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  1. No new Radiohead LP until 2008
  2. Rusted Shut - Rehab
  3. Kim Hiorthy - My Last Day
  4. fair to midland?
  5. myths & realities of being a full-time musician.
  6. worst opening line to an album ever
  7. I just got my tickets to the cinematic orchestra
  8. the new rilo kiley album leaked in full today
  9. new les savy fav album
  10. Does anyone have a leek for the new Rogue Wave album?
  11. Meshuggah - Catch 33
  12. itt: you don't even bother trying coming up with something as awesome
  13. i dont care what anyone says
  14. empirical study of why kid a is the best album of all time
  15. Eddie Vedder- Hard Sun
  16. recent vinyl purchases
  17. ST #D: Where Do You Download Music?
  18. SP guitar tab books
  19. ryan patrick, graveflower, celluloid love, i'm hardcore, rockin' cherub, turalyon, et
  20. help me ID an album
  21. covers
  22. experts with firefox wanna help me tweak some stuff?
  23. the mars volta broke up
  24. Hoooolllleeeee sheeeet!
  25. you guys should read this!
  26. hey there delilah whats it like in new york city
  27. what do you think of my friend's band?
  28. 2 free TOOL tickets for tomorrow night
  29. MIA Kala
  30. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols
  31. Silverchair - Young Modern
  32. do you read any music magazines or online publications.
  33. Btmusic down?
  34. does anyone here listen to music a volume any less than really really loud?
  35. Band Of Horses set to release new record in October
  36. modern composition(?) recommendations
  37. spinoff: let's hear EVERYBODY's local bands
  38. Muscle n Flo is way better than
  39. Empirical study on why broken social scene is the best band of all time
  40. A Fine Frenzy
  41. Five Iron Frenzy
  42. I am seeing Man Man!!!
  43. So on sept 11th I'll be seeing Bjork and M.I.A. in detroit and MIA again on the 14th
  44. Blues Brothers
  45. Flaming Lips Live DVD
  46. Dax Riggs (featuring Matt Sweeney)
  47. marijuana the band
  48. I think the problem with alot of music these days is the Melodyne...
  49. Self- Ornament and Crime
  50. North American Fall 2007 Cure shows re-scheduled for Spring
  51. Muse anyone?
  52. i like that new angels and airwaves song
  53. Primitive Radio Gods
  54. amy winehouse is a heroin addict
  55. I really like that 'young folk' song
  56. Kevin Drew solo, broken social scene
  57. have any of you crackheads heard white rabbits?
  58. Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
  59. Wu Tang Clan - The 8 Diagrams
  60. Everybody here probably masturbates to Doolittle but Surfer Rosa is pretty cool, too.
  61. favourite yo la tengo epic
  62. does anyone know the guitar chords for
  63. Does anyone have the remix of Spiritualized - Lay Back In The Sun?
  64. liars self titled
  65. dirty projectors
  66. Such Hawks, Such Hounds: Scenes from the US Rock Underground
  67. Songs about choices
  68. SP board spinoff: best single's artist of the 80's
  69. Is Prince Awesome?
  70. Should I listen to this new Common album?
  71. i know we've had this thread before but
  72. Devendra Banhart - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Mountain
  73. as far as 'modern day dylan' oes, daniel johnston is pretty much as close as it comes
  74. Guitar Experts: Tell me what is wrong with my guitar
  75. I love ordering from Saddle Creek
  76. Dark Meat (the E6 collective's psychedelic circus punk sideproject)
  77. deerhunter now a fourpiece
  78. J.D. Emmanuel - 'Wizards'
  79. Linda Strawberry e.p is out !
  80. Your Top Ten Hip Hop Albums
  81. is shit like PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR indicative of what the rap genre is these days
  82. Lou Reed Recording with...The Killers!?!?
  83. I strongly recommend the band Harry Pussy (Isle, check this shit out)
  84. PLEASE help me figure out who does this song... (Clues Inside)
  85. Graduation
  86. hay guise
  87. what's with all the fuckiong rap threads
  88. official fuck the following hip hop artists thread
  89. feist
  90. Good live performances (share here)
  91. songs about love
  92. Even if you hate the arctic monkeys, you have to admit that
  93. Even if you hate hip hop, you have to admit that
  94. Gossamer
  95. The Warlocks - Heavy Deavy Skull Lover
  96. drum solo thread
  97. Presidents of the USA self titled appreciation thread
  98. your favourite beats
  99. r. kelly - havin a baby
  100. you know what song is sweet
  101. Cabaret Voltaire appreciation thread
  102. diversity within an album
  103. let's talk about how the internet has adopted direct downloads as the new medium for
  104. why are black mountain a 'psychedelic rock band'
  105. Airiel - Lima, Peru show
  106. fav bowie song?
  107. bob dylan/elvis costello
  108. hey i couldn't find the old aids wolf topic so here's this
  109. holy fuck, silver apples are touring!!!!
  110. tell me your opinion of leonard cohen's "death of a ladies man"
  111. Led Zeppelin WILL Reform (According to NME)
  112. anyone going to Caribou in London tonight?
