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  1. difference in big muffs :o)
  2. Phil Spector arrested for homicide
  3. this is important
  4. Embarassing Music Reference Blunders
  5. Talking of De-Spectorised...
  6. CD's I bought during the great Netphorian demise(02/08)
  7. i've found a song that rivals good vibrations in goodness
  8. Beverley Jones 60s singer
  9. More Grandaddy
  10. Leo Kottke -amazing acoustic guitar skills
  11. Mansons new album 6 track promo
  12. Let me know what you think
  13. twiggy instead of paz in APC?
  14. what can you tell me about the field mice
  15. st: hubs you frequent
  16. the paper chase whooped my ass
  17. colin hay
  18. Check out my band:
  19. Ted Leo
  20. New New Pornographers (MP3)
  21. next nas album i should buy?
  22. bands that are so outrageously shitty...
  23. Best love song ever
  24. new metallica album is called "St. Anger".
  25. Ramones tribute - We're A Happy Family
  26. how's this mix?
  27. Led Zeppelin IV
  28. Ring Modulator Software???
  29. Lollapalooza '03
  30. The Plastic Constellations
  31. Wilco song identification help needed
  32. broken social scene
  33. New Order "Substance"
  34. Agates Byjurn Appreciation Thread!!!!
  35. teeth like god's shoeshine
  36. what does everyone think of j mascis/his new album
  37. Silverchair - Diorama
  38. The band on Open Mike tonight...
  39. What's that song playing during the new levi's commercial
  40. Best hip-hop love song ever
  41. Idaho (the band)
  42. tracy chapman -- fast car -- appreciation post
  43. apc news - twiggy confirmed
  44. Joy Division "Ceremony"
  45. a rare and blistering sun shines down on grace cathedral park
  46. listen to my song please, 3 minutes.
  47. Think carefully now...
  48. Ani DiFranco's Australia / New Zealand Tour
  49. Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis, Nora, Soilent Green
  50. my bedtime music lately
  51. Massive Attack: 100th Window
  52. mixtapes
  53. A Poll
  54. Henry Rollins Spoken Word Shows
  55. Full-length Mogwai album "Bag of Agony" coming in June, Pajo to guest
  56. songs that make you cry!
  57. oh hell yes (broadcast news)
  58. Weakerthans appreciation
  59. (Another) Wilco Question
  60. hello my name is _____ and when i am feeling _____ i listen to _____
  61. Wire - Send
  62. White Stripes - Elephant on Soulseek
  63. Albums you were ambivalent in buying, but wound up liking a great deal
  64. sigur ros piano music
  65. "fruit tree" box set...
  66. ani difranco fans
  67. the new amon tobin album
  68. Recommend some Flaming Lips songs for me to download
  69. what is this song?
  70. Is there a software to make music lyrics?
  71. in this thread you can pick something for me to play on the radio tonight
  72. ST#82743: Upcoming Shows!
  73. 50 cent
  74. New phat discs for this week(14/02)
  75. V-Day Lyrics
  76. Who's the gal on the last track on elephant?
  77. cool - with this program im gonna make millions.
  78. The Roots this evening
  79. there are few cooler videos than hyperballadd
  80. music knowledge
  81. Chevelle
  82. I'm going to see Def Leppard
  83. The Wall appreciation post
  84. Botch, Botch, Converge, Dismember, Nile
  85. The Raveonettes?
  86. album of '02: Beck's Sea Change
  87. Blur at SXSW
  88. I need an FTP to upload to
  89. Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun leaked
  90. Is it worth it to buy "Zaireeka"?
  91. steve reich?
  92. PM Dawn appreciation post
  93. The Sea and Cake - One Bedroom
  94. Cat Power is a Good Cop
  95. Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock country duet?
  96. Today, I bought the following items for $7:
  97. Best White Stripes song="Hand Springs"
  98. HOLY SHIT Television is touring!
  99. When do you think that Michael Jackson will kill himself?
  100. Coachella 2003 tentative lineup
  101. When will Michael Jackson die?
  102. CD's I bought for the week (16/02)
  103. I'm on another When the Pawn kick.
  104. Recommend me 4 albums....!
  105. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots - Instrumental Version
  106. the microphones is no more
  107. The Residents' Petting Zoo
  108. CDs I got this week (2/17)
  109. bis is no more
  110. anyone seen Cornelius live?
  111. Records Bought for Week of 2/17
  112. Fleetwood Mac - never going back again
  113. Lester Bangs - Psychotic Reactions & Carburetor Dung
  114. Cat Power - You Are Free
  115. I like Mike & Ike's
  116. what's been your absolute favoritest album of the last year?
  117. If you want Beatle Bootlegs...
  118. Ramones Tribute Album
  119. ST: Favorite Pink Floyd Album (inspired by Nothing/everything)
  120. Currently Downloading...
  121. I really want a Bands On The Run 2.
  122. Looking For Recommendations: Angry Hip-Hop
  123. When will Ozzy stop letting his tool of a son pick the bands for Ozzfest?
  124. new bizkit song
  125. ride
  126. I like the Audioslave demos more than the album
  127. what song is this lyric from?
  128. Play with daddy's ass
  129. this is what i get 4 my beautfiul head.
  130. Oh man, this is the best pic of James Brown ever.
  131. Are there musical performances at the Oscars? Because..
  132. 50 cent
  133. name the last band you saw live
  134. TATU - All The Things She Said
  135. anyone here actually own the Improvised Music from Japan box set
  136. you know you want to buy this cd
  137. favorite radiohead song
  138. do you like dinosaur jr.??
  139. new blur album info
  140. favourite belle and sebastian song
  141. Thurs.Feb.20 - INTERPOL on Jay Leno
  142. what is this song?
  143. CDs I bought this week instead of just spending my money on gas like a stupid mexican
  144. wtf post your playlist
  145. Burning Brides
  146. Prince appreciation post
  147. REM- Leave
  148. Interpol - Instore/DJ set at Good Records in Dallas!!
  149. Who here likes dEUS?
  150. Is anyone gonna see QOTSA on 3/26 in Ct?
  151. Fugazi
  152. The Frogs, live
  153. Now Burning!?
  154. Will the Peppers ever drop a bad album
  155. which album is better. which should i buy.
  156. Mogwai Fear Satan
  157. OK Computer B-Sides
  158. Beatles & Friends Radio on MSN Music
  159. the aguilera/timberlake co-headlining tour
  160. check out this kid's review
  161. good charlotte...oh my.
  162. someone tell me about a QOTSA live show
  163. Recommend some more japanese rock
  164. Twelve CD's in my car
  165. Sam Roberts
  166. Stone Temple Pilots: Your Opinion?
  167. i'm listening to the musical buffy soundtrack
  168. Heh. French reviewers on allmusic.
  169. Dylan's Cover of Lost Highway
  170. Fearless by Pink Floyd
  171. ST #14 - What do kids listen to these days?
  172. Nostalgia
  173. Xzibit - Heart of Man
  174. nirvana punk tribute cd
  175. new a perfect circle/where's tool?
  176. st: new cds that you want
  177. What does a band member have to do to get songwriting credit?
  178. Pinback
  179. guitar effect pedals ~ whats your pick!?
  180. kylie minogue - fever
  181. The Grammys
  182. urge overkill?
  183. Burning Brides - Arctic Snow
  184. How do you store your music memorabilia??
  185. Harry Nilsson
  186. I saw the Swords Project last night
  187. someone stop this johnny cash nonsense!!!!
  188. i'm so fucking sadcore
  189. Download the first half of my new concept album
  190. Pearl Jam - No Code
  191. The Flaming Lips Win A Grammy
  192. It's Official: ROBERT TRUJILLO Joins METALLICA! - Feb. 24, 2003
  193. US Weekly: THE USED's MCCRACKEN Breaks Up With KELLY OSBOURNE - Feb. 24, 2003
  194. Terminus
  195. title track - dcfc
  196. Confirmed to perform at coachella: Interpol
  197. the mushroom jazz 4 appreciation post
  198. Where is the hub!?
  199. great tribute albums
  200. songs:ohia - magnolia electric co.
  201. this should brighten the mood...Layne Staley's last interview.
  202. Fellowship or Two Towers soundtrack?
  203. The ratio: do you buy or burn records?
  204. after 6 months of having absolutely zero bands in the area...
  205. Missy Elliot - Gossip Folks
  206. the pAper chAse video on 120 Minutes?!
  207. best song ever!
  208. A question for Radiohead fans
  209. xiu xiu - a promise
  210. what iz this song?
  211. massive attack's 3-d arrested over child porn offences...
  212. For the musicians: on what level are you?
  213. sarah polley - courage
  214. what do you guys think of these bands
  215. jarvis cocker interviewing david bowie about cigarettes
  216. it has been a good week for New Cds for me(02/28)
  217. Recommend me a turntable
  218. im looking for good folk-guitar music
  219. Check out my cover of Imagine pleeasee
  220. I'm beyond elated
  221. sinead recommendations?
  222. bernard butler?
  223. concerts in nyc march 17-23?
  224. Flaming Lips tour dates
  225. Moloko - Statues
  226. music for a baby in utero
  227. Atreyu
  228. what site do i go to to find the name of a song...?
  229. Critque wanted on new song >
  230. OH SHIT the new blur single has been leaked
  231. interpol!!
  232. OK Computer is the best album of the 90's
  233. Hey wait...wait a minute fool
  234. yoshimi instrumental
  235. Sarah Records
  236. reccomend music
  237. This Antipop Consortium/Shipp project sounds stupid.
  238. Snoop Dogg - Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss
  239. Bands from the Netherlands
  240. post your ten fave record labels
  241. i'm going to see television!
  242. Fab Five Freddy Told Me Everybody's Fly
  243. Best Soundtracks of all time
  244. March 20 GY!BE show in Chicago sold out! Need Tickets!!!
  245. Anyone into Buffalo Tom?
  246. what should i be NP
  247. yo yo ma appreciation post
  248. your top five albums from the seventies
  249. radiohead and tool
  250. i finally found a microphones album i like