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  1. i hate anthony kiedis so much
  2. Pondering Radio Play
  3. Fav epic instrumental?
  4. Alice in Chains, anyone?
  5. hey does anyone have that photo of daft punk eating corn
  6. marnie stern - in advance of the broken arm
  7. Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
  8. were any civilian songs not released as audioslave?
  9. casio keyboards ftw
  10. recommend me an album
  11. freedom
  12. Home recording question
  13. what gets the ladiez goin'
  14. Definitive Review of In Rainbows
  15. jarvis cocker's album
  16. The Intelligence - Deuteronomy
  17. radiohead
  18. what was the first crucial guitar riff you ever learned.
  20. Clockcleaner - Babylon Rules
  21. I just got the Radiohead email but I can't find the download site
  22. in rainbows
  23. Oink Invite
  24. so how about that new Iron & Wine record
  25. ken andrews last night @ double door
  26. Tortoise playing free show in Chicago this Saturday
  27. so i'm on a cocteau twins bender
  28. deftones
  29. hey turalyon
  30. another nin thread ""Fight 'The Man'!...... but wait... I'm 'The Man'... ""
  31. I like Straylight Run and I don't care who knows it
  32. Murder by Death
  33. new Kylie
  34. Post your musical instruments + equipment!!!
  35. Disco Rebel !!
  36. Freak Folk/Naturalismo
  37. Man Man's live show
  38. Phosphorescent - Pride
  39. Travis Barker Remix Soulja Boy "Crank That"
  40. david byrne likes the blow
  41. Hum in Caddilac commercial, also... did I see Pat Smear playing with Foo's on SNL?
  42. Bat For Lashes video, "What's A Girl To Do"
  43. good articles about the current state of the music industry?
  44. Annie Mack to play new Pendulum Album next week
  45. I just got given so much hip-hop
  46. New Nada Surf
  47. The New Pornographers, Type O'Negative, Alice in Chains, the Misfits
  48. singer Tose Proeski dies in a car crash
  49. New Neil Young and Electric Wizard leaked on sameday!
  50. Queens of the fucking Stoneage.....
  51. once again: please mute stripes
  52. Man Man, Ryan Adams, Melt-Banana, Mt. Eerie, Ween, Astral Project, Atmosphere, GWAR
  53. avi's new music video. oh god.
  54. Sam Cooke
  55. did ryan actually quit akron/family?
  56. Clapton Autobiography anyone?
  57. eels greatest hits to be released in january
  58. 2007 Bridge School Benefit Line Up
  59. Mute Math
  60. how the hell have i never seen this
  62. omfg! new hrsta album!
  63. the highest dollar value vinyl that you own
  64. Flaming Lips - UFOs At The Zoo
  65. JAMES BLUNT How His New Album Will Make Soft-Rock History ORDER THIS ISSUE
  66. how come no one ever raves about 'Lurgee'?
  67. songs/lyrics that make you melt, revisited
  68. Anticipated Shows?
  69. I'm seeing Magik Markers tonight
  70. it's just my
  71. Time.Space.Repeat star gazing band- free download
  72. oh inverted world
  73. some band called Oceansize
  74. r. kelly- real talk
  75. God Lives Underwater
  76. songs you dont know what songs they are
  77. Led Zeppelin reunion more than a one-off?
  78. Fiction Plane
  79. In Flames
  80. Ipod Ripping question
  81. .shn problems.
  82. Sondre Lerche - Phantom Punch
  83. S.P.U.D - Sour (ysi)
  84. The BROWN was in town, with a Vengence! (Ween this past Saturday in Chicago)
  85. post here your latest song and I will give you my opinion
  86. The Datsuns
  87. swervedriver reunion!
  88. saw Dylan/Costello this weekend
  89. Mount Eerie, Chicago, Wednesday
  90. What goddamn song is this?
  91. Oink Invites
  92. album/song ratios question
  93. met the yellow swans tonight
  94. Ryan Adams - Follow the Lights EP
  95. Weird e-mail i got about 50th Grammy Entry List
  96. Fall Out Boy - I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off
  97. the four seasons cover dylan's "don't think twice"
  98. New Saul Williams (produced by Trent Reznor and mixed by Alan Moulder)
  99. Serj Tankian- Elect the Dead
  100. Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between
  101. nas has owned all white people
  102. Time for a new top 10 albums thread? Well I think so.
  103. For Love Not Lisa
  104. wow, i seeing Dir En Grey
  105. make a playlist of your all-time top 10 favorite songs
  106. The Verve
  107. best song of 2007
  108. Why do my headphones keep dying???
  109. moldy peaches question
  110. reel big fish question
  111. new Sigur Rós single!
  112. Anton Corbijn's "Control"
  113. Should I go see...
  114. adios, porter wagoner
  115. i went to Viva La Bands
  116. alice in wonder land music video... HELP!
  117. japanther- skuffed up my huffy
  118. bob dylan and bill callahan want you to buy a cadillac
  120. Metallica cover "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" (Garbage) at Bridge School
  121. Two Regular Upload Sites Not Working/Shut Down...
  122. New Romantic
  123. Shutupalreadydamn! The Prince Tribute Album
  124. The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Ire Works"
  125. finding out about silverchair's musical skeletons
  126. Easily the best album of the year based on titles alone
  127. apparently the decemberists covered "echoes" last night
  128. Voxtrot
  129. should I go see Múm tonight?
  130. the verves early material
  131. Should i go see Black Dice tonight?
  133. Oh shit I had no idea
  134. for one week, i will listen only to songs with "rape" in the title
  135. question for people who like The Faint
  136. Swans?
  137. Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep video
  138. HUM in new Cadiallac commercial
  139. Liffey's 200 Best Songs of All Time
  140. The Fucking Champs
  141. tegan and sara in kansas tonight!
  142. New Drumcorps/Aaron Spectre
  143. del
  144. this is cool
  145. who did that song "drinkin' in LA"
  146. spinoff sort of: covers that are better than the originals
  147. new radiohead box set
  148. mew
  149. World's End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland
  150. I'm going to try to scalp tickets to the Arcade Fire concert tonight
  151. att: prince fans....
  152. New Melissa auf der maur record?
  153. Sigur Ros Heima DVD
  154. How's this for a music video?
  155. The Sundays / The Cranberries
  156. Marilyn Manson's 'Holy Wood' book
  158. should i go to this show tonight?
  159. High Rise - Dispersion
  160. Devendra Banhart
  161. Queen I
  162. slade picture thread
  163. looks like albumbase is down now too
  164. OutKast and the Roots kind of fell off
  165. Nov. 20 is the best release day that I can remember in a long time
  166. i saw boris' "pink" cd at the library today
  167. guitar recommendations?
  168. Recordings from metal band in Nashville...
  169. Ummm....RIAA warning to my email address about
  170. Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
  171. never has the line between charming and annoying been so thin...
  172. st: 10 favorite songs
  173. Minus the Bear
  174. recording question
  175. Flick
  176. The Story Of Yo La Tengo
  177. New Weezer album
  178. Dream Theater announce Aussie dates
  179. Pixies Doolittle
  180. whats your username
  181. Motion City Soundtrack with Anberlin, Mae, and Metro Station
  182. the left banke - walk away renee
  183. radiohead news
  184. so i'm sitting here
  185. The Gun Club
  186. 100 Greatest Indie Albums Ever
  187. mista lova man
  188. Amy Winehouse drunkenly starts her tour
  189. single greatest riff of ALL TIME
  190. Courtney Love Talks Radiohead
  191. Gentleman, let's talk about rap music.
  192. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill appreciation thread
  193. Suggest some new bands for me
  194. I just saw Interpol
  195. I hate how the audience will laugh at anything at a concert
  196. Any one have any Live Muse shows they can yousendit?
  197. new Mt. Eerie release
  198. i'm having one of those phases where i think u2 doesn't suck
  199. I just saw Tegan and Sara
  200. Yo La Tengo on Saturday Night Live
  201. Arcade Fire last night in London & the danger of covering great songs
  202. phil selway on "the reckoner"
  203. anybody wanna hear my new demos?
  204. Check out my new songs...
  205. lol Phil Anselmo making some fan get on his knees
  206. CAN U PLS
  207. The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site
  208. 30 Seconds to Mars cover Kanye West's "Stronger"
  209. Brian May, rock star and astrophysicist, has been appointed chancellor of LJMU
  210. forest for the trees
  211. LOL RHCP sue Californication
  212. radiohead cover the smiths' "the headmaster ritual"
  213. beautifulgarbage?
  214. lol phil selway on making a fan get on his knees
  215. New depeche mode tracks
  216. bjork spring tour
  217. so, this kevin drew album is pretty awful, huh?
  218. Kylie - X
  219. Trent Reznor at his finest
  220. Paul reed smith SE on VS Epiphone les paul custom
  221. The A's
  222. new untitled joanna newsom song
  223. david grubbs
  224. the wipers
  225. Netpho: Prove how cool you are with reccomendations...
  226. holy fuck appreciation
  227. Hottest song
  228. a perfect circle
  229. whatever happened to The Strokes?
  230. my gut says it's bad
  231. Hawthorne Heights guitarist died
  232. Ayo Technology
  233. these are powers
  234. what I bought last week
  235. whoa
  236. Goldfrapp- Seventh Tree
  237. "Quiet Riot" singer found dead in Las Vegas
  238. Jackson 5 Reunited
  239. punk mixtape
  240. songs with spoken word introductions
  241. no one actually listens to Cex, do they?
  242. pink moon vs bryter layter vs five leaves left
  243. Dream Theater here I come
  244. so i saw Charalambides last night
  245. Summer song from 1999 or 2000
  246. 2pac alive?
  247. what releases are you looking forward to?
  248. guys, lets talk about 8 diagrams
  249. itt craig tells us how many boners he popped for josh homme tonight
  250. guitar gear recommendations.