  113. The Most Serene Republic - Population
  114. Meat Puppets on tour
  115. Two Gallants - Two Gallants (2007, MP3, VBR)
  116. Maiden. In Australia. In February.
  117. lol @ pitchfork getting on thr black lips bandwagon
  118. i have to do an informative essay in english about ANYTHING
  119. 'control' trailer
  120. I Saw Akron/Family Tonight
  121. tonight i saw Poster Children and Headlights
  122. good australian rock band playing some shows in the states
  123. opinion on youtube video
  124. good recent music videos
  125. ISIS - Panopticon
  126. A place to bury strangers
  127. flight of the conchords
  128. cream
  129. greatest bandname
  130. Fans in Asheville
  131. burial - burial
  132. allmusic stopped reviewing whitehouse albums 5 years ago
  133. Anyone at Vfest in Baltimore? Happen to remember the third song Interpol played?
  134. blur are reforming
  135. Failure
  136. PJ Harvey - White Chalk
  137. He Is Legend, anyone?
  138. Fun From None: Live from the No Fun Fest 2004 & 2005
  139. pitchfork gives music a 6.8
  140. White Stripes cancel US tour
  141. dirty projectors - rise above
  142. The 5 defining musical statements of the last century
  143. Mogwai
  144. I got 2 CDs today
  145. new foo leaked...
  146. My Bloody Valentine 2008 coachella
  147. yellow swans, at all ends
  148. Interpol - 'Slow Hands'
  149. Era Vulgaris is much better than I originally thought
  150. shred guitar.
  151. Rihunna - Salmonela -ela ela
  152. my brother just said
  153. i find gary newman terrifying
  154. my father just said
  155. this band
  156. Nine Inch Nails- open source remixes
  157. Big Business - Here Come The Waterworks
  158. Went to Silversun Pickups Gig Tonight
  159. the new Black Francis Album= awesome
  160. Learning to play the drums: where do I begin?
  161. ST: Post your most recent mixtape
  162. I'm Going to see Genesis 2 night
  163. whats the best talking heads album?
  164. Mt. Eerie are playing at my local coffeeshop
  165. going to a grzegorz brzeczyszczykiewicz gig tonight
  166. Go Places is my favourite track fro.m Challengers
  167. Trent Reznor: 'Steal My Music'
  168. What would be worse: your girlfriend cheats on you or deletes your hard drive?
  169. hay guys lets make fun of radiohead!!!1
  170. rules of indie pop
  171. Between the Buried and Me - Colors
  172. Hanging out on the couch as I introduce my girlfriend to Animal Collective.
  173. YSI for any Sigur Ros fans: live iPod Video video...
  174. Flood vs. Apollo 18
  175. Did the EBow company go out of business?
  176. Music and mood
  177. Shellac residency in Chicago (The Hideout)
  178. I like the new Angels and Airwaves single and I don't care what you think.
  179. If you enjoy the music of Hum,
  180. there's this really annoying band playing close to my apartment
  181. Diplo- Essential Mix (Download and tracklisting)
  182. A Retrospective Author
  183. New Kanye: Graduation
  184. Deftones
  185. Apollo Heights
  186. Radiohead Fans Go Crazy - let's make fun of Radiohead fans.
  187. perry on a halftime show?
  188. An Indie Rock Dark Side of Oz, People
  189. PJ Harvey - White Chalk
  190. good bands that you're never quite in the mood to listen to
  191. otis redding
  192. Great albums with horrible covers
  193. it's ccccccold!
  194. Albums you're anticipating/waiting to leak?
  195. The Books - Playall DVD
  196. Albums you like that seem generally abhorred by everyone...
  197. albums that you kind of like but arent too sure because of abhorence or moods
  198. joeri
  199. jojo mayer and nerve
  200. If you enjoy the music of Him
  201. Bonzo. 27 years
  202. I just got free flaming lips tickets
  203. chemical brothers / ladytron last night was awesome
  204. RECENTLY PURCHASED: THE RESURRECTION (due to my awesome recent haul
  205. Magick Markers - BOSS
  206. I just got free battles tickets
  207. no forcefield - lee's oriental massage
  208. ITT we discuss the new Foo
  209. Good songs on otherwise bad albums
  210. The Good Life this Saturday in Cleveland, OH
  211. Pumpkins playing the BDO in 2008?
  212. Dn
  213. Albums/bands/songs that you have a trailblazing and/or maverick opinion about
  214. Do you listen to william shatner and leonard nemoy?
  215. ST: Put your shit on random and give us 20
  216. New Weezer Album By Mid 2008?
  217. Mister Loveless
  218. Radiohead LP7
  219. Oink invite plz?
  220. have you guys seen this puscifer shit maynard's trying to peddle?
  221. LCD Soundsystem/ Arcade Fire show
  222. i hate myself for digging the tunes of a band that looks like this...
  223. Steppenwolf
  224. the crystal method
  225. Stars in Amsterdam
  226. Hsker D
  227. so this new radiohead lp
  228. Babyshambles - Shotters Nation
  229. 'In Rainbows' preorder
  230. "The Kingdom" soundtrack
  231. devendra banhart - 'smokey rolls down thunder canyon'
  232. goddamnit
  233. when do you think in rainbows will leak?
  234. radiohead's "pay what you want" business model is immoral and possibly illegal
  235. eric dolphy - out to lunch
  236. REEL In Rainbows LEEK (get it while it's hot!)
  237. Turntable help.
  238. Great songs that weren't singles.
  239. I just bought 275 hip hop records off ebay for $130
  240. For those of you who Enjoyed Ewuns NIN Remix I present Ludachrist
  241. a song 4 u
  242. First US trial over illegal music downloads opens
  243. has anyone gone to these girl talk/dan deacon shows
  244. Diplos Do the Bartman/Kia Shine So Krispy Mashup
  245. wu tang clan - gently weeps
  246. New Neil Young Track 'Ordinary People' from new album Chrome Dreams II (link inside)
  247. Stupid Game To Play With Radiohead
  248. new Bruce Springsteen is Magic
  249. So fuck that other turntable thread
  250. A Special Request For Torrent Users: