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  2. kaki king vs kelly rudick.
  3. mindblowing guitar videos.
  4. Who here writes music?
  5. Now Playing
  6. My recommendation for a multi-effects processor under $100
  7. The Future Of Warner Music Group
  8. someone test this lead guitar run for me.
  9. New Queen Song - Alan Wu to thread
  10. Dan Deacon live
  11. Bands who have had a successful album after 5-10 year break
  12. Bands that I listen to that I'd only admit to my closest friends
  13. what's your songwriting process
  14. Lol, there's a "best of the libertines" coming out
  15. man, Joy Division take such a giant shit on New Order
  16. os mutantes
  17. Scott Weiland / Jim Morrison
  18. <i>Love is a Battlefield Tab</i>
  19. Your Discbox has been despatched.
  20. Black Summer Crush @ The Viper Room West Hollywoo
  21. Gibson unveils self-tuning guitar
  22. what invites?
  23. Silversun Pickups -Remix Album
  24. Autechre - Quaristice - March 2008
  25. Interesting new demos...
  26. I'm seeing Led Zeppelin in London
  27. attn kahlo
  28. recording equipment question
  29. Moldy Peaches did a show the other night
  30. advice on good small mixers
  31. The best Fountains of Wayne song
  32. This months Spin and Maynard Keenan
  33. Linda Strawberry tries to hard to be cute and is luckier than you
  34. where is my mind
  35. Getting rid of the grammys
  36. cover songs
  37. stockhausen dead.
  38. "Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo" coming 12/18!
  39. pre-emptive end of year list thread
  40. my vitriol
  41. please recommend me some albums with great production.
  42. 3-11-08
  43. Any Good Chicago Shows Jan 6th?
  44. Grime
  45. 12/8 dual show report
  46. reccommend some ska/rocksteady
  47. ATTN: people who have ever listened to KoRn
  48. recommend me some Nation Of Ulysses
  49. i saw dinsoaur jr and
  50. A band I just recorded!
  51. what should i download?
  52. Your 2007 Concert Resume
  54. ITT we make fun of Metal-heads.
  55. Why are microphones so expensive?
  56. Day&NightDriving
  57. Gay Beast (noise-thrash-dance music from minneapolis)
  58. Nirvana - Asshole
  59. why is Big Man With a Gun on The Downward Spiral?
  60. bjork's new video - declare independence
  61. Morgan Ågren
  62. kent?
  63. Favorite Songs of 2007
  64. songs about unrequited love
  65. what are 3 songs i can't d/l on slsk that i should get with my remaining emusic point
  66. Looking for waffles and indietorrents invite :)
  67. hulk hogan singing to andre the giant in heaven
  68. EARTH - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
  69. Any underground rap suggestions?
  70. greatest lines in all of music
  71. Strays is the most underrated rock album of the past 5 years.
  72. Rest in peace, Dan Fogelberg
  73. Free CD Jewel Case artwork creating software?
  74. For the fans of Fulflej, i offer thee
  75. age-old argument: 'indie' is not a genre of music! (is it?)
  77. Wilco on tour
  78. tim buckley - starsailor >>> jeff buckley - grace
  79. What is the difference between Goth and Post-Punk
  80. good xmas songs
  81. the best possible version of Extraordinary Machine
  82. semi annual youtube music videos post
  83. the kings of leon
  84. ZOMG What is DOWN
  85. everything but the girl
  86. 80's funk
  87. If you like My Bloody Valentine you should check out these guys:
  88. soft focus
  89. By this time next year you will all own a dubstep cd
  90. 2007 list thread no zeitgeist allowed
  91. dirty three
  92. hello fellow net-o-phorias
  93. Why Today's Music Sounds Like Shit
  94. Kill Hannah
  95. Earthling Society
  96. the music board is dead
  97. In Rainbows in FLAC - £6.99
  98. I'm just straight up gonna ask for a invite.
  99. Dub Trio
  100. i've been on a nirvana kick lately
  101. RIAA: It's illegal to transfer music from legally purchased CD to computer
  102. The Cool Kids (link Inside)
  103. guess what i got in the mail today!
  104. john maus
  105. Musical confessions
  106. guitarists, ever played an agile harm?
  107. hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?
  108. let's discuss prince
  109. scary mansion / cat power
  110. shure 57 or 58 ?
  111. ISO: In Rainbows Album Artwork.
  112. Tell me about Tim Buckley
  113. lol the shins
  114. Behringer V-amp 2
  115. I'd never listened to the Band before today
  116. Radiohead - Scotch Mist
  117. ATTN: Noise/Noise Rock Fans
  118. The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
  119. thom yorke on english quiz show (laughts inside)
  120. charlottefield - what friends are for (2008)
  121. Grandaddy were great!
  122. certifiable new subgenres
  123. SXSW 2008 info starting to roll in...
  124. i kindof like that new sugaboobz song.
  125. st #4: upcoming shows
  126. the mp3 debate
  127. Bilinda Butcher
  128. hey who cut the board in half
  129. The 4 best metal bands in the world today
  130. the letting go kicks ass
  131. Hardleg - F*ck Beans
  132. Radiohead us tour
  133. IN RAINBOWS/CD Question
  134. fucking fantastic
  135. Deftones in the studio
  136. mike love may well be the biggest douche ever to live
  137. so i heard a crazy coachella rumor that HAS to be false...
  138. Marilyn Manson - Tim Skold out, Twiggy Ramirez in
  139. great songwriters
  140. Rhymefest - Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson mixtape)
  141. invite
  142. Radar Bros - Warm Rising Sun (the song, from Auditorium)
  143. alternatives
  144. Gregor Samsa
  145. i need a program to archive mp3s on my hard drive.
  146. brian jonestown massacre - my bloody underground
  147. xiu xiu - women as loversr
  148. favorite music videos
  149. does anyone have the Nervous Cop album
  150. was there already a thread about year zero remixed?
  152. listening to all songs under 3:00 on my ipod
  153. mars volta - the bedlam in goliath
  154. Ipod Defrag?? misc ipod problems
  155. greatest no wave band
  156. Radiohead webcast in 2 hours
  157. I fucking love A Ghost is Born
  158. anyone like industrial music?
  159. ARGH! I Can't Think Of It - A Series Of Dreams
  160. anyone who owns their own home studio
  161. like sheets of pure terror
  162. Mechanical Animals revisited
  163. Teenagers in Tokyo (Ever?)
  164. closed down
  165. Ever heard of Poets of the Fall
  166. Sean Paul Song Causes Woman To Have Seizures
  167. Courtney Love looking good?
  168. Skygreen Leopards
  169. looking to get a mic for vocals, any recommendations?
  170. Marilyn manson / smashing pumpkins eye video
  171. hey you guys who liked headlights
  172. The life and crimes of the music biz
  173. No Fun Fest 2008, anyone going?
  174. what is this song?
  175. harrowdown hill
  176. New Portishead album!
  177. METRIC: what's your fav song/compilation of theirs?
  178. Basic Shoegaze Rig
  179. R.E.M. - Accelerate
  180. i wish more artists were more interactive! (new arcade fire video)
  181. Classical Music
  182. ceremony
  183. Chevelle and Deftones
  184. human bell - epon
  185. New stereo / record player hook-up question (Help me!)
  186. autistic daughters
  187. will someone give me an indie torrent or waffle invite?
  188. Qtrax
  189. Tickets in Amsterdam?
  190. your five favorite albums, right now
  191. Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona 2008
  192. Upcoming Shows?
  193. the new fuck buttons LP
  194. New Sun Kil Moon album- April
  195. scritti politti
  196. Bert Jansch
  197. All Crazy
  198. another thread about the microphones
  199. in defence of fred durst
  200. does anyone recognize this riff?
  201. Final Fantasy VII
  202. When is Autolux going to release their new album?
  203. all those people who have been asking...
  204. Bonnaroo lineup coming this week
  205. what happened to sordo?
  206. alele diane - the pirate's gospel
  207. Lupe Fiasco / Vampire Weekend
  208. when did snoop go batshit insane?
  209. hey did anyone pick up that madonna tribute album
  210. for all you meshuggah\noise\screaming fans
  211. how much of sex and drugs is there in contemporary music?
  212. BORIS
  213. invite
  214. my new favorite band
  215. lets discuss guitar videos some more
  216. maroon 5 won't go home without u
  217. ISO: Beatles Lossless HuB DC++
  218. please tell me that this article on post-punk is totally fucked up.
  219. New Sleep Station album
  220. is fucking up for anyone else right now?
  221. Indie band raises $40k to record their album - BY DONATION!
  222. hey boycott graceland you comin into toronto next week?
  223. is shareminer down for anyone else?
  224. Boris - Smile
  226. willy mason is a realy talented young man
  227. my new favourite band
  228. Anyone remember Good Charlotte?
  229. Godspeed is done. Blame it on Iraq. No, no... they're not quite dead yet
  230. rumored APW lineup
  231. Filter - new album for 08
  232. Artists that you like now that you'll laugh at when you're older
  233. Radiohead's Bestest Hits
  234. The Kills are touring!
  235. or invites?
  236. Radiohead date (a real one)
  237. check out this awesome singer
  238. First STP date announced!
  239. In Rainbows remix
  240. Apartment
  241. good stuff from 2008
  242. another festival lineup worth considering -- Rothbury
  243. Fuel - Sunburn
  244. The Kills - Midnite Boom
  245. Favorite Super-Happy Feel Good Music Band?
  246. Making a Dance me
  247. Ours - Mercy
  248. The Band Apart
  249. looking for a tape recorder and/or tape 4-track
  250. your guitar setup,