum
  54. Maxim Apologizes to Black Crowes
  55. ISO: lyrics for 'damn this feeling' by hayden
  56. ISO: Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing live recording
  57. ATTN: I'm Hardcore
  58. Terrastock festival lineup (Louisville Kentucky)
  59. Garfield.
  60. An Ode to Musical Man Crushes
  61. last nite: pelican @ empty bottle
  62. new dEUS album coming up
  63. Local H 7 night Residency in Chicago
  64. Songs from the 80s
  65. See if you can guess what this is
  66. the sigur ros film
  67. motorpsycho - little lucid moments
  68. so, that panic at the disco side project black gold...
  69. sugarcubes - eat the menu
  70. glissade?
  71. i just made a mix cd
  72. Something is happening on tonight
  73. it was hot, we stayed in the water
  74. albums you listened to today
  75. i'm seeing more shows than you are this week.
  76. your favourite Stones albums
  77. sepultura
  78. Caruso
  79. I hate myself for liking this song
  80. anyone listen to Sublime Frequences label?
  81. Melt! Festival - July 18-20 - Ferropolis Area, Gräfenheinichen
  82. Your favourite Smiths album
  83. do you like Taj Mahal?
  84. visual context of music
  85. Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts
  86. Last Fm Users
  87. high rise / mainliner thread
  88. Coheed and Cambria acoustic demos
  89. preview of the new Roots album
  90. Any fans of Hot Chip here?
  91. anyone listened to the nirvana multitracks yet?
  92. Kinski
  93. Slowdive- Machine Gun -- those have to be keyboards right?
  94. Beauty On The Wireless
  95. Elbow
  96. Hi-Res Chavez Photos?
  97. NIN and Radiohead to headline Lollapalooza
  98. Portishead - Third
  99. is it adviseable to dress up for a Cure concert
  100. Burial chamber trio - live 10"
  101. choking on a bucket of muscle fuel
  102. Expect More Strict Rules in China
  103. eddie vedder - into the wild
  104. Robbie Williams to dump pop career
  105. Sigur Rós' "Heima" on YouTube [and totally legal, too]
  106. best shows you've seen this year
  107. Neurosis - Times Of Grace/Tribes Of Neurot - Grace
  108. pitchfork lineup leak
  109. attn: toronto - queen west fire benefit show tonight
  110. so, i gave a free ticket for Spoon
  111. Gavin Bryars, Philip Jeck and Alter Ego - The Sinking Of The Titanic
  112. SXSW anyone?
  113. Leonard Cohen Tour
  114. Why do so many people like Linkin Park?
  115. Blur
  116. goddamnit
  117. ??? (Isle):
  118. Give Sperm for Festival Tickets
  119. what do you guys think of this new animal collective ep
  120. man man - rabbit habits
  121. Has anyone heard of..
  122. Another new festival- Pemberton Music Festival
  123. Mute Math
  124. NIN
  125. Hardcore Punkers
  126. Mike Garson releases new album
  127. Positive Critacism Needed!
  128. new Notwist song!
  129. Madonna - Hard Candy
  130. Magik Markers
  131. no more Nine Inch Nails threads please
  132. only 2 more bowie albums to go
  133. sooo tonight I saw Jandek and Chambarladies with Thurston Moore in a church
  134. In Through The Out Door
  135. muse, anyone?
  136. Aereogramme - A story in white
  137. worst covers ever
  138. New Raconteurs 3/25
  139. roger waters - in the flesh dvd
  140. bob dylan's theme time radio hour
  141. Your Top 10 Songs
  142. Limozeen Live?
  143. Pousette-Dart Band
  144. glow pt. 2 reissue
  145. Chrome
  146. Chromeo
  147. invite?
  148. little bit a
  149. peolpe that need to go back to the linkin park board
  150. so the cure were ok tonight
  151. i have an eight hour radio show today
  152. i might be getting an 11 hour radio show
  153. is there a new yyy album in the pipeline or what
  154. best "black" band.
  155. Favorite Opening Tracks
  156. Any other Complete fans here?
  157. Beck w Dangermouse
  158. Bjork
  159. Check out this song.
  160. Massive Attack
  161. lollapalooza early bird - who got it?
  162. von sudenfed
  163. anyone seeing robyn on her north america tour?
  164. AH NAH!!! Chinese Democracy in 08 equals FREE DR. PEPPER FOR ALL!*
  165. song: moby - extreme ways
  166. Drum sequencers
  167. it's been a week.
  168. Muse thinking about ditching album format as well
  169. do i go see Acid Mothers Temple or Crystal Castles?
  170. has anyone seen bon iver live
  171. anyone here read The Wire?
  172. The Mae Shi - HLLLYH
  173. WMMRBQ 2008 Camden, NJ - STP
  174. top 10 wu-tang/affiliated albums
  175. Yo La Tengo - Beautiful Noise - Toronto April 7 2008
  176. Which Editors album do you prefer?
  177. oh my god the roots just melted my fucking brain (setlist spoilers)
  178. I liek rap! NSFW
  179. so, is atlas sound any good, or what?
  180. so my little sister asked me to take her to see fuck buttons
  181. LOLLAPALOOZA!!!!!!!!!
  182. Lucky is a classic song but in an unusual way
  183. can someone help me find something
  184. Nice Job Nine Inch Nails... Wait! Radiohead?!?!
  185. remix radiohead
  186. Solaris Soundtrack
  188. new kids on the block reunion, bitches.
  189. so, that free spoon concert
  190. oh fuck the New Acid Mothers Temple
  191. Toadies
  192. Stone Temple Pilots reunion
  193. Kronos Quartet live
  194. oh shit another Lollapalooza thread
  195. mayyors
  196. mi ami - african rhythms 12"
  197. apparently, nodatta is now invite only
  198. unwound
  199. Listen to my boyfriend's new song!
  200. Robin Finck re-joins NIN
  201. Elvis 1968 comeback special
  202. I'm going through a 60's phase
  203. eels tour - go see them. now.
  204. there's no business like stealing
  205. Another attempt at a Netphorian mix exchange?
  206. sf outside lands festival (two gallants, radiohead, beck, wilco, cold war kids, etc.)
  207. new dresden dolls (attn kahlo)
  208. avril or paramore?
  209. new apples in stereo (kind of)
  210. beamz Music Performance System
  211. Pitchfork tv launched
  212. recent zane lowe show/i love the zutons
  213. The Souls
  214. Sub Pop 20th anniversary festival announced
  215. i can't buy james iha's cd on itunes?
  216. songs that deal with love
  217. the fag from xiu xiu is an ok songwriter but god damn does his voice suck
  218. I didn't know Kyle Gass from Tenacious D had his own band.
  219. Supergrass
  220. why does every radio station insist on being so awful
  221. Listen to my girlfriend's new song!
  222. new sun kil moon
  223. Steely Dan (I thought they didnt' tour. I thought they were dead.)
  224. lets talk about the swirlies' They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering W
  225. "Chinese Democracy' finally...
  226. Yelle (trashy french electropop)
  227. What song is stuck in your head?
  228. running out of band names
  229. My Morning Jacket- Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2
  230. who else got radiohead tickets
  231. remember when rockin' cherub said jim white was a shitty drummer
  232. I have downloaded the first of 50 of the MERZBOX
  233. jimi hendrix talkin' bat-shit crazy
  234. New Blind Melon Album
  235. phantom planet - raise the dead [2008]
  236. Am I missing something here?
  237. did a song with a friend's band
  238. Bjork Tonight in London
  239. hundreds of bands, hundreds of bootlegs
  240. Better then most bands?
  241. some studio tracks
  242. Austin City Limits announces 2008 line-up.
  243. local bands you like
  244. this video is fucking sweet.
  245. I just purchased the Boris/Merzbow Rock Dream 3xLP on 180g vinyl limited to 1000
  246. what's up with indietorrents?
  247. Ours - Mercy
  248. i'm just as sick of feist as the next canadian except for your mom, but
  249. If you like ____ then you might want to check out ____
  250. The Black Keys were awesome tonight